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The Day and the Way we Met

A fog draped over the two figures like a silver screen. The cinematic atmosphere was thick with anxiety and paranoia. A breeze flowed through the humid air, the moisture caressing their faces. The red-headed figure, further ahead, sped up his pace; the sensation of being followed giving him the urge to run.

Itachi hid amongst the shadows. He continued to follow along the opposite side-walk. Even in this debauched part of the city, no one was really out at this time. Just his interest and himself. He indulged in staring, taking in every inch of his prey's body. He already had the path memorized, having walked down this street count-less of times. He didn't need to look ahead to know where he was going.

Itachi had been following him for a month. Not that he could be blamed; the red-head had been plaguing him since he'd first seen him. At first, he thought nothing of the man he was following. Sure, thoughts of killing him wandered into his mind, but he thought that about everyone he saw. Yet, as time passed he saw the red-head everywhere. It was as though he was the one being followed. For a while, he was sure that was the case, and he wanted nothing more than to kill him. In fact, the habit of following him began with the intent to kill. Time and observation, however, changed Itachi's perspective and he ended up in this current situation.

He made a turn unconsciously as his eyes remained on the form he followed. He noted as his interest tucked his hands into his coat's pockets, that he must have been bothered by the slight April breeze. Not that he could commiserate. He was impervious to something so arbitrary as weather.

The enigma of a man went inside an apartment complex. Itachi had never followed him inside and he didn't intend to do so now. He couldn't risk being caught, especially after the month of observing he had undergone. Therefore, he stood outside, mapping out the course he knew his interest would take. He, of course, had entered the building at times when his interest wasn't around and, through tactful questioning, had managed to find out where the red-head lived. He'd even found out his name... Kyuubi.

It was really an unique name. No sane parent would name their child after a treacherous demon. Itachi liked it for that reason amongst plenty others. He knew he'd enjoy dominating Kyuubi; he'd revel in the feeling of control. It would surely happen in due time, he thought as he walked to the car he had previously parked in the apartment structure's lot.

He was used to the routine he had plotted out. He'd leave his car in the parking lot at 6:00pm, then walk the six blocks to Kyuubi's workplace. He would wait on the other side of the street. Kyuubi would work late some days during which he would wait for at least two hours. Not that he cared... Much. He did notice he'd been getting more and more anxious to see the red-head, but that was inconsequential. The anxiety he felt while waiting would dissipate the moment he'd spot Kyuubi and he would follow along, making sure he was not seen.

He would end up back at the parking lot and, once Kyuubi was inside the building, he would drive the forty-five minutes to his own apartment, on the other side of the Konoha.

The only days he didn't go on this little excursion were Saturdays and Sundays; when Kyuubi didn't work. He never saw Kyuubi on those days, but he would change that tomorrow, on Saturday. He planned to drive out here, sometime at noon, and stake-out the apartment complex. He was bound to see Kyuubi the moment he left and Itachi would follow him.

With his plan in mind, Itachi continued to drive, eager for tomorrow to begin, though he'd never admit such a thing out loud. He could admit, however, that tomorrow would be exciting. He'd make sure of that

Kyuubi quietly closed the door behind him and quickly locked and bolted it. He had the strangest feeling that he was being followed. Actually, he'd been having the feeling he was being followed home for about a month now. He'd tried looking around during the first week, making sure to be very aware of his surroundings, but he found no one suspicious near him. Still, the feeling didn't go away.

He was deathly afraid that this could somehow affect his younger brother. He knew the thought was completely irrational, but he was so protective of Naruto that he worried to the point of losing his mind. It was better to be safe rather than sorry, he thought.

He went to his bedroom and shut the door quietly, lest he should wake Naruto. He completely divested himself of his clothes, preferring to sleep in the nude, and laid down on his unmade bed, untangling the bundled covers and pulling them over himself.

He sighed at the loneliness he felt; having to sleep by himself. Naruto was going to be sleeping over at Kiba's house tomorrow night, so hopefully he'd have some company then. He could go to a hotel and not worry about his otouto being home alone. He was due for a lay, in his opinion, and he was planning to go to a local club tomorrow night. He was pretty optimistic about finding someone to have a good time with.

Yeah, he just wanted a good time. It's not as though he wanted a relationship. He had to be everything for Naruto so he certainly couldn't be distracted by anyone else. Thus, he certainly didn't want anything amatory in the sense that he'd have someone hecould depend on; someone that was his. It wasn't as though he deserved such a thing.

He thought this over and acknowledged that he was denying his desires. He had to, though. He'd already taken so much from Naruto that he owed the boy anything he could give. He knew what he had to offer was completely worthless, but he had to give something.

Kyuubi had no family to speak of. Naruto was all he had. Kyuubi thought back to when he'd first met Naruto. The boy had barely been a day old and already he was completely alone in the world. Kyuubi owed Naruto everything he'd taken away from him, everything that neither of them would ever experience.

Kyuubi fell asleep in guilt. Hoping all the while that nightmares wouldn't plague him tonight, knowing full well that they would regardless.

Itachi awoke promptly at ten-thirty. He showered quickly, ate a filling breakfast, and within fifteen minutes, he was on his way to the familiar apartment complex of a certain red-head.

It only took him thirty minutes to arrive at his destination; traffic was non-existent this early on a Saturday. He parked in the same spot he had parked in last night and leaned his head back in contemplation.

He really wasn't sure what he was doing anymore. Sure, he was always obsessive about the few things that actually managed to pique his interest, but this was too much. He was practically stalking a stranger! Really, he was just at the border-line of stalking, because following and observing someone without their knowledge of it wasn't really stalking... If only to not be in the same category as 'fan-girls', Itachi mused.

Regardless of doubts, Itachi had good reasons for his actions. At the forefront of the list was the fact that Kyuubi was hot. Itachi had never before found anyone aesthetically pleasing enough to suit him so he figured if Kyuubi's looks enticed him in such a manner, pursuing him was certainly sensible.

Also, there was something about Kyuubi's life... The man left from work so late on some days, even though it was only an office job. He wondered why anyone would need to work for so long in the first place. As far as he knew, Kyuubi was single and had no one to take care of. The situation perplexed him, but he figured he'd know everything soon enough.

Itachi heard footsteps nearby and listened intently. He could discern voices and he immediately knew that neither voice belonged to Kyuubi. The footsteps that paused near his car didn't sound the same as Kyuubi's rhythmic gait either. He decided that whoever was out at the moment was not worth his interest, so he leaned back in his seat and tuned out all sounds as he settled back into his previous state of contemplation.

Just as he was thinking about what Kyuubi would look like naked, an annoyingly vibrant voice said the name of his interest.

"...Kyuubi seriously needs a boyfriend or somethin'. He's been gettin' kinda mopey and I think he's feeling lonely."

Itachi was fully alert, listening to every word of the conversation.

"You're his brother, man. You should try setting him up."

Brother... Well that could explain Kyuubi's need to work longer hours...

"Hm... I don't know anyone his age that's single..."

"Hey, my sister still needs a boyfriend."

No, Kyuubi belonged to Itachi. There was no way in hell he'd let some female steal what was rightfully his. Itachi continued to eavesdrop, suppressing his irritation.

"Nah, Kyuu likes guys better. I dunno. I think he needs one of those stoic guys, like Neji or Gaara. 'Cept, those two are totally into each other."

Itachi heard the second voice chuckle. He was in better spirits so it didn't annoy him as such a noise was wont to do. He was definitely stoic so he'd be good for Kyuubi, according to the red-head's 'brother'.

"Right... Don't you think Kyuubi's too... Perky for that?"
Perky? Itachi could see himself spending time with someone perky. Sure, he'd love a perky Kyuubi.

"Um, he just acts like that. Ya' know, tryin' to be happy so everyone around him is. I know he feels lonely. He needs someone who'll take care of him."

Lonely? Itachi frowned. He wasn't sure he could relate, though he had been feeling some sort of... Longing? Well, ever since he'd seen Kyuubi, he did desire companionship. He'd always wanted to be closer to his recluse of a brother as well. The latter being impossible, however, Itachi thought it more efficacious to pursue Kyuubi.

"So, what do you think this nice car is doing here?"

Itachi noticed the conversation had taken a turn and thus he was going to block it out, but the next sentence caught his attention.

"I dunno it's been here almost every day. I saw a guy get out of it once."

"A guy? What's such a rich person doing here anyways?"

Itachi was confident they wouldn't discover him, what with the tinted windows of his car. Still, it seemed Kyuubi's 'brother' had seen him once before.

"Whatever. We'll figure it out tonight. Let's just go get some ramen. I wanna have lunch ready for Kyuu."

Itachi heard the footsteps circle his car and then retreat. He could see the backs of the two, a blond and a brunette. The blonde reared his face to Itachi's car and gave a slight grin. If Itachi had to guess, he'd say that blond was Kyuubi's brother. He knew the assumption was unreasonable , considering they bared no physical resemblance to each other. Yet, there was something about their personalities that was so similar...

It was already going to be 2:00pm. Itachi wondered when Kyuubi would be coming out. He was already getting bored and he absolutely hated the lack of stimulation, mental or otherwise. He continued to wait, however, opting to think about fucking Kyuubi rather than remaining flustered.

Kyuubi, predictably, awoke to the smell of ramen. He followed his nose to the kitchen where warm miso ramen was set on the table awaiting him. He found a note on top of the Styrofoam bowl and recognized his brother's writing as he glanced over it.

Went to Kiba's already. Make sure you have fun tonight! Ja ne.

Kyuubi wadded the note up and threw it away before turning to the ramen Naruto had brought for him. He grabbed a pair of chopsticks and sat at the table. He took a whiff of the food and parted his chopsticks, saying, "Itadakimasu."

After finishing the ramen, Kyuubi took a shower. He got out and lightly dried himself off, not bothering to put the towel around his waist as he headed into the living room. Noting that it was only 5:00 in the afternoon, he sat down to watch some cartoons.

It was a habit he'd picked up from Naruto, amongst many others. It really was impossible to come into contact with the blond and not adopt some of his idiosyncrasies. Not that it was a bad thing, the world really could use more Narutos.

Kyuubi continued to flip through the channels, none of the shows catching his interest. "Hm... None of the good stuff is on."

Kyuubi dozed off after five minutes of pixel monotony. When he awoke, it was eight-thirty.

He stood and walked into his room, running his fingers through his now dry hair. "I can't believe I slept that long. Hm... What to wear?"

Raiding his closet, Kyuubi found some skin-tight black pants and a short-sleeved fishnet shirt to wear. Completing the outfit with some light, black boots, he gave himself a once-over in the full-length mirror by his door.

He grabbed his keys and his cell-phone and walked out of the apartment. Going down the stairs of the complex, he felt as though he was being followed again. He brushed the feeling off, deciding that he had no need to be wary. He could certainly take on just about anyone.

He skipped the last two steps in front of the entrance/exit of the building with a jump and began whistling some uncertain tune. As he continued along the side-walk, he could feel a chill in the air. For some reason he couldn't discern, Kyuubi began to feel excited. He grinned widely, his protruding canines shining with the light from the lamp-posts.

He was tired of being followed. He decided he was going to find out who was stalking him tonight. He walked into a nearby alley, knowing he'd be able to hear the footsteps of his prowler because of the alley's echo.

There's a second part to this. It turned out garishly long (w/ two pages of lemon) so it couldn't be a one-shot. I'll post the second part soon.