Avatar: a new beginning

"Aang? Aang? Aang, wake up!"

"Aaaaah!" Aang awoke with a jolt and a sudden realization that he had no idea where he was. All he remembered was Ozai falling down those stone steps…and then all had gone black.

"Where am I? How'd I get here?" Aang asked, to no-one in particular. Katara's voice answered-

"You're in the Fire Lord's Palace. You should rest-you've been unconscious for four days. Ozai's fire blast knocked you really hard into that pillar." He looked wildly around, and saw Fire Nation-style décor in the small room-and Katara? What was she doing here?

"Relax. Everything's fine. Fire Lord Iroh is going to have quite a bit of mess to clean up in the throne room, though-between Ozai's fire, and us bending everything in sight, it's pretty much a wreck." said Katara in a comforting tone.

"Whoa-back up a minute…Iroh is Fire Lord? What happened to Ozai? What about Azula? And Zuko…actually, what happened period? My mind's going in circles." said Aang, confused.

Katara sighed. It would take a week to answer all of Aang's questions.

"Zuko is still out, but he'll be fine-he got in Sokka's way when he was trying to fight five Fire Nation soldiers at once. He threw his boomerang, and instead of it hitting a soldier Zuko crashed headfirst into it. Azula-Toph knocked her out with a falling pillar as I distracted her-" "Good riddance" interrupted Aang "- and Ozai's dead. Your air blast knocked his stance out from under him, and he fell down from his own throne and landed wrong on his head. So, Iroh is Fire Lord, as Ozai usurped Iroh's throne when he became Fire Lord, and Zuko is Iroh's heir."

"How'd I get knocked out?" asked Aang slowly, as the information he had just heard sunk in.

"Ozai threw fire at you right as you pushed the wind under his feet. I was able to use a watershield, and it kept you from getting burned, but there wasn't enough water to block you well enough to keep the force of the blast to throw you back twenty feet into a pillar."

Aang seemed placated by her information and settled back into the comfort of the soft fabric of the bed he was lying in. He sighed and went to sleep, his thin body undamaged from the fight, but Aang was still weak and. well, small. Small for his age, and especially when Katara remembered how her people were so much stockier, even at his "age"-she stifled a giggle as she reminded herself that even though Aang looked like a twelve-year-old, he was really 112. His grey eyes, beneath closed lids, seemed to twitch a he slept.

Katara sighed, and then she picked up Sokka's ripped pants and started mending them as she watched over the Avatar, the last Airbender.