Everyone thinks that only Turner is willing to die for Elizabeth.

The same certainly can not be said for the commodore who only cares for his promotion.

When Elizabeth fell over the embattlement, I felt my heart fall with her as well.

I would have jumped to rescue her but things had turned up differently.

When she was kidnapped, I could barely breathe, but I had to keep my wits and not act too rash.

Against my better judgment, I sent my men to rescue Elizabeth and Turner from the undead pirates.

Rather than let the woman I love suffer, I let her choose Turner, and even let Sparrow, the infamous pirate, have a one day head start to make her happy.

As I knew it wouldn't have bode well for Elizabeth and her new fiancé for helping Sparrow to escape, I chased Sparrow foolishly through the hurricane.

Despite my hidden agenda, I still risked my life leading Davy Jones's crew away from Elizabeth.

What I would not do for the only woman I have ever loved.

Somehow I think Davy Jones is lucky not to have a heart.