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A Little More



All it took was a few short words to remind her why this was a bad idea, this with him was a bad idea.

"What are you doing?"

She turned from her search for her shoes to see him sitting up in his bed, hair tousled from sleep, sheet fallen down, and hanging around his hips. He reached for his glasses of the side table and it dropped a little more.

A very bad idea.

He was supposed to stay asleep till she was gone, this was a one time thing, no need for this awkward morning after.

"Are you leaving?"

Her stomach dropped, he sounded disappointed, almost as if he wanted her to stay. For what though? She wasn't used to that, she had become used to men wanting her gone in the morning. Good for the night, not so good for the day. It was fine to begin with, but she wanted more now. What had been fun in the past wasn't anymore, she was older now, a little bit wiser, and had come to the realisation that she deserved more.

She wanted someone who loved her, who liked her enough to have her with him all the time. Not just some pickup from a night out. Last night had been her last one, and it was him. He was going against the grain, the look on his face, a mix between hopeful and wary. For once his emotions that were normally written all over his face weren't clear, did she say she wanted to stay and be turned down? Or say she was going, and hurt him?

"I was looking forward to breakfast, with you."

Pansy didn't know what he was offering, be it breakfast all on it's on, or breakfast and a little extra. There was however, only one answer.

"I'd love to stay for breakfast."