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----- Chapter 2 Help from Above -----

Miroku and Sango both sat in silence, staring at the cloud of dust that was slowly drifting towards them.

"They should really stop..." Miroku began, twitching his nose with slight irritation, as Sango nodded in agreement.

Inuyasha and Shippo had finally gotten up, after getting over the initial impact of Kagome's demanding challenge. They were pacing back and forth, muttering angrily and shooting each other dirty looks.

"This isn't fair. It's all because of you!"

"Me?!?" Inuyasha cried out grumpily, glaring at the pouting Shippo. "YOU'RE the one who annoyed the shit out of me just so I would give you ANOTHER stupid piggy back ride!"

"So? You still started it!"

"You make no sense! I'm never going to be nice to you ever again!"

"You were never nice to me to begin with you dumb dog!"



"Squirrel Tail!"


"Flea bag!"

"Two timer!"

"...Why you little bas--"

"Ahem!" Miroku interrupted suddenly.

Inuyasha stopped himself before he finished his sentence, but folded his arms in agitation.

This is just great... I won't have anyone to play with for a whole week now! And I bet Inuyasha's gonna bully me even more without her here. But why did Kagome have to make up such a hard challenge? Get long with THIS mutt?! No way!

Well, if I want my Kagome back... I guess we'll have to do this--

Stupid kid won't be any help in this unless I be the more mature one--

After a while, Inuyasha finally said something, trying hard not to call Shippo any names. "Look, if we want Kagome to be happy when she comes back, we gotta do this."

Shippo rolled his eyes. "Obviously. We'll need help from someone else too."

They looked at each other for a little while longer before turning their heads to the other two. Coincidently, Miroku chose that moment to settle in his meditating position while Sango stirred up a look of concentration as she wiped her already shining weapon.

"Well, Shippo, I think our friends are too busy to help us," said the older of the two.

"I guess... there's always Kaede. She's much wiser than those two anyways so she'll be able to give us better advises."

"Let's go then."

Two sighs of relieve was heard as the two headed off.

It was another quietly busy day at the village. People doing their own businesses, selling and trading with each other. Children playing along the side of roads and adults harvesting under the heating sun. Kaede is once again tending to her garden, gathering herbs and picking out weeds. I love peacefulness in my days, the priestess had thought that morning, almost sure that the day would be another quiet one.

Oh if she only knew what, or who in this case, would decide to stop by that day.

"Kaede, Kaede, Kaede!"

"Oi, runt, get back here! I have to talk to her first!"

"Why do YOU get to talk to her first? I want to do it!"

"Hey! I said get back here!"


The priestess held up her arm and caught Shippo before Inuyasha had a chance to grab the small fox by the tail.

"What is it child? Why the hurry?"

"Inuyasha drove Kagome away again!" Shippo answered, tears brimming along his eyes.

"Oh stop with the fake water works," Inuyasha said as he leaned against the wooden fence, "and I wasn't the only one. Shippo and I got into another argument and Kagome got mad. That's all."

"So why are you here and not going after her?" Kaede inquired patiently.

Inuyasha's eyebrows twitched. "I would if I could. Before Kagome left, she demanded me and Shippo to make up and learn to... respect each other. She's giving us a week. She won't let me go get her." He decided to leave out the 'sit' threat.

"Ah..." The priestess gave a small smile.

"So yeah. Um. We uh. ... We need..."

"Oh just say it, you big wimp. We want your help Kaede. Neither of us knows what we should do to... get along. So we need help. Can you please help us Kaede? Please?"

Kaede looks from the small child in her arms, trying to give her his best innocent pleading eyes, to the full grown half demon who was trying his best to hide his helplessness. She smiled. "Of course."

After gathering the last few herbs and placing them gently into her basket, Kaede told Inuyasha and Shippo to follow her. They obeyed and quietly stepped after her as she treaded up the hill, towards the Sacred Temple. Surprisingly, they managed to keep it silent as the three of them moved towards the top. Once they got there, Kaede headed towards the entrance and kneeled down in the front of the room. The other two quickly followed.

Finally, Kaede spoke. "Well, given a situation like this, there is really only one way to solve it."

Shippo perked up. "Are you going to set a spell on Inuyasha so he can't speak-- OW!"

"Of course she's not going to set another spell on me. I've already got this bloody thing hanging around," Inuyasha angrily yelled, tugging at his prayer beads.

Kaede continues. "When there's an argument, the best way is to calm down and think it over. During a fight, many hurtful words are said and actions are always done without much thought. That is why if one feels angry, they need to step away from the conflict and think it over before trying to solve it. That is why I have brought you here." She waved her hand around them. "This is a very sacred space and you won't be disturbed. Spending quiet time together and thinking about the things you have done and said and how you can improve on it are the best way to solve this problem between you two."

Inuyasha stared. "... So basically you want us to meditate together."


The two stared at each other with a small look of hesitation. Sitting down quietly was not exactly their favourite thing to do with each other. But neither said a word as Kaede got into her meditating position and started praying. After all, they did ask for her help and if she thinks they will help then they should do it.

... The things they would do for Kagome.

One minute turned to five.

Shippo shifted uncomfortably, trying hard not to fidget. Inuyasha crossed his arms.

Five minutes turned to ten.

The younger demon had to squeeze his eyes tight to keep himself from getting distracted. The older half demon started to tap his nails against the floor.

Ten turned to twenty. Twenty turned to thirty.

"Inuyasha! Stop tapping, it's disturbing me!"

"You think I LIKE sitting here? There's nothing to do!"

"Well obviously there's nothing if we're meditating!"

"Just shut up you--"

"AHEM." Kaede coughed.

The two fell silent again.

Fifteen more minutes slowly crept by.

Shippo tried his best to keep his bored whining voice from speaking up. Ahhhhhhhhh! This is so boring!

Argh, this is so stupid. We're not doing anything useful. Inuyasha had to refrain himself from standing and throwing his frustrations at Kaede.

If it weren't for Inuyasha, I'd be eating a lollipop and playing with Kagome. He's so STUPID!

If only I can get rid of that useless fox once and for all. Then I'd get Kagome all to myself and she won't have to worry about playing with him all the time.

Why does that mutt have to be so mean to me? I don't do anything to him! ... Well, not anything he should be getting too mad about anyways.

Grrrr. Why do I have to get stuck with this evil thing? All he does is torment me... and now look what we have to do!

Both of them turned to each other and glared. Evil thoughts were passed between them, each aiming at each other like invisible arrows. Eventually they got bored with the silent looks of deaths and they started to complain.

This is boring! Shippo told Inuyasha with a frown with his eyebrows.

Well duh... Inuyasha rolled his eyes.

I wanna get away from this! A pout and droopy eyebrows were sent towards the hanyou.

A quick look towards the doorway was translated as an escape. Then let's get out of here then!

With a quick nod towards each other, they crept as quietly as they could towards the exit and out into the open air.

"Finally!" Inuyasha yelled out, as they ran as fast as they can away from the temple. "We wasted so much time in there!"

"And all because of you!"


"Yes, you heard me..."

"Why you!"

"Guess Kaede didn't help us, did she?"

"Maybe it's just because you're helpless and nothing will help."

"Well it probably would've worked if YOU didn't distract me the whole time!"

"Great, my fault again!"


Back in the temple, Kaede chuckled to herself.

And I thought I'd never get rid of them.


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