Title: Something Ventured, Nothing Gained

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Disclaimer: The words are mine; the worlds are not.

Rating: T

Summary: Angel/SG-1. Lilah had won the battle-- but SG-1 had won the war. Double drabble.

Notes: Challenge drabble. Set post "Not Fade Away" in the Angel-verse, about a year and a half after SG-1 episode 7.03 "Fragile Balance". Follow up to "Pending Acquisition".

Lilah stared grimly at the wreckage of the Las Vegas offices of Wolfram and Hart, grateful that she hadn't been the one in charge when the latest Special Project had blown up in its handler's faces. Not that she wasn't going to catch the blame for starting it in motion anyway, but at least she was still around to argue her case.

The introduction of the subject's equally cloned, young friends had acted as a brake on his defiance, just as she'd hoped-- but the locals hadn't been able to resist making use of the other three's talents also, and eventually someone had gotten careless in monitoring the kids' communications.

Between Jack's mystical gene, Sam's engineering talent, Teal'c's strength and experience, and Daniel's ability with languages, they'd somehow managed to send certain, strategically located Ancient artifacts in the storage vaults haywire, taking the entire building down in a series of rolling explosions and escaping in the chaos.

God damn the idiot that had thought reuniting Jack O'Neill, Junior Edition, with everything he cared for was a good idea.

After all, facing God's wrath would probably be less painful for her in the long run than the Senior Partners' likely reaction.