Chapter 1: Prologue
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It's been a whole two months since the mew mews and the aliens were at the movies together. It was now March.

Kish was wondering what he should get Ichigo for her birthday (March 15th). He decided that he would go to her room and see what she liked. So he teleported there.

He looked around. It was mostly pink. Then a shiny thing on Ichigo's desk caught his eye. Kish being the nosy alien() that he was picked it up and opened it. Inside the locket was a picture of Ichigo and himself—it was where they first met. Kish had no idea how Ichigo had gotten that picture but the thought touched him. All of a sudden he felt that he was shrinking. And at that very moment Ichigo came into her room.

Yah!! The sequel to Stranded With Kisshu is finally out. Thanks for being patient! I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed Stranded With Kisshu.