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Harry woke up with a ringing headache, wondering where he was. The last thing he remembered was riding in his uncle's car on the way back from king cross-station. Hearing two familiar voices in the background he was about to call out when he decided to just listen for a minute.

"It is done. I gave him the first dose of the potion, he should begin to change within the next twenty four hours."

"Severus are you sure that there will be no side effects?"

"No I am not sure. How can I be? The test we did showed Harry to be a partial metamorphmagi but did not show me from what side of his family he inherited it from." Severus paused to allow a bitter snort to come out, "His father than he should remain male."

"And if he received the ability from his mother."

"You know just as well as I do that his mother was a muggle born and metamorphmagi only show up in the oldest families."

"That may be true however, I can not help but think that perhaps we are wrong in this case. At the moment it is nothing more than a general feeling."

The man known as Severus let out another un dignified snort and retorted, "Albus you coddle the boy, there is no other choice in the matter. With his relative's dead, he has no other choice. It is either we do this to him or you-know-who finds him and then your precious potter dies at his hands. You know as well as I do that there is no other way to keep the brat safe without the wards that you placed on those muggles."

The headmaster sighed sadly and replied, "I suppose you are right Severus, I can only hope that Harry will forgive me for this as well… Lately it just seems that everything I do causes Harry problems."

"Albus do not worry, I am sure in time that he will see that your actions were strictly for his benefit. Now though I think that you should get going, I will handle the boy, for now."

As he lay in bed listening to a set of retreating footsteps Harry's mind was spinning. "What potion did they give me and how am I going to change? How did I even get here? The last thing I remember was sitting in the car and Uncle Vernon driving me Aunt Petunia and Dudley back to privet drive. Could I have fallen asleep? No I don't think so, we had just pulled out from King Cross I was attempting to ignore them. Wait a sec, I remember Aunt Petunia screaming something to Uncle Vernon but I didn't bother looking because I could have cared less. What was she screaming about? Something about ducks no that's not right think I was truck. Then I heard screeching tires and metal on metal. Oh crap, I think we were hit by a truck. Great first day back from school and I already got Dumbledore butting in on my life."

Harry shook his head to the last thought, wondering how he could feel any resentment to the aged headmaster. Then though his thoughts turned to Sirius and the prophecy and his brow scrunched in anger. If the headmaster had been honest with him years ago Sirius would not have died.

"You don't think you can fool me that easily Potter?"

Unsure if the greasy professor actually wanted a reply Harry remained silent only to hear the familiar grating sneer that he had come to acknowledge as the potion masters voice.

"You might be wondering what is going on in that dim little mind you have and for once I think I will oblige you, if for no other reason that to indulge myself."

Still uncertain of what was going on Harry asked, "Why am I here and what happened to the Dursleys?"

With just a hint of emotion Snape replied, "They are dead, much like every one else who spends any significant amount of time around you winds up/"

Now Harry had never liked the potions professor and had always thought him to be a bit callous but never before had he noticed the man speak with a hint of joy as he had when he informed Harry that the last links to his mother were now dead. Tensing on the bed his senses were telling him that something was off but he was feeling weak and his vision was still slightly hazed from just waking up. Not wanting to seem weak Harry buried his feelings of guilt, donned a weak grin and sarcastically replied, "Well for once I'm glad you're a professor because with tact like that you'd never make it as a doctor."

Chuckling softly Snape said, "Ah, the famous Potter wit, I wonder if you will still have it after I reveal my nefarious little plot." Pausing for only a brief moment Snape continued, "What no witty comeback for that? No? Perhaps you are just curious as to what I have in store for you… Well? Aren't you just the least bit curious as to what I and the esteemed headmaster were talking about when you came to?"

Harry knew that something was up now and his only chance at coming out ahead in the matter would be to hopefully stall Snape long enough for his strength to recover enough for him to either get away or locate his wand. Deciding that sitting up would give him a better view of the room Harry struggled for a moment and was able to adjust himself to where his back was resting against the headboard. He immediately began to scan the room looking for his wand, his eyes narrowed ever so slightly as he found its blurry shape across the room with Snape standing almost directly between him and the wand.

Professor Snape had not been idle during the few moments Harry took to situate himself and scan the room; no he had been intently watching the youth attempting to figure out where his thoughts were going. If not for the fact that Harry was avoiding his eyes he would of just used Legilimency on him. He grinned when he saw potter eye his wand sitting on the dresser behind him. Smirking cruelly he said as he too a few steps backwards, "Perhaps there is something you see that might be able to help you out of this predicament you find yourself in?"

Harry eyed the man wearily as he picked up his wand. Not wanting to give into the man Harry shrugged it off and said, "So you have my wand. So what. I doubt it will work for you, but feel free to give it a twirl. I'm sure that it'll make you feel so much more powerful because you are clearly in control and I am in no position to cause any trouble."

Snape laughed and replied, "Pitiful excuse of a goad there Potter. No matter, I am not like my lord; I will not be handing over your wand to you to give you a fighting chance. No actually I was going to tease you with it before I snapped it."

"You wouldn't dare. Dumbledore needs me, the Order needs me"

"As much as I would like to hear you elaborate on that I am afraid that I am running out of time. As such I think that it is time you listened for a bit while I explain some things to you."

"Oh and what would that be? That you and Malfoy are having an affair and little Draco is having your love child. Or better yet, you and tom have finally realized your love for each other and you two are going to."

"Enough!" Pulling out his wand Professor Snape aimed it at Harry and called out, "Quietus." After putting his wand away Snape smirked once again and said, "I think that I have had enough of your cheek Potter."

Harry watched unable to offer any retort as Snape grasped his wand with both hands. His eyes widened in horror as he realized what was about to happen.


Harry did not want to cry in front of his enemy, but without his wand he new that there was almost no way that he would be able to overcome his predicament. So it was tears of anger and frustration that started to leak his way down his cheeks.

"Oh did that hurt your feelings? Are you mad now?"

Harry glared angrily at the man as he attempted to speak, but try; as he might no audible words came out.

Noticing that he now had Harry's undivided attention he said, "Now that that is out of the way lets move on to other pressing matters shall we."

With his usual sneer in place he said, "Before you awoke from your slumber I gave you a potion that your godfather had made… well for the most part. He had made it so that he would be able to officially name you his heir because only a Black by blood is capable of inheriting the estate. However due to his escaped convict status it could not be his blood, as it would mean that you had been in contact with him. So he went to his cousin, the young metamorphmagi and got a sample of her blood to use in the potion. He knew that using that blood would probably give you a small boost in magical power as well as giving you some metamorphing abilities, added to the minciscuel amount that you possess, to him though he probably thought it would be brilliant, giving you another gift to make you feel that much more self important."

Changing his sneer to a slight smile he continued, "Of course he did not count on dying so soon, leaving the potion in the more capable hands of a potions master. It is a shame though, really considering he had this done back in November. See he had the potion completed and had he given it to you himself I would of never been able to make any proper adjustments to it."

"Of course, I know that our esteemed headmaster had forbade him from giving it to you. Because he did not know what effect the potion would have on the blood wards at your aunts house."

"I immediately began to form a plan, one that would dispose of that nuisance of a godfather, leave me in possession of the potion and somehow force you to take it once I had a chance to modify it. This was easier said than done but once I brought it up to the Dark lord he in his utter brilliance came up with a workable plan. All I had to do initially was to weaken your mind to the point to where even an unskilled legems could enter without resistance. Of course by that time I was already doing that for no other reason than the fact that there is no way I am going to teach you how to fend off my lords mental assaults. It was then just a matter of time before you were motivated enough to walk into the trap and we knew that your godfather would be unable to stay at Grimmauld place while you were in potential danger."

Pausing for a minute Snape's sneer grew as he said, "Of course the initial plan was to either kill or capture both of you but you obviously were rather lucky that night and walked away unscathed. Then again plan b is a much better plan."

Snape paused again as he attempted to look lost in thought. After a few more moments he asked, "Potter I don't suppose you, with your Knut sized brain know what makes the wizarding world function? No, I suppose not after all you were muggle raised. See whereas plan a was to kill you and your godfather while attaining the prophecy, plan b is all about the Gallions."

Seeing the puzzled look on Harry's face Snape let out a small laugh and continued, "You don't know what I am talking about do you? Well no matter you were always one of the more dense students. You may or may not know this but the Potter family is even older than the Malfoy's, your families wealth has been rather untouched for the past forty or so years leaving you with a massive amount of interest. Now imagine if you will the black family fortune, the largest fortune in all of England. Once we knew that Black was planning on adopting you we knew that he was going to chose you to be his heir as such you would have enough wealth to buy Wizimigot a hundred times over."

Frowning he said, "As a convict Blacks wealth was useless but in your hands with the proper guidance you could have harmed the cause without picking up a wand and sent our little movement another forty years at the least."

Harry wanted to scream at him to get to the point but knew that even though his strength was returning he was still nowhere near able to over power the man. Instead he began to fumble around the nightstand to find his glasses. Once he found them and placed them on his head he gave the greasy git an expectant stare, waiting for him to continue on with his diabolical tirade.

"Ah so now you can see me as I get to the point of the matter. You see as long as one of plan A's objectives was met we were assured victory. But never have we thought that it would of worked out so well in our benefit. Your godfather is dead, and while The Dark Lord was weakened so was Dumbledore. Infact you did us a favor by trashing the headmaster's office that night. Among the things you destroyed that night were a few special objects that possess wards, wards that assist the headmaster in resisting various compulsion charms. After all it would not be a good thing if the headmaster of Europe's leading Wizarding School to be controlled. Then it was just a matter of attacking when his back was turned add to that a few potions to weaken his mental shields and now we have the headmaster in our pocket. Of course he doesn't know this and he currently believes that he is fighting for the light. The best part is that by the time anyone figures this out it will be too late."

"DO you see where I am going with this Potter? No… Perhaps I should elaborate just a bit more. There is a clause in the Black family that says; when a heir is adopted into the family they must marry a birthed black to keep the fortune within a blood heir, if there is another black within five years of age. Sirius and the metamorphmagi both knew this but figured it was a mute point seeing that Andromeda's child is seven years your senior and Draco is the only other blood heir and two men cannot marry."

Snape then turned his face into the most unpleasant smile as he said, "You already knew this but I'll mention it to you anyway to allow your feeble Griffindorfs mind to grasp the point of the matter. You see Draco is my godson and there is an unwritten code that godfathers abide by that basically says we want the best for our godchild and do whatever we can to bring their desires into fruition. What could be better than arranging a marriage to the wealthiest metamorphmagi in all of Europe. All it would take was a simple blood adoption potion using the blood of a metamorphmagi remixed with a few select ingredients to ensure that the subject turns into a female then add one other potion that weakens the metamorphing abilities to ensure that the subject cannot regain a male form."

Stepping back from Harry's bed the man reached into his robes and withdrew a small vial. While caressing it with his thumb he said, "I do hope you appreciate all this planning that went into this scheme, though in the end all we had to do was use a mild confusion charm and wait for your muggle uncle to crash into something so we can continue on with the plan, but I digress. I know you would never willingly marry Draco nor would you allow him to dominate you. However that is where the second potion comes in. You see this potion I hold in my hand does several things; one it weakens metamorphing abilities disallowing full gender changes, two it also further weakens the mind to the point that only someone skilled at Occlumency can retain their mental defenses leaving them wide open to suggestion and intruding visitors while they sleep, and finally it also comes with a slight shift in perspective."

Uncorking the vial Snape lifted to potion under his nose and said, "It is one the most difficult potions I have ever created, a true master piece if you will." Turning his attention back to Harry he continued, "You might be wondering why I am taking the time to explain all this to you? After all if you know about it then you might be able to take some sort of action to resist it. Well it's rather simple, I want you to know, before I wipe this entire conversation from your mind. I want to see the terror in your eyes as you realize that you are being set up to become the Dark lords whore, sure you have to bear Draco an heir first but My lord is patient and is willing to wait. You are to become an intrigue part of the death eaters whether you spend it on your back or knees that is up to the Dark Lord to say."

Harry's eyes were wide open with a look of utter horror and disgust adorning his face. His heart was sinking knowing that only a miracle would get him out of the mess.

Seeing the look of horror on Harry's face Snape laughed and said, "Oh, this is priceless. And there is no one here to save you this time." Bringing his voice low to a whisper he said, "You know there was a reason as to why your father was such a prat to me. It was my fourth year and I saw this delightful looking redhead that was already blossoming into womanhood. Well I had always taken what I wanted and though she was a mud blood she was ripe for the taking. Besides it's not like anyone would of cared. But you see that was my mistake, lack of planning on my part. Your father found us and he nearly flipped." Looking back at Harry he said, "If not for the timely intervention of a few friends on my behalf I might not of been here today. I do hope that Draco shares, because I am dying to know if the daughter is as delectable as what her mother was."

Snape the appeared to look pensive as he said, "Although, sine you will be a fully functional metamorphmagus I can finish what I started back then and then have you once again to compare notes so to speak."

By this time Harry was boiling with rage at what the potions master had in store for him. There was no way that he was ever going to submit himself into any such position nor would he ever bend so easy to the will of Draco. Still unable to speak though he put his hands down to his side and tensed knowing that the time for action was coming and his whole life depended on it.

Mistaking Harry's lack of action for compliancy Snape took a step forward and sneered, "I had hoped that you might have offered some sort of futile resistance to this. But no matter, I guess even Griffindorfs know when they are beat."

Harry watched as Snape loomed forward with the vial that symbolized the end of his existence as a freethinking wizard. With every step Harry tensed for the inevitable.

Noticing that Harry was tensing up Snape decided to goad the boy a bit further and said, "Now, now none of that. Be a good little girl and take your medicine." Seeing Harry sigh and seem to relax a bit he loomed forward with the vial intent on forcing the potion down Harry's throat.

Harry knew that blind rage would not get him out of the mess so he took in a deep breath to calm his wits. He realized that he had no ready weapons at his disposal to fend off the professor. He unclenched his hands a few time as he thought about what he was going to do when he realized that he did indeed have a weapon. If it was one thing he had learned that years besides magic it was never trust Neville with a pillow. There had been a epic battle between fourth and fifth years in the dorms and Neville had managed to knock a fourth year out with a pillow. He knew thought that Snape was no fourth year but with the element of what he hoped was surprise that he would be able to get away.

Narrowing his eye's slightly he noticed that it was time Snape had moved within striking distance. Reaching behind himself with his right hand he firmly grasped the pillow with his right hand. Lurching forward he brought the pillow forward in an upper cut motion that knocked the nasty potion away from the greasy git. Spinning around he flung himself backwards off the bed, hoping that his impromptu clash would disorientate the older man. With a thud the landed on the floor.

Not taking any time to survey for injuries Harry rolled off of the professor and grabbed his wand. Still unable to speak and at a temporary loss as of what to do Harry shrugged and thrust the wand into Snape's chest, narrowly missing any internal organs but doing substantial damage in the process.

Harry then shakily rose to his feet, surprised at the outcome of the battle. He was about to turn around when he felt something latch onto his leg shocking him out of his somewhat dazed state. Looking down he saw that Professor Snape was not as helpless as he had hoped. At that moment Harry felt all the fear of what was going to happen should Snape be able to reverse the situation to his advantage. Rage once more threatened to consume him, but this time he did not will it into submission. Summoning all his strength he began to kick ruthlessly at the mans face, not stopping until he was certain that the man posed no further threat.

Stepping back Harry realized what he had done and shakily fell to his knees. It was not because of the fact that he had managed to thoroughly trash the Professor. No, Harry was surprised with the ruthlessness of the fight and the fact that it only took mere seconds. Resisting the urge to empty his stomach Harry realized that if anything Snape had said was true during his monolog that he had best get away while he still had the chance. Then later when he was safe he could look back at what he had done and deal with it at that point.

Taking another survey of the room Harry saw his school trunk in the corner. Without wasting any time he strode forward and flipped open the lid. Reaching inside he found his fathers invisibility cloak, deciding that was the most important thing in there he grabbed it. For a brief second he wondered what had happened to his wand, before he remembered that Snape had snapped it. Knowing that any wand is better than no wand he turned back to the bleeding unconsouis form of Professor Snape.

Harry shuddered when his eyes fell upon the downed professor, his face was a bleeding wreck and the carpet had a nice pool of blood surrounding the body. If not for the mans chest rising up and down Harry would of thought that he had killed the man.

Harry was now faced with a choice, he knew that if he pulled the wand out of Snape's chest that he would further aggravate the mans wounds and although he knew that he had to kill Voldemort he was not quite ready to cross that line just yet. But he also knew that without a wand his chances at survival were practically nil at the moment.

Thinking back he remembered that almost all potions that effect the body off at least some degree of healing drought, otherwise the body could become overcome by the potion and be fatal to the taker. Looking around at the floor Harry spotted the overturned vial. With a thought of, "Well its better than nothing." He reached over and carefully lifted up the vial. After glancing at it he knew that while most of it had spilled out there was still a decent amount in the container.

Stepping back to the body Harry knelt down and grasped onto the wand. With a sickening spurt the wand came free as well as a healthy amount of blood. Wincing at the now free flowing wound Harry tensed as he prepared to pour the potion directly into the wound so that whatever healing effects the potion contained wouldn't be diminished by having to work its way through the body. Creeping backwards Harry set himself into a position to where he was as far away from the body as possible because he did not want the professor to wake up and be able to grab him. Once that was done he overturned the vial and watched for a moment to make sure the wound closed up to some degree.

Sighing in relief that although the man most likely deserved to die but seemed like he was going to pull through as long he was found within a few hours Harry rose back to his feet. Stepping back to the bed Harry used the comforter as a towel to clean off the blood from the wand. Once that was done we shrugged on the invisibility cloak and made his way to the door.

Upon his exit from the room Harry realized that he was at Grimmauld place, taking extra care as to not make any undue sounds he made his way down the stairs and into London.

A few minutes later Harry sighed in relief as he left the house, now all he needed to do was to come up with a plan for what to do next. He thought, "Okay, I know the Dursleys are dead, but there is nothing I can do about it now. Besides they would probably turn on me anyway. I know Dumbledore's been compromised so I can't trust him either, although I am not certain I would trust him at the moment anyway considering what happened between us recently. What I really need to do is find somewhere to hide until I can figure out what to do as well as find out what exactly is happening to me, because Snape said that I already took one potion and the other one was just to make it impossible for me to turn back into a guy. But I am still a guy now. Oh god, what if he was toying with me? And I stabbed him, no, I can't think that now. I need answers and money."

Feeling the wind pick up Harry tightened his hold on his cloak to insure that it did not go flying off before continuing with his thoughts, "If I get further away from here I can call the night bus and go to Gringots, but what do I do afterwards? I don't even know whom I can trust right now. If there was any validity to what Snape told me about the potion then Tonks should know about it, but I don't know her that well. I could try to go to Remus but his loyalty to Dumbledore might set him against me. I'll just have to take this one step at a time."

Meanwhile at the Lovegood household

Luna was fairly excited, the day before she had managed to get her father to bring her to Diagon Alley where she had purchased all the necessary school books for the upcoming term as well as a few extra that Harry might find useful. There were several things that most people did not know about her that often labeled her as 'Looney Luna' but she never cared. In fact she almost preferred people labeling her with their misconceptions, that way no one would ever see her coming. It was a little known fact that the sorting hat had wanted to put her in Slytheryn but she had differed that house for Ravenclaw because she felt that it would bring her closer to her mother.

The reason for her excitement though was that she could feel something in the air, something that said that there was going to be an adventure of a lifetime coming up and that it somehow involved Harry. It was not that she was receiving a vision of events soon to come no it was more of a feeling coming from her magic telling her that something was going to happen. She often used her magic to guide her when she went with her father to seek out previously unseen magical creatures. It didn't matter to her if she had been unsuccessful in locating the unseen animals as she knew that she had plenty of time to locate them, after all a witch lives for almost 200 yrs. This time though the pull on her magic was incredible and she knew that this time was going to be different.

After placing all the books into a specially charmed backpack she went downstairs to her father to alert him of her intended trip before making her way over to Gringots.

Harry had just exited the night bus when he was suddenly overcame with what felt like a massive stomach cramp. Nearly falling over he cursed under his breath as he once more donned the invisibility cloak. He leaned up against the wall nearby the door of the leaky cauldron as he waited to see if the sensation would pass.

After a few seconds the feeling began to intensify so he was forced to put his fist in his mouth to keep from crying out of fear of alerting passerby's to his presence. With his free hand he attempted to hold his stomach in an effort to keep from falling over as the pain intensified. He stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity but in reality was about five minutes before the pain receded enough to allow him to move without any major discomfort.

Moving over near the entrance of the leaky cauldron Harry waited for a few minutes for someone to open the door before he realized that most wizards would either apparate or use the floor rather than use the door and enter muggle London. Cursing under his breath Harry decided that a distraction would be his best bet to enter the pub. Placing himself into a position to carry out his task Harry was about to grasp the handle when it opened suddenly, revealing the smiling face of Luna Lovegood.

Harry paused wondering if she could see him when he noticed that she was still holding the door open. He stood there frozen hoping that she hadn't managed to see through his cloak and was relieved when he heard her say, "Hmm, I could of sworn I saw a crumpled skin snorlak from the window. I guess I just missed it."

Tom the bartender looked over at the door and said, "Close the door, don't want to let an flies in do you?"

Luna smiled after she turned around and stepped away from the door, she might not of seen Harry next to the door but she had been looking out the window when the night bus pulled over and let him off. Knowing that he was probably going into Diagon alley she made her way to the entrance to allow him easier access.

Harry couldn't believe his luck, in hindsight he realized that slamming the door open and ducking inside probably would not of been the most sure fire way to enter unnoticed. Hence he was extremely grateful with Luna's uncanny timing. He was further relieved that she seemed to be going to Diagon alley as well. Pausing briefly as he waited for her to open up the entrance way he patted his back mentally as he was grateful for his current luck. He followed her closely once the entrance was opened and was about to go on his way to the bank when he heard her whisper.

"Harry, I know your behind me, I saw you get off the night bus. Whenever you are done doing what your doing come back over to the archway and I'll escort you out."

Shocked that his, albeit late and unnecessary if Snape hadn't done what he had, luck was not really luck Harry was about to stammer a reply when he was cut off.

"Harry don't worry about it you can tell me later, but I think you should hurry up because it might look conspicuous if I just stand here all afternoon."

Realizing that Luna couldn't see him nod Harry tapped her to convey he was getting a move on it. He managed to get to the entrance of the bank before the cramps started to reassert themselves. Biting down on his lip he shed his cloak quickly and ducked into the bank.

Once inside he shoved the cloak into his side pocket, the pants being a handy down from Dudley were overly large on his frame and had plenty of pocket space. Wincing at the pain he was in Harry made his way over to an open teller ignoring the stares and finger pointing of the rest of the banks clientele.

Once in front of the teller Harry grimaced and wheezed out, "I need to make a withdrawl from my account. I do not have my key nor do I have a lot of time. If it is any easier for you I wish the money I take to be Muggle." Thinking for a second on what would be a good amount of just in case money he continued, "25,000 in pounds and dollars." Shuddering as another spasm hit him Harry attempted to grin weakly and said, "As you might be able to tell, I am not quite well at the moment and would appreciate it if you would forgive myself if I seem a bit rude."

The goblin looked back at Harry with a mixture of shock as well as respect. Giving of what must pass as a grin for a goblin he replied, "Of course sire if you would just follow me this way I will attempt to have you o your way as soon as possible."

Harry nodded, not trusting his ability to speak at the moment because of another tremor that was more vicious than the last one. Walking slowly as not to fall over he made his way to the hall where he found the goblin standing before a door. Taking the open door as an invitation Harry walked into the room and practically collapsed into one of the chairs in front of the desk.

As he was about to speak to the goblin another tremor racked through his body almost forcing him to cry out. It was a few more pain filled minutes before he was aware of his surroundings once more.

Upon remembering where he was Harry opened his eyes an noticed that the goblin was standing right in front of him looking at him intently with what seemed to be a slight from adorning his face.

"Mr. Potter, it appears that you were not mistaken when you said you were not well. I can tell that you have been recently been given a very potent potion."

Harry snorted at that, he hadn't meant to but the word given made it seem like he was not forced into it without him even being awake.

The goblin frowned again as he said, "I take it by your reaction that you did not take it willingly?"

Harry nodded, still unsure if he could trust his voice.

"Hmm, this is bad news. There is no counter to it but the pain should subside when the potion finishes with its job. Of course that then leaves you in quite the predicament."

It was during this time that Harry realized that the goblin before him was not the same one he had approached at the teller window. Harry was about to attempt to speak when he was cut off."

"Once you sat into that chair you lost consciousness for a few moments, Gridnak went and summoned me as I am on the board and capable of assuring patrons identities when they are without their vault key. I have already confirmed your identity while you were out and your money shall be here shortly. I would offer you something to drink but given your condition at the moment I fear that it would only serve to make you more ill."

Harry nodded in understanding, truth be told he wasn't even certain if he could handle his own saliva at the moment.

"If I might make a suggestion Mr. Potter."

Harry looked up at the goblin and silently urged him to continue.

"I am aware of a few of the upcoming happenings that are to occur at this bank, one such happening would be the reading of your godfathers will. Due to the fact that you are taking out a substantial sum of muggle currency, I feel that it is safe to assume that you are planning to 'lay low' as the muggles would say."

Harry nodded again, this time though the vertigo he had been experiencing was not as intense.

"I would suggest that you lie low for no longer than six months as at that time any inhiertage you have from your godfather would be able to be contested at that point leaving what ever he left you monetary wise in the hands of the next closest relative. In this case though, without you to say or prove otherwise it would go to your betrothed in this case Draco Malfoy."

Seeing that Harry was about to object the goblin quickly added, "However, should you arrive and leave the bank male, lets say six months from now, it would render the betrothal mute because you would obviously be male and due to pure blood laws two males cannot marry."

Harry was shocked, for the second time that day someone had answers for him whether it be by actions taken or words spoken. He briefly wondered if he was wearing a sign that broadcasted his thoughts.

Uncannily the goblin smirked and said, "We Goblins have a great many gifts, and one such gift is the ability to see magic at work. That is why our warding is second to none."

Hearing the door open Harry turned his head and immediately regretted it, it seems the on and off vertigo that he had been experiencing had returned.

"Ah yes, Mr. Potter, your money is here, I have taken the liberty of putting it into a charmed muggle wallet that will allow you to hold the entire sum easily, it also has a charm on it so that it can not be removed forcibly from your pocket."

Harry managed to give the goblin a weak nod before unsteadily climbing to his feet. The goblin noticing that Harry was still having difficulties said, "Perhaps, you should place that cloak upon your person once more. Then I will assist you to the door, as it would not seem prudent for a goblin to be seen assisting a wizard. Especially one as famous as yourself. "

Remus Lupin was worried, he had been at headquarters when Harry had been brought in after the accident and that was two days ago. Since then no one sans Dumbledore and Snape had been allowed in the room until that morning.

Once he had been allowed in the room he had noticed something, it wasn't anything big but Harry was still fully dressed in the clothes that he had worn on the train. There was something else as well something about his scent had seemed off. It was to clear his head that he had decided to take off and clear his head for a bit hoping that what ever his senses were trying to tell him would make itself more apparent with a clear head.

Unfortunately his walk had done nothing to reveal what his inner wolf was attempting to tell him. After a few hours of aimless wanderings his order medallion had started to go off signifying that there was trouble afoot, so he hastily made his way back. Upon his return to headquarters he found it in complete disarray, people were running back and forth, there was yelling in almost each room and an air of general confusion.

Ducking around a couple of the orders newer recruits Remus made his way into the kitchen where he hoped that someone would be in there that could give him answers.

He sighed with relief as he saw Tonks sitting at the table nursing a cup of tea, not wanting to waste any time he asked, "Tonks, what happened?"

Tonks jerked her head up and it was then that Remus noticed tearstains on her cheeks. At this time he knew that something bad had happened. Not wanting to show his anxiety he focused and re-asked in a softer voice, "What happened?"

Tonks sniffed a few times before she answered with, "Harry's missing and Snape is in a magical coma."


Silencing Remus's shout before he had a chance to continue she added, "I was the first person on the scene. It looked like Snape had been stabbed with his wand and hit repeatedly in the face, and then someone attempted to use a unidentifiable potion on him. Harry's wand was found some distance away snapped in two but Snape's wand wasn't in the room."

Remus calmed himself further as he digested this information knowing that getting upset was not going to get him any answers. Wanting to know if there was anything more to it he asked, "Was there anything else?"

Tonks looked into her cup nervously and said, "Snape and Harry were the only ones here and Harry had been laid up since the accident. From the position of Harry's wand it looks like Snape snapped it before there was a struggle because it was just laying in the middle of the floor with no sign of trouble nearby. From what it looks like, it seems that Snape was attempting to force Harry to take the unidentified potion as I found a pillow with some spilled on it as well as a blotch on the carpet where it landed."

Taking in a deep breath she continued, "That must of surprised Snape because Harry was able to knock him to the ground and get a hold of Snape's wand with from the looks of it he thrust into the mans chest. Then for some reason Harry then literally beat the Professors face in most likely with his shoe because of the blood stains in the carpet. The tracks ten show that Harry picked up the potion and used it on Snape. I can only think of two reasons why Harry would do that, one is that he felt guilty or something and hoped that there was enough healing drought mixed in the potion to save the professors life or that the potion was a real nasty one and Harry did it out of spite."

Remus sat down with a thud; he was shocked at the happenings. After a minute of silence he asked, "What did Dumbledore say when you told him?"

Tonks doing her best to control herself said in a shaky voice, "He said that that was not possible and that Harry must of snapped from the pressure of Sirius death. As such he has already left to alert the ministry about the attack and see about having a warrant placed on Harry."

Remus shook his head, surely the headmaster had more faith in Harry than that, and you could spend ten minutes with the lad and realize that while he did have some problems he never started things unless there was good cause. Not wanting to dwell on it at the moment he whispered, "We need to get to Harry before anyone else does and get him to safety."

Tonks jerked her head up and was barely able to contain her voice as she asked, "But how?"

Remus shook his head realizing for the first time that the walls most likely had ears. Lowering his voice the lowest audible whisper he said, "I'll tell you later, but first I need to go up to Sirius room and grab a few things. I want you to meet me down the street. Oh and change your form to something that Harry wont recognize, just in case."

Tonks waited a few seconds to let Remus start his way upstairs before she left the building.

Down the street a few minutes later.

Tonks was waiting disguised as a woman in her early thirties, somewhat tall for a woman at 5'10 and fairly lanky looking with long jet-black hair. She briefly wondered how Remus would be able to spot her when she remembered that he had heightened senses since he was a werewolf. It turned out that during her musings Remus had indeed found her.

Jumping in surprise she said, "Don't do that, I hate it when you sneak up on me."

Remus cocked an eyebrow at her but left his question unasked as he said, "Are you ready?"

Tonks sniffed stuffily once before she said, "Yeah, but I don't see how we will be able to find Harry though. It's a big city and he had somewhat of a head start on us. Besides even if we did know where he was we can't risk apparating this close to headquarters because Dumbledore might have tracking wards set up."

Remus nodded and replied, "That's why I picked up this." Upon finishing his statement he took a small black motorcycle out of his pocket and set it down on the street. With a wave of his wand it enlarged itself into a familiar looking black bike.

Her eye's wide Tonks exclaimed, "That's Sirius's bike."

Remus nodded and said, "Yeah I figured we needed an untraceable way to get around to go get Harry."

Tonks started nodding before the last part of Remus's statement sank in her eyes widened as she exclaimed, "Go get? You know where he is?"

Remus nodded and said, "Technically no, but this map knows."

"How does a map know where Harry is?"

Remus sighed, he knew that he needed to explain things to Tonks but also knew that time was wasting to get Harry because with every second they dawdled increased the chance that someone else would get to him first. Swinging his leg over the bike he said, "Hop on I'll explain on the way."

Once on their way Tonks cast a charm on the bike to allow them to speak to each other without outside interference. Deciding that now was as good as time as any she asked, "So how does the map know where to find Harry?"

Remus sighed knowing that his next words were most likely not going to be taken well. Clearing his throat he said, "Well the short answer is that for the past year and a few months Sirius and I had been working on charming a map to show anyone related to Lily from Harry to any other possible sibling that she might have still alive. We got the idea from a map we made while we attended Hogwarts."

Tonks started to nod but then the rest of what Remus had said entered her mind. Deciding to voice her question she asked, "What do you mean, any other?"

Remus sighed as he made a turn and replied, "Just what I said. Lily never liked to talk about her family much but she had mentioned having an older half-brother."

From behind Lupin on the bike Tonks sighed and asked, "So what was so bad about him that Harry went to the Dursleys?"

Not taking his eyes off of the road Remus replied, "Well, he was non-magical, and an American air-force officer."

"What's that have to do with anything? The Dursleys hated magic, I can hardly believe that those were the only reasons on why he wasn't sent off to live with him"

Frustrated with traffic Remus allowed his emotions to get the better of him and snapped back, "Of course not but the man in question was involved in special ops and seldom around his wife, Dumbledore thought it best that Harry have access to two parental figures. Plus Petunia was a stay at home mother for the most part and sharing lily's blood allowed the blood wards more time to strengthen. Plus the ministry wasn't about to let their savoir run off and become a yank"

Tonks nodded in understanding but was still curious about why Harry had never mentioned him. So she asked, "So does Harry know about him?"

Remus shook his head and replied, "No, neither know the other exist. The ministry and Dumbledore went through a great deal of obliviating people's memories that knew about him. They even went as far as to modify the mans memory erasing both of his sisters lives."

Tonks gasped in shock and asked, "Why would they do that? All they had to do was let him know that lily was dead."

Remus let out a bitter laugh and replied, "They did it to ensure their tracks, it would hardly due for him to go visit his remaining sister and find out that he has a nephew. That would open up a whole nother can of worms or the ministry especially if he found out that Harry was being mistreated. And it was less dangerous than constantly oblivorating his memories. So he was separated and forced to forget his family, all in an effort to keep Harry safe and in the land of his birth."

Tonks snorted out, "Fat lot of good that did them, Harry atracks more life and death situations than any Auror short of Moody that I know."

Sobering up a bit she added, "So if everyone that knew about this mystery uncle of his how do you know?"

As Remus stopped at a light he replied, "I didn't, Sirius knew. He had been locked away in Azkaban before they started oblivorating. Peter knew but other than that it was just frank, Alice, James, Moody, Minerva, Albus, petunia, Vernon, myself and a few other of lily's friend from Hogwarts. I am not certain but I believe that all of us with the exception of peter were obliterated."

Deciding to change the subject somewhat Tonks asked, "So what's this map about? It shows where Harry is and this uncle of his?"

Remus nodded and said, "Yeah, it was a load of trouble to charm, Sirius and I had to keep adding maps to find him. All Sirius could remember was that he was an American and in the air force. So we started off with a world map realizing that being in the air force he could be anywhere. At first we thought we had done something wrong because it was only revealing Harry's position. Then on the second attempt we found him in the states but he disappeared off the map again before we could add more maps. It was rather difficult and we still haven't worked out why his appearance on the map seems to disappear and reappear every few days."

As the bike started to slow down Tonks hear Remus say, "Found them, take the map and stay a ways away from him so we don't spook him. I'm going to try to talk to him first."

Slipping of the bike Tonks nodded with understanding of her part. Blinking quickly she asked, "Wait a sec, if I have the map how are you going to find him?"

Remus grinned slightly and replied, "I'm a werewolf remember. His scent is strong enough that I can smell him."