"Is Kudou-kun here?"

The older man in sunglasses turned around to look at who was asking and Watanuki tried to smile. Were this man's eyes so sensitive he had to wear sunglasses in this store? It wasn't all that brightly lit…

"Who's asking, little one?"

"Watanuki Kimihiro."

"And the not quite so little one behind you?"

Watanuki nearly growled under his breath, knowing that the presence at his back of Doumeki was not going to go unnoticed. The stupid archer seemed to always follow whenever he was going to meet with Kudou Kazahaya, which wasn't at all fair, as far as he was concerned. It was almost as if he was jealous, which Watanuki could not for a moment believe. After all, that would imply that Doumeki liked him, which was not at all for a moment possible.

"His name is Doumeki Shizuka."

"So you two are them. Heh, not bad."

"Huh?" But the man was already moving away toward someone else, another middle-aged but nice-looking man who seemed the kind that was generally soft and thoughtful of everyone. He wished that Yuuko was like that. She was always so mean-spirited and loved to tease him.

"Kudou-kun is upstairs," said man called and pointed toward some stairs outside the store that Watanuki hadn't noticed. "Feel free to go find him."

"Are we sure we can go up?" he asked in trepidation.

"They said we could," Doumeki replied and Watanuki could feel his companion's hand on his shoulder, pushing him up the stairs.

"Hey, I can walk on my own!" he hissed, not wanting to yell outside of someone else's apartment. He was just about to knock on the door when the sounds of a scuffle penetrated the thin wood of the door, followed by a yell. Alarmed, Watanuki turned to Doumeki who frowned.

"Well, kick it or something! Be manly about this!"


"Because…because…you're here for the manual labor! That's your job!"

Doumeki snorted in annoyance and reached for the doorknob, twisting it to reveal that it was unlocked. He sent a superior glance toward the bespectacled boy, which would have earned him a rightful lecture, if he wasn't so hell bent on running into the apartment to find out what the sounds of the fight were about.

What he got, he wished he rather never saw.



The image before him seemed implanted in his brain: Kazahaya on a bed, with both his arms pinned above his head, looking shocked and upset. Himura Rikuou, the name he'd learned after repeated conversations with his new friend, was straddling said friend and looking over at the bespectacled boy in annoyance. He must be really strong, Watanuki thought idly, if he could only use that one hand to keep both of Kazahaya's arms pinned.

There was a few seconds of silence as Doumeki came up behind him, taking in the position and almost at the exact same time, Watanuki and Kazahaya's faces flooded with red. "Oh my god, I'm sorry! I thought you were arguing or hurt or—"

"It's not what you think, my god, it's not what you think!" Kazahaya yelled at the same time an embarrassed Watanuki started stuttering.

"We'll go now—"

"No, really, we're not—"

"—didn't mean to intrude at all—"

"—nothing to see, just medicine—"

"—said we could come up—"

"—really, we're so not like this—"


That annoyed word sliced through the two's babbling and was it Watanuki's imagination or did Doumeki and Rikuou seem to share a silent, understanding glance? Had to be his imagination because then this feeling of being faintly jealous couldn't exist.

There was an awkward silence and finally, Kazahaya cleared his throat. "It's not what you think at all, Watanuki-kun. We're not, definitely not…!"

"He wouldn't take some medicine," Rikuou supplied, cutting in, and lifting up a bottle of pills in his other hand that Watanuki hadn't taken notice of. Blinking, he glanced around, also noting that there was a glass of water on the bedside table.

"But…if you pin his arms…how he is he supposed to take it?"

Rikuou smirked and Watanuki had a sudden chill that if ever Doumeki grinned liked that, he would turn tail and start running for the hills, gladly living his life as a hermit or in perpetual servitude of Yuuko so long as he never saw Doumeki again.

"Mouth to mouth."

Watanuki flushed at the blatant three words coming out of the green-eyed boy's mouth and he was suddenly even more embarrassed to be there. Doumeki, without warning, gripped his elbow a second later and began tugging him toward the room door.

"Since Kudou-san isn't feeling well, Watanuki will come back at another time."

"Wait! Don't leave me alone with him! Help me!!"

Doumeki didn't seem to want to heed Kazahaya's cries and only closed the door behind them, still maintaining the tugging on Watanuki's arm. Watanuki seemed to be in shock and let himself be dragged along in silence until halfway to the temple.

"Hey, you can let go now! Hey!!"

"Calm again?"


The archer let go of the arm he'd been holding and turned around to regard his friend. "You were turning as red as a cherry back there. I thought you might have a heart attack."

And true to his words, Watanuki flushed red again in remembrance. "I-I'm fine!"


"You seem…pleased for some reason," Watanuki prompted suspiciously.

"I just don't have to worry anymore."

"Over what?"

In answer, Doumeki stepped up close and pressed their lips together chastely. "You."

"D-D-D-Doumeki!!" he screeched, frantically rubbing his lips and feeling as if his heart was about to pound out of his chest. "What the hell did you do that for?!"

"I was inspired."

"Inspired?! What the hell!"

But Doumeki was already walking away and Watanuki rushed to catch up angrily. "Hey, answer me…!"

The only answer he got was another kiss.