It didn't matter that it was in the middle of school. Once Watanuki had searched the whole school building and not found Doumeki, he had resolved that his rival, his love, his whatever had left. He chewed his lip as he stood on the sidewalk of a four-way intersection. Where would Doumeki have gone? Back to the temple? Not likely in his current body. Back to the apartment?

He skidded around corners and pounded up the stairs, but when the door was locked and didn't yield to his touch, he knew that Doumeki wasn't there. Why was he so frantic? It wasn't as if Doumeki was going to leave town or anything…right? He tripped down the stairs and if it hadn't been for his landlord catching him at the last moment, he would have broken his neck. He ignored the questions cast after him and was still running as fast he could.

The park. He'd try the park next. They were always meeting there when Yuuko wanted to see them. Cars honked as he paid no attention to signal lights, and it was a miracle he managed to make it to the park in one piece.

"Doumeki!" he called, spotting that familiar and yet unfamiliar figure sitting on a bench set on one side of playground for parents to sit while they watched their children play. Those golden eyes blinked and looked up in surprise.

Watanuki sped through the park to the bench, jumping over everything in his way instead of going around. By the time he reached the boy, he had collapsed onto his knees in front of him. He couldn't even speak anymore, so exhausted. He was out of practice from all the kinds of running he needed, and even if he was still used to running from spirits, those were sprints not really long running like he'd been doing.

"What are you doing here, Watanuki?"

"What about you?!" he demanded in return, wiping sweat off his face with the back of his hand. "You weren't in school."

Doumeki looked away and shrugged. "I was thinking about going to your apartment to grab my stuff."

He froze and looked up slowly. "Why?"

Those golden eyes blinked and looked down again. The expressionless face was somehow so expressive, telling him without words why. Because he had nearly rejected Doumeki; because to Doumeki, he had been rejected. His hands shook as he pushed himself to his feet only to lean down and press his lips against that of his rival's.

The kiss wasn't long or really passionate. It was merely a chaste, shy touching of lips. When he pulled away, he blinked. There had been no flashing of lights or pretty sparkler like effects. Just one second of a opening and closing of an eye and suddenly there was a boy where the girl was.

"You really do look better as a boy."

Doumeki didn't ask why, or even ask him to say anything. He merely smiled faintly, in that sexy way he had when only one side of his mouth quirked up and it made him look so roguish. He stood slowly and before Watanuki knew it, those lips were on his again, but this time it was a full kiss, including that skillful tongue invading his mouth.

"Doumeki?" he muttered in question when the kiss ended.

"Shizuka, Kimihiro."

Watanuki blushed deeply, but his own challenging grin touched his lips. "I'm still your rival, you know."

For the first time since they'd met, he heard Doumeki laugh and he wondered why he didn't do it more often. It was deep-throated and comforting, warm like his arms felt and safe. Maybe it was so special since Doumeki didn't do it all that often and why Watanuki suddenly wanted to always hear it.

"Oh my god…" he muttered when it hit him.

"What is it?" his now-boyfriend asked, squirming around until he managed to pull off his mother's bra and sticking it into his bag with a sigh of relief.

"I just…ran out of school…in the middle of the day…" He groaned and slapped his forehead. "You're such a bad influence on me!" He leveled a glance at Doumeki behind his hand and turned away with a deep blush, but content smile.

An arm wrapped around his waist and he blinked, glancing up at Doumeki. The now-boy grinned and nuzzled his ear, leaving a kiss on his neck, before guiding him back toward their apartment. It had become their apartment.

"Don't worry, one day won't matter in the scheme of things."

"You're such a bad influence."

Doumeki grinned a little. "Yup."

"Well that wasn't exactly what I was hoping for," Himawari Kunogi muttered as she watched the two boys through Yuuko's basin. "I was hoping that he'd wait until night to confess his feelings. It would have been so much more romantic."

"Did you honestly expect him to wait?" the Dimensional Witch asked, sipping her sake and reclining in her favorite chair. "What Watanuki does best is panic."

Himawari giggled at Yuuko and watched as the door closed to the apartment, splashing her hand in the water to clear it of the reflection. Yuuko blinked and leaned forward, only seeing the bottom of the basin in the water. Her grin became lecherous as she turned to her companion. "What, you didn't want to see them? You know what they would be doing."

"Oh, I doubt they'll be doing that so soon, Yuuko dear," she told her with a laugh. "Not with how shy Watanuki generally is."

"Shy? That boy?"

"You don't know him like I do."

Yuuko laughed. "I suppose I don't." She paused and studied the powerful sorceress who looked no older than the sixteen year old she represented as Watanuki's classmate. "Would you really have left Doumeki Shizuka as a girl if Watanuki hadn't expressed his feelings in time?" There was no doubt in either of them that there hadn't been an option of Watanuki not in love with Doumeki.

"I don't know," she told Yuuko honestly, straightening her loose and fashionable kimono.

"You know you wouldn't have," she needled.

A faint blush came to the girl's cheeks and she laughed, somewhat self-consciously. "All right, I probably wouldn't have, if you want to push."

"That's what makes us different, love," the witch told her before crooking her finger in a 'come hither' motion. "But now that they're happily occupied…my bed beckons."

Himawari kissed Yuuko long and slow before standing and winking. "I daresay it does," she teased, letting her shoulder fall bare of the kimono and heading down the hall to where Yuuko's bedroom was.

The smile that Yuuko wore was nothing short of smug and she stood, turning to Maru and Moro, leaving strict instructions to not be disturbed, even if Watanuki came by later in the day to work. And unlike what her lovely Himawari thought, she had little doubt that Doumeki was currently engaged in proving his love to Watanuki.

"Hitsuzen," she murmured.

"Yuuko, are you coming dear? I'm ready for you…"

That seductive tone of voice sent shivers of anticipation down the witch's spine and without further ado, she was down the hall and closing the bedroom door behind her.