A Sorrowful Parting but A happy future
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A two years later from the night at the prom, Ichigo was now 19 and Kish was now 21. He had stayed at Ichigo's house for 2 years now and he was now moving into his own house.
He was actually going to buy the 'mansion' a couple of blocks down Ichigo's house but the man who was selling it was scared of him so he just gave him the house and anything else he wanted. So Kish basically, didn't have to pay mortgage or buy anymore flash stuff because he got them all from the man.

Now, outside Ichigo's front door he stands with Ichigo as he tells her he's leaving.


"Awwwwwwww. Kish do you have to leave. You know you can stay here. Mom likes you and Dad trusts you now" said Ichigo.
"You know I can't leave at your house forever. But you can come over anytime you want." Said Kish
"But it won't be the same" said Ichigo as a tear slowly trickled down her face.
"Look, don't cry Konekochan. I'll call you every night" said Kish as he wiped her tear away with his index finger.
"Do you have to leave??" asked Ichigo as more tears flowed down her face.
"I'm sorry but yes and I'm just a couple of blocks away" said Kish
Ichigo just sobbed.
Kish didn't know what else to do so he just hugged her in a comforting way.
Ichigo just sobbed onto his shirt.


Sakura and Shintaro were in the kitchen observing what was happening. The two of them had changed quite drastically since Kish had stayed at their house. Shintaro, who had finally accepted the fact that Ichigo wasn't a child any longer was less over protective like he used to be and Sakura…..well……let's just say she was the same as she was always except she was now a major KishxIchigo fan.

They both stared outside wondering what happened.

"What happened??" asked Shintaro
"I don't know. Ichigo's just crying and Kisshu…well. He's got a sad look on his face" said Sakura
"Should we go and ask what's wrong??" asked Shintaro
"No. Not yet. Just wait till they come to us" said Sakura
"Ok" said Shintaro


"Look, I'm going to tell Sakura and Shintaro I'm moving ok???" asked Kish
Ichigo just nodded in reply.

"So what's wrong???" asked Shintaro
"Well….uh………Shintaro..I'm uh….moving a couple of blocks down the street" said Kish
"Really???" asked Shintaro
Kish nodded.

"Awww. Kisshu you know you can stay here" said Sakura
"I know. But I couldn't live at your place forever. I mean it's nice and all and I really like it and I appreciate your offer but you know, I just need a place of my own" said Kish
"It's such a shame your moving. We'll really miss you, Kisshu. The house won't be the same without you" said Sakura as she hugged Kish.
"Yes, Sakura's right. It won't be the same without you and thank you, Kisshu" said Shintaro
"Thank you???? Why??" asked Kish in surprise.
"Well, you made me realize that children grow up and you can't stay over protective of them forever" said Shintaro
"Oh. Your welcome then" said Kish
"So are you moving tomorrow or are you moving today" said Sakura
"Well, my stuff is packed so, yeah. I'm moving today" said Kish
"Awwwwwwwwwww. Do you need help moving??? I mean, I'm sure Ichigo would love to help" said Sakura
"Mo-om!!!!" said Ichigo
"Sorry, honey" said Sakura in a sing-song voice.
"Well, I have very little things really but you guys can come if you want to" said Kish hopefully
"I'll come" said Ichigo
"Really?" said Kish
"Yes" said Ichigo
"That's nice!! But what about Shintaro and Sakura???" asked Kish
"Oh, we'll stay behind but we'll visit you soon" said Sakura
"Ok" said Kish

Kish's stuff was in the living room in a 2 boxes as he didn't have that many belongings. He picked them all up started to head to the door but stopped just as he reached the door frame.

"Uh….Thanks for letting me stay here for the past two years, Sakura and Shintaro. I'm really miss the both of you" said Kish
"Your welcome, Kisshu and we'll miss you too" said Shintaro
"Good luck in your new house" said Sakura
"Thanks" said Kish as he headed out the road on the path to his house while Ichigo was walking beside him.


"Wow!!!!! Kish, is this really a house??? It looks like a mansion" said Ichigo
"Yeah it's a house konekochan. And does it really look like a mansion??" said Kish
"Yes" said Ichigo
"Awww. Thanks" said Kish as thy headed into his house.

"So, how many levels are there?" asked Ichigo
"I'm not sure….maybe three?" said Kish
"THREE. Wow!!!!! It must have a lot of rooms. Wait a minute. Why do you need so many rooms if you're living here by yourself??" asked Ichigo
"Who said I was living here by myself, konekochan??? Raz and Kaze are moving in, they get the first floor, the master bed room is on the second floor so I get that and the third floor, well, there's a bedroom there and a game room and a Jacuzzi.
"Wow!!!!!!! Cool! A Jacuzzi!!!!!!!!! But there's still a lot of rooms. This house was meant to be for more than three people." said Ichigo
"I know. How about 4??" said Kish
"4?? Who's the fourth person???" asked Ichigo
"You don't know??" said Kish
"No" said Ichigo
"Guess" said Kish
"Uh…Pai or Tart??" said Ichigo.
"No. They have their own places. Give up??" said Kish
"Yeah" said Ichigo
"You" said Kish
"Me???" said Ichigo
"Yeah. You're going to move in here after I ask you to marry me" said Kish
"Marry you????? I'm 19, Kish. 19" said Ichigo
"I know. I didn't say I was going to ask you to marry me now. Or do you want me to??" said Kish
"WHAT-NO-I mean Yes, no!!!!! I mean no!!! I meant yes!!!!!!!!!!" said Ichigo
"Yes???" said Kish
"No, I meant not now" said Ichigo
"Ah. I thought so" said Kish

Ichigo and Kish then packed Kish's stuff into his bedroom and then sorted out his house. After they sorted out the house, the relaxed on the third floor, 6th room, where Kish had a small movie theater thingy.

"I'm beat" said Ichigo
"Me too. That took too long" said Kish
"Mmmmm Hmmm" said Ichigo
"So….what do you wanna do now??" asked Kish
"I dunno" said Ichigo
"Sorry, but I haven't got any DVDs yet so the movie theaters useless" said Kish
"It's ok. Least it's cool and relaxing" said Ichigo
" Yup" said Kish just as the doorbell rang.
"Uh…I'll get it" said Kish.
"Wait. I'll come with you" said Ichigo as they walked to the door.

"Hey, guys!!!!!!!!!!!" said Razuberri

"Hey, why are all the others here?" asked Kish and Ichigo.
"Oh, no reason" said Razuberri
"and why are they wearing all black and nothing but their eyes are showing?" asked Kish and Ichigo.
"No reason" said Razuberri as she just nodded her head.

As soon as she nodded her head the others which were, the mew mews, Pai, Tart and Kaze moved forward and the boys grabbed Kish and chucked him into one of those anime bags which can fit about anything and the mew mews and Razuberri grabbed Ichigo and chucked her into one of those bags too.

"What the hell are you guys doing!!!!!!!!!!!!???? You can't kidnap me in my own house!!!!!" yelled Kish
"Oh yeah?? We just did" said Kaze

"What are you guys doing???!!!!" yelled/asked Ichigo
"What does it look like, we're kidnapping you" said Mint.

'Ohmigosh. The last time the mew mews dressed up in full black with their eyes only showing was when they threw me this fake wedding with Masaya. Oh, no!!!!!!!!!! Not again. Well, this time it is going to be kinda different. I mean it is with Kish this time'

The others then carried Kish and Ichigo to the Café which was already decorated like a church and chucked Kish and Ichigo into separate dressing rooms so they could change into the formal clothing.

(Inside Ichigo's changing room)

"Look, I know what you guys are doing. Why are you throwing this wedding thing again?" asked Ichigo
"Ah. So you know. This time I wasn't the time that came up with the idea. It was Raz. And if you know you can dress yourself in this wedding dress" said Mint
"Oh, alright. But you still didn't answer my question. Why are you doing this again?" said Ichigo
"Oh, cause you know. Raz told us that Kish had moved out of your house so yeah" said Lettuce.
"Oh" said Ichigo
"And here's the dress" said Zakuro as she handed Ichigo the dress.

The dress was just a wedding gown except it was pink and had a ton of laces and ribbons on it and it also included bells. It came with matching laced gloves with a single ribbon on it and on that ribbon was a bell. The other accessory was a pink choker, that had tons of ribbons on it, also with a bell.

And for Ichigo's hair it came with huge, big, enormous, whatever word describes massive to you, ribbons which were pink with two bells and a strawberry on the side.

"Oh,my………………guys, it's beautiful……… must've cost you a fortune. How did you buy this???" asked Ichigo
"Well, you know. I'm rich" said Mint
"You did this??" asked Ichigo
"No, I went to a really expensive store and bought it for you" said Mint.
"You chose it? Really??" asked Ichigo
"Yeah" said Mint
"Oh. Thanks Mint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said Ichigo happily.
"Oh, and you can keep it" said Mint
"Really????!!!! This is too cool!!!!!!!!! Thanks Mint!!!!!" said Ichigo
"No, problem, really" said Mint modestly.

Zakuro then patted Mint on the back.(A/N: I'm a ZakuroxMint fan. Not like in a lez way but I like that pairing cause you know, their sisterly relationship. It's cute. Big sister/little sister relationship

Mint just giggled and smiled.
"Maybe I should do that often" said Mint
The others laughed.

(Inside Kish's Changing Room)

"Stop fussing, Kish" said Pai.
"Well, you can't tell me to stop fussing. Where am I? It's pitch black in here" said Kish
"We can and you're at the Café" said Kaze
"Oh, but why am I here?" asked Kish
"You'll see" said Tart
"Shut up, midget" said Kish
"Grrrrrrrrrrrrr" growled Tart
"Just change into this and we'll lead you out" said Kaze
"Oh, fine" said Kish

Ok, the tuxedo thingy that Kish is going to wear is basically like your average tuxedo except the colors are different. Where the usually tuxedo has black his was emerald like his hair and where it usually had a nice red bowtie he had a big amber ribbon with a bell. And where it was white, well it was still white!
His trousers were emerald too and his shoes were emerald too.

"Ok, your done. Just wait here while we just ask about something" said Pai
"Fine" said Kish


"So everything going according to plan?" asked Razuberri
"Perfect" confirmed Kaze
"Good, we'll bring them out to the alter now" said Razuberri
"Affirmative" said Kaze
"Arggh. Could you two puh-lease stop trying to speak in spy code?" complained Tart
"Negative" replied Kaze and Razuberri.

(Inside The Café)

"Right, Ichi-chan. You stay here until we tell you to go out and here's a bouquet of flowers for you to bring up" said Razuberri as she handed Ichigo a bouquet a pink and emerald flowers.

It was tied up with huge ribbons, yet again and was wrapped carefully in plastic but you couldn't see the plastic. There were also a lot of bells dangling off it.

"Kish, you stand up here, next to the podium" said Kaze
"Whatever" said Kish
"And now you stand here and wait" said Kaze

Keiichiro then walked out and went behind the podium with a book or is it a bible?I don't know. I've never been to a wedding yet.

Kish just gave him a confused look. Keiichiro just smiled cheerfully back. Then the mew mews, Kaze, Razuberri, Ryou and Masaya(A/N: Why the hell should Masaya come to Kish and Ichigo's wedding?!took their seats in the aisles. Kish was now confused than ever.

'Is this some kind of wedding?'

And out of nowhere, wedding music started to play. Ichigo took that as her cue to walk down the aisle.

'Ah. So I was right this is a wedding'

As she walked down the aisle, Ichigo started to blush as she noticed Kish.

'He looks, so…….cute. And his tuxedo matches his hair'

Then she reached the stage, she walked up the stairs and took her place opposite Kish who was blushing a little.

Keiichiro started to read from the bible and then he started to talk. (A/N: I don't know what they say at weddings. I only know the bit that goes Do you take…..and so on

"Do you, Kisshu Daisuke promise to love and cherish Ichigo Momomiya for the rest of your life (A/N: This is a fake wedding so I make up some stuff

"Whoever said my name was Kisshu Daisuke??!!!!!!" yelled Kish
"Well, you need a surname so yeah and this is formal so we used your full name" said Keiichiro.

Kish just started to blush a bit more and then he said, 'I do'.

"First time, I've seen him blush" said Kaze
"Oi!!!! I heard that!" yelled Kish

"Ok, ok" said Keiichiro
"And do you, Ichigo Momomiya promise to love and cherish, Kisshu Daisuke for the rest of your life?" said Keiichiro

Ichigo noticed that Kish's blush started going more scarlet by the second.

"I-I do" stammered Ichigo

"I'm sorry, Kish and Ichigo but you two can't kiss yet cause you do that for the real wedding but you can throw your bouquet Ichigo" said Keiichiro.

"O-ok" stammered Ichigo as she turned around. And as she turned around she accidentally slipped on a piece of ribbon.
"Kyaaaaa!!!!!!!!" screamed Ichigo as she fell over backwards. She waited for the thud that would mean she hit the ground but it never came instead she felt a pair of arms around her waist holding her so that she wouldn't hit the ground.
"Uh-uh…..thanks Kish" said Ichigo
"Your welcome, konekochan and you might be 19 but you're still as ditzy as ever" chuckled Kish
"Ichigo just blushed.

"Oooooh!!! Kish-oniichan and Ichigo-oneechan are so in love! How kawaii!!!!!!!" shouted Pudding.
Kish's face then turned scarlet which was a very rare sight, and he knew the others had heard and were now staring at him and Ichigo.

POOF. Kish just turned into the black cat with amber eyes, fangs and wings.

"Oh no!!!!" said Ichigo
"What?" said Mint
"Kish turned into a cat" said Ichigo
"So just get someone else to turn him back cause I TOLD you, you are to save that kiss for your real wedding day!!!" said Mint
"But it won't work. I can only turn Kish back" said Ichigo
"Are you sure Ryou????" said Mint
"Yes, Ichigo is the only who can change Kish back into his normal from" said Ryou happily knowing that he was going to force them to kiss.

Ichigo went over and picked Neko-Kisshu up and held him. She didn't know what to do.

"Just go ahead" said Keiichiro.
"Just make sure that it's not too nice. Cause you are going to save that for your wedding day" said Mint
"Whatever" said Ichigo as she kissed Neko-Kisshu and he transformed back into his normal self.

However when Kish transformed back into his normal self, he didn't break apart from the kiss, he just continued to deepen it.
Ichigo however made no complaint.

"Arggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!! I told them to save it for their wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Mint
Ryou just sat their smirking.

Finally the two broke apart and then Kish said "Aren't you going to throw your flowers, konekochan??"
"Oh, yeah. I forgot" said Ichigo
Kish just chuckled at her.
Ichigo turned around again this time and she didn't slip on anything too.
"Ready, everyone??" said Ichigo
"Yeah" answered all the mew mews and Razuberri
"Ok" said Ichigo as she lifted up her arms. And she threw her flowers.

They flew past Mint, because she was kinda holding tea in one hand, past Lettuce because her fingers just slipped past them , past Pudding because well, she was short, past Zakuro because she couldn't be bothered to get them and they hit Razuberri on the head because she was facing the other way talking to Kaze.

"Ooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Razuberri
"Uh…sorry" said Ichigo
Kish just laughed.
"Don't. You. Laugh. Kish" said Razuberri slowly eyes flashing red.
Kish stopped with fear.
Razuberri's eye color then returned back to normal and then she noticed the bouquet of flowers were in her hand.
"I caught it………." Said Razuberri
"Yeah, you did" said Ichigo
"Cool" said Razuberri
"Any one particular you like.?????????????????" Said Kish slyly.
Razuberri blushed and looked at the ground but she was facing Kaze.
"Oh. We see" said Kish
"Hope to be at your wedding soon" laughed Ichigo
Razuberri blushed scarlet and a fox tail showed up and fox ears showed up.
"Ok, I guess we'll leave them" laughed Kish
"Yeah" said Ichigo as she and Kish turned back to each other.

After they turned back to each other, they didn't see Kaze lean over and kiss Razuberri until Pudding shouted:
"Oooooooooooh!!!!!!!! Kaze and Raz need to get a roooooo-oooooooom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ichigo and Kish quickly spun around and watched.
they both laughed. They they turned back to face each other.

Kish then took Ichigo by the hand and looked her in the eye.

"Ichigo" said Kish
"Yeah?" said Ichigo
"You promise that even if anybody else asks you to marry them, I asked you first" said Kish
"I know. Even if they did ask me, I would say no" said Ichigo
"Thank you" said Kish as he pulled her into a tight embrace and as he felt their lips met again.
"Sheesh!!!!!!! Get a room!!!!!!" said Pudding

Kish and Ichigo just ignored Pudding.

The others just sat there smiling contentedly at themselves.

"Wow! What a wedding!!!!" said Mint
"You said it" said Pudding.
"Wonder what there real wedding will be like?" asked Lettuce
"Who knows" said Zakuro

Pai, Tart, Kaze and Razuberri just smirked.

"Isn't this a happy ending?" said Kaze
"Yes, yes it is. Especially for those two" laughed Razuberri as she pointed at Kish and Ichigo
"Yeah" said Kaze
" Indeed it is" said Pai
"Yeah, I honestly do wonder what there real wedding will be like if their fake one's like this" giggled Tart
"Well, I can't wait till then" said Kaze
"Me either" said Razuberri
"Wonder what the future will bring?" asked Razuberri
"I don't know. Let's just hope it's a happy one" said Kaze
"Yes, it will be. It will be a Happy Future. Especially for those two even though Kish just moved" said Razuberri as she and Kaze walked hand in hand and Razuberri carrying the bouquet of flowers in her free hand, out of the Café will a final glance at Kish and Ichigo.

-The End-

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