Welcome all! Sorry for the year long absence. (I'd really prefer to call it an extended vacation, if you don't mind.) It's been so long! Well, anyway, I recall thinking of this story, originally a ReiMax, while lying in bed. Then, as I once again, recall, I thought that another certain character needed a part in it. You'll have to see who. –Wink- Anyway, stick around, read a bit, and message me with any questions.

And so, it begins…

"Mizuhara? MIZUHARA?! Hurry it up!"

"I…Uhh…Sorry, Sir. Cherrywood is right off of Kittyhawk Manor Drive, a left, and it's the first house on the right."

"Finally." A resounding click signified that the Fire Chief had, indeed, hung up on him yet again. Max sighed, adjusting his headset and hovering his cursor over a large house at the end of the satellite image of the street, one that put all the other million and billion dollar homes to shame. What came up shocked him to no end.

Kai Hiwatari


5737 Firebird Lane

Built January – October 2005

"Kai?" Why the hell would Kai be living two streets over from me? Meh, perhaps I should drop in with Rei and Tyson some time. Not that the old sourpuss would enjoy it, but he would at least open his doors to old friends, wouldn't he?

Another line buzzed in, and Max returned quietly to his job, storing the address in the back of his head.

5 P.M. That night

"Rei? Rei, Baby, I'm home."

Amber orbs peered over the couch, a hint of a dark glint residing within.

Max strode over to the loveseat, known throughout the house as 'Rei's couch', and sat on it, smiling at his lover. "Hey Kitty Cat."

The neko jin cupped Max's chin in his hand, eyes lowered in lust as he looked him over.

It wasn't a surprise to Max. Rei tended to ask for these things often. Obviously, though, he had never succeeded: Max still had his virginity.

It just always seemed that they were both ready for it, and then Max would get too scared, or Rei would get too nervous, and they would both just settle for snuggling.

However, the unbelieving stare that Max was receiving instantly told Max that tonight was the night.


Slick wet lips forced Max's open, fangs gnawing at his teeth.

"Rei, stop…"

A low growl was the response.

"Rei, Rei! Stop! Stop it now!"

The boxers were removed, Rei fumbling with his own belt for a moment before his lower half was naked as well, hips grinding together forcefully.

Suddenly, Max's treasure, his one true wealth…Was ripped from him.

A deep shudder overwhelmed him. "R-Rei…"

"My name Max. Scream it."

"Rei…It…It hurts…"


"Rei…REI! Rei, stop…REIIIII!"

The next morning.

Max awoke to a stream of red. Blood…Was that blood? No…Smelled too nice. Ah, must have been a rose. Twelfth one in the past few hours, Max pondered to himself, picking it up and tossing it into the vase.

Rei, of course, was extremely apologetic over what he had done. Max had accepted his apology with an 'okay, just don't let it happen again.'

And so, the shower of roses and other nice flowers had begun.

Max went to work, the exhausted neko sleeping in the bed. Today was his day off, and they had planned ahead to have a dinner/lunch picnic at the park and watch the sunset.

Max recalled that Rei had been worried if their plans were foiled, but they weren't. Rei was a sweet guy, and Max wouldn't let their day be ruined.

Max's shift ended quickly, so he leaped into his car as quick as possible and drove. On his way, however, he was cut off by a huge, black limousine. Road rage getting the best of him, he poked his tiny head out of the window and screamed some garbage that dare not repeat itself here.

A hand, finger uplifted, was all that was to be seen emerging. The blonde, nonetheless, continued on his way peacefully, teeth ground.

He snagged Rei from the house, and, in minutes, they were relaxing in the park, by the swings. Max could tell his boyfriend was still rather upset, considering, among other things, that they hadn't even held hands on the way. And when Rei doesn't want to do little touchy feely stuff like that, you know something is wrong.

Smashing the ice into a million pieces, Max lay down, his head resting in Rei's lap. A moment of surprise passed before the neko began running his hand through his lover's golden hair, massaging his scalp. Max gave a quiet groan of approval, leaning into the stroking.

"Maxie…I…I'm really sorry about last night…I don't know what got into me…"

Max giggled. "It's fine, Rei. I already told you, everything's forgiven."

"You're too kind to me, Maxie."

"You're too kind yourself." The blonde whispered, planting a gentle kiss on Rei's lips.

And….Cut. –Grin-