A conversation about cars, by beautiful dreamere.

Warnings: none

Spoilers: a reference to playthings.

Disclaimer: only in my dreams.

A/n: I got the idea for this earlier, when my dad forced me and my mom to watch a car auction on TV. (And yes there was an impala! lol)


Scene: Sam is on one of two beds in a typical (a/n: well for them!) Dingy motel room, fiddling on his laptop. Dean is on the other bed watching a classic car auction on television.

" Dean, why are you watching that?"

" Because, unlike you, I appreciate the magnificence of these babies"

" They are cars dean, cars."

" They are not! They are sleek, beautiful, powerful,…."


" Sam! They are not just cars!"

"Dean, they are cars. Plain and simple"

All is quiet for a few minutes

" Sammy are you sure you're not a chick?"


" Come on, you can tell me. You know I will accept you know matter what"

" Dean I am not a chick!"

" I gotta wonder since you can't see the sexiness of a classic car"

" Look, just because I don't want to make love to the impala, or any other car for that matter, doesn't mean I'm a chick!"

" One, i do not want to make love to any car, including my baby and two, fess up doll boy"

" Look, would you like me to prove I'm not a chick?!?!"

" Dude no!"

" Okay then shut up"

" Bitch"



A/n: yeah I had to throw the bitch, jerk thing in! Couldn't resist. Oh and if the spacing is at all odd, it's because I wanted to make sure it was readable. Sorry if it bugs you or anything.

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