WARNINGS: This is different to anything I've done before. So please heed this, I'm doing it for you. This does contain Male/Male, in this chapter, and will eventually have a Male/Male/Female relationship, so please, if this offends you, stop here. Don't flame me because you don't like it.

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It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Draco Malfoy had a plan, and it did not seem to be going along at like he had hoped. After last year he had been surprised that he was even allowed to set foot in Hogwarts again, but here he was. Granted he was no longer a prefect, or had any authority at all, gone was the Head Boy status, which he had thought a near certainty, no one matched him in his opinion. Draco was now just one of the crowd; another student. Although after what he had done he was glad of that, it was more than he had hoped for. He wasn't spat at, or cursed from behind, which he had expected, he was ignored, by all but a few. And that was perfectly fine with that, it was peaceful to a certain extent, he could go about his business without any bother.

There were times when he missed how his life used to be, he was looked up to, admired, feared all the same, it was wonderful, intoxicating, and terrifying all at the same time. He missed that, now he was just a part of the crowd, looked upon in disgust by his housemates, the other houses ignored him most of the time. Except for the time when they laughed at him, but they were getting less and less often as time went on. Draco was a nonentity for now, and he liked it.

There was an ally he had in his house, someone who supported him still. The only one, even Pansy didn't talk to him anymore. It wasn't something they acknowledged in public, in front of everyone, but he was there for him. On those days when he just wanted to explode, scream and shout about everything that was going wrong in his life, he was there. Most of the time he would listen, sometimes he would put his two sickles in. It helped him, more than he ever imagined it would. The quiet Slytherin who hardly spoke had suddenly became his closest friend, and Draco had become very dependent on Blaise over the past six months, that's why this was affecting him so very much.

The house elves had put up Mistletoe, in various places around the castles. Mostly in the corners and doorways, and occasionally, they put up the enchanted kind, that was even more annoying than the regular kind. If it wasn't already embarrassing enough being under the blasted foliage with someone you really didn't want to kiss. The enchanted version had an extra feature, it pulled the closest female to you, and it didn't let you get away till a kiss had taken place. Obviously Blaise had been caught under the latter kind, why else would he be under there with Granger?

Standing down the corridor and watching them kiss was a strange sensation, he was all alone, and he couldn't hear anything, it's like the sound had been turned off. His whole being seemed focused on everything they were doing. Her hands clutching at his back, his running through her curls, their bodies pushed as close as they could, hips rocking slowly against each others. She pulled away gasping for breath, but they stayed together, Draco expected her to run away, but they just stared at each other. Till moments which felt like minutes later, Granger jumped away, and dashed off down the hall. Leaving one very shell shocked Head boy standing in the middle of the hall, till he grabbed his bag and moved in the other direction.

Draco's senses starting coming back to him slowly, he could hear people moving through the corridors now, the bell must have gone. Time for the next class; whatever that was. He moved mindlessly in that direction, his body moved on auto-pilot.

It wasn't the kiss that shocked him, he had seen countless people over the last few days falling victim to that bloody plant, but they had seemed tame, platonic, compared to what he'd just seen. Some people just kissed with their lips, but they had put all of themselves into that kiss.

Why? A simple peck would have sufficed, no need for all that. He almost wished he had a class with Blaise next, so he could ask him. Why did he do it, why the hell did he kiss Granger like that?


There she was, sitting there like nothing had happened. Like she hadn't kissed his best friend in the hallway. Granger still stuck her hand up at every available chance, ready with the answer. She did look a little distracted if you looked closely, the chill in the air could be blamed for the rosy glow of her cheeks. It could not however disguise the dreamy stare ahead when the Professor was rambling on, or the fingers that came and rested on her lips periodically. So Granger wasn't an ice queen, he had gotten to her. Draco didn't know whether to be impressed or disgusted.

It wasn't like Blaise had gone and kissed any old girl, he'd gone for the most unattainable, she was bloody near on untouchable. Some guys had managed to get through the wall that Potter and Weasel put around her, just got a little close to her. None had got it to stick though, either she turned them down, or they got scared. It was more than a little bit of fun watching countless guys approach her, and then turn and run for their lives almost when she talked to them. Just what was it about her that managed to turn the most confident, and charming guys in school into babbling fools?

He didn't intend to find out, he'd kept his distance. It had worked, till this morning. She had snuck through, and hit him with a sucker punch when he wasn't looking, and she wasn't even aiming for him. Granger had been going to Blaise, and somehow he been hit, and from what he could remember Blaise had been as confunded as he was.

"Mr Malfoy?"

"Yes Professor?" He said turning his attention to the front of the class, ignoring the looks from the other students, from her.

"The answer to the question?"

Question? Shit. He was starting to panic, a glance behind the Professor revealed nothing on the board that could help him. Then his saving grace, the bell rang. Everyone started packing their things away. He beat everyone to the door, she had just sat there and watched him. The others had all had little smiles on their faces as they watched him struggle. She was unflinching, she was analysing him, and he was scared by the fact that he was more than a little interested in finding out if he passed.


Lunch at Hogwarts used to be his favourite thing. The spread on the table rivaled the one at the Manor, and at Halloween and on the first night of the school year it beat it. There was nothing quite like it. This year, Draco wasn't so fond of it.

Where once he was the head duck at the Slytherin table, now he had been relegated to sitting with the First years, till they got rid of him. So now he sat all by himself, sometimes Blaise would sit with him; but for the most part he was alone. It was hard at first, but he liked it now. He would eat as quickly as he could, then go to the Library or outside, and just be by himself. Draco had become a creature of solitude.

Granger was sitting directly in his line of vision, the thoughtful expression back again, he didn't think he'd ever seen the Head girl this distracted. All manner of chaos was happening at the Gryffindor table as usual, but she didn't give it a bit of attention. Draco followed the way she was looking, and saw just what had captured her eye. The Head boy was holding court, with his faithful minions hanging on his every word. To think that had been him twelve months ago, hell even six months ago. How times had changed.

Draco looked back at Granger and she had turned her gaze to him, when she noticed he was returning it, she quickly looked away. This was an interesting development. Twice now she had been staring at him, the same day she kissed his closest friend.
Pushing the remainder of his stew away, he picked up his bag and left the Hall. His tolerance of crowds, and all their chatter had reached an all time low lately. He decided to go to the library, it was too cold outside now, winter had well and truly set in.


He wanted to keep walking and pretend that he hadn't heard him, but it was

"Blaise," he said turning around.

"How are you today?" He asked a concerned expression on his face.

"I'm just peachy, excuse me," he said shortly, turning to continue on his way.

"Hang on," he said grabbing his arm, "What's going on?"

"Nothing," he snapped, pulling his arm away.


"Just leave it."


They both looked down the hall as they heard more voices coming, he pushed him into an alcove near them, placing cloaking spells so no-one would know they were there.

"This is ridiculous, and more than a little over dramatic. Nothing is wrong."

"Cut the crap," Blaise said rolling his eyes, "You never half eat lunch, and add to that, the fact that you hardly said two words to anyone, something is up."

"Who would I talk to? The only one I talk to is you, and I can't."

"Why not?" He asked moving closer, "I told you, you can talk to me about anything."

"Not this."

"What is it?"

Closing his eyes, "I saw you."

"Saw me? Saw me doing what?"

"Granger. I saw you and Granger all right, in the hall before class."


"Oh, is that all?" He shouted, "I saw you kissing Granger, and that's all you can fucking say?"

"What am I supposed to say? Yes, I kissed Granger, I was under the bloody Mistletoe, what else was I supposed to do?"

"I don't know, how about not!"

"That wasn't an option..."

"Well you didn't have to kiss her like that," he said, fiddling with the torn thread on the end of his scarf. "It was more than was needed."

"Bloody hell Draco, if I didn't know better I'd say you were jealous."

He scoffed, "I do not want to kiss Granger."

"I didn't say anything about Granger."

Draco stopped playing with the thread instantly. Blaise's eyes had taken on a dangerous glint, one that he had seen many times. Always directed at a girl, and said girl would always find themselves stuck. He had never seen it directed at him before, and now he knew why they all fall to pieces under it.

"What are you playing at Blaise?" He stuttered out.

"I'm not sure," he said, "Let's find out."


Before he could get any words out, he was kissing him. Gently pressing his lips to his. His tongue sweeping his upper lip, and Draco's lips fell open, and then Blaise was all over him. His tongue sweeping across his, Draco's hand of their own volition had grabbed onto his upper arms. Blaise had pressed him against the wall, his hands creeping through his hair. There wasn't a bit of room between them. Draco felt himself trying to get closer, as he met Blaise every step of the way.

Kissing Blaise, he was kissing Blaise. It was Blaise who had pushed him against the wall, making it impossible to move, if he would have wanted to. There was no room for escape. All he could feel, could see, was Blaise. His body was moving on it's own, his hands moving over him, pulling him closer. His hips started rocking against his, it felt good, too good. He could feel him, his length, rubbing against his. That was Blaise.

That startling reality made him pull his lips away, he met his eyes, and realised he was as shocked as he was, panting heavily, they didn't move away, their pelvis still rocking against each other.

Blaise stepped back, and swore under his breath.

"God Draco," he said quietly, "I'm sorry, I don't know what the hell happened."

He just leant against the wall, not trusting his feet to move, his mouth to talk properly. Draco just watched Blaise grab his bag, and race out of there.

"Fuck," he muttered, sliding down the wall, sitting down on the floor.

That was not supposed to happen. It was Blaise, his one friend in the whole school, and he had kissed, and if the tightness now in his trousers was any indication, he liked it, liked it a whole fucking lot.