Rikuou's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. He really wished Kazahaya would ask more questions before accepting anything from Kakei, but no. He was not only as dense as a brick, but twice as a naïve. Which was why Rikuou was currently standing out in the freezing cold.

Kakei had approached them about a small exorcism. All they had to do was bring a jar to this house and that was it. Supposedly. But first off, there were several problems. They had to get the jar first from some crazy old man who was convinced it was made of gold. Then the place they were supposed bring it wasn't actually there. It was just an overgrown field with two rotted fence posts.

On the other hand, Kazahaya had absolutely gone bonkers insisting there was a well-taken care of shop there. Rikuou was forced to believe when said boy moved between the two fence posts and disappeared. However, no matter if he entered those fence posts, he still remained in the empty field.

Footsteps caught his attention as he stood there on the sidewalk, figuring there was nothing else to do but wait for Kazahaya to return, and noticed a high school student approaching, considering the uniform. The golden eyes, similar in shade but nothing else to his partner's, watched him suspiciously and stopped next to him. There was a tense and confused atmosphere as they stared at each other.

"What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing."

"You could," Rikuou replied, crossing his arms in suspicion.

It didn't appear as if the student, dressed in a winter uniform with a long black coat on top of that, was going to leave. There was a long package draped over his shoulder and he figured that the shape meant he was in an archery club. There weren't that many high schools that actually had archery clubs, but he'd been in one that did in what seemed like a long ago, forgotten time.

"Rikuou! Let's go!"

His eyes snapped to the gateposts when Kazahaya suddenly appeared from thin air, but the bottle was still in his hands. He frowned before realizing that the faint white mist that had been in it before was gone. Did this mean that their job was complete? He certainly hoped so, but if it was this simple, which never happened, why had he been asked to go along?

Kazahaya's eyes widened a little when he caught sight of the high school student standing next to him. "Aren't you going to go in?" he asked curiously, obviously thinking that when Rikuou told him it was an empty lot, he was lying or just trying to tease him.

Also apparently was that the high school student didn't seem at all surprised to see a boy materialize out of nowhere in front of him.

"Doumeki! How many times do I have to tell you not to wait for me! Jerk! I told you I can walk home on my own just fine!"

And again, out of nowhere, another boy appeared, wearing a mirror outfit of the boy that had been standing next to him for so long, but this time he vaguely recognized him. This was the boy that sometimes came into the shop to buy hangover remedies. The glasses and deep sapphire blue eyes, combined with the shape of his face, suggested he was a pretty and it was made for sweet smiling, but it was marred with a fierce frown directed at his schoolmate.

"Oh, you know each other?" Kazahaya asked of the bespectacled boy, and Rikuou frowned at how the atmosphere between them seemed so friendly. He wasn't feeling jealous, no never, but still…

The boy, Doumeki apparently, shrugged and reached out to grab the other one's arm. It was not his imagination that he didn't seem to like the close atmosphere between the two of them any more than Rikuou did.

Without so much as word, Doumeki began to tug his friend down the street away from them, despite the protests from the sapphire-eyed boy. Kazahaya blinked in surprise and Rikuou rolled his eyes. Yes, he truly was naïve. It was obvious to anyone that Doumeki had been jealous. Such a child, really. Only children got jealous and wanted to grab the one they liked away from someone that was probably only a friend and there would never be anything between them. Irrational. He was not jealous.

"Thanks for your help, Watanuki-san!" Kazahaya called after the retreating figures, but there was no way to tell if they'd heard it.

"Are we done now?" he asked after a moment.

"Yes. We can go home now."

Rikuou frown and shrugged, glad that he could get out the cold now. The wind had been biting through his jacket and he was tired. All in all, he was still suspicious of the whole reason they'd had to do this job. Or rather, why he had to come along.

"Um, hey, Rikuou?"


"I was just wondering…have you ever kissed someone before?"

"Ehhh?" he choked, looking down at his smaller companion in shock. How on earth did they get to this? He had no idea how Kazahaya's thought processes worked and he wasn't sure he wanted to know.

"Well, have you?" his partner insisted, seeming to take his shock as if he were evading the answer and was leaning toward him in a way that Rikuou did not in the least like.

"Why the hell are you asking me this right now? What brought this on?" he demanded.

"So you haven't?"

"I wouldn't say that…"

"So you have?"

"I wouldn't say that either…"

"Then which is it?!"

Rikuou felt his eye twitch and he reached out to grab Kazahaya's shoulder tightly. "Tell me why you're asking. Now. You're annoying me."

"Well…Watanuki-san and I were talking…"


"He said he wanted to give his first kiss to this girl at his school, but his rival keeps getting in the way of him confessing his love to her. And I suppose that I got to thinking about kisses while I was waiting for the owner of that shop to do something with the jar."

"First, what was that boy doing there and second, why were you even thinking about kisses?"

Kazahaya flushed a little. "Watanuki works there. And w-well, we both sorta wondered what it would feel like."

Rikuou frowned a little more. He did not like the sound of this. "You seem very friendly with this Watanuki." He had been almost positive that Kazahaya had never been kissed before and now he was sure of it. What he really didn't like was Kazahaya talking about such intimate things with this boy who he'd never really talked to before.

Since Rikuou was with Kazahaya almost 24/7, he knew very well that they hadn't met except occasionally in the store.

A smirk touched his lips, smoothing the frown out. "You really want to know?"

"Know what?"

"What it's like to kiss someone."

"Well…yes. But I don't know who—"

This was too good an opportunity to pass up and he pressed his lips against his partner's in the middle of a sentence, using that chance to slide his tongue in that open mouth. Kazahaya made a noise that could only be classified as a squeak and seemed to become a compliant mass in his hands. Really, Kazahaya was just so innocent and naïve.

When he pulled away, nipping a little at those now flushed lips as they parted, his smirk was downright wicked. He doubted that this Watanuki fellow could be nearly as good as himself. He hadn't ever been the type to have a whole lot of girlfriends and played around, but he wasn't entirely unskilled either.

"There's more where that came from if you want. Just ask me tonight when we get home."

He sent a wink at his partner and walked away, counting down the seconds in his head until he heard a very indignant screech of "PERVERT!!" behind him.

Maybe he hadn't been needed on the job after all, but he'd have to be grateful to Kakei for that golden opportunity to tease the little kitten he had found almost a year ago.