Marriage: Teyla

I could never say that to him!
Why not? You like him, don't you?

"I have thought much as I have been resting from my wound. I remember my last conversation with Olivia Hewston, how she urged me to do something that I was not ready to do. I told her that it was not the way of my people, but that was only an excuse. In truth, I was afraid that it would ruin a friendship that has become so important to me.

Now, though, I find that I cannot let that fear drive me into silence. Olivia's death, Carson's death, has shown me that only a moment can tear us apart. As frightened as I am to speak to you, I must for it could so easily have been you or I who was killed that day, and in this dangerous universe death could take us still.

You have always shown me friendship since we met, in your own way. At first I did not quite understand your foreign ways, but since then I have come to consider you one of my greatest friends. And the friendship I feel for you has slowly grown into something more. I…I care for you, deeply. No, that is not the right word. I am in love with you. I know that you have feelings for another, that you have never given a thought to me except in friendship, but I could not let another day pass without telling you this. I pray that someday your heart may come to love me as I do you."

As her mind finished reciting the words she intends to say, Teyla takes a deep breath. She knocks politely on his door which quickly opens to reveal the friend she loves. "Teyla, hi! What's up?"

"May I come in?"

With questioning eyes he lets her into his room, the door shutting behind them. "Are you alright?"

Teyla silently prayed to the Ancestors for strength before speaking. "I am sorry for this disruption, Rodney, but I need to speak with you."

Alright, I admit, I'm a McKeyla fan. If you don't like that ship, please feel free to pretend she said a different name. I hope you liked these drabbles!