By Hotaru and Friend

I do not own Magic Knight Rayearth…however some of the characters within this story are mine due to the fact I created them. I hope you enjoy this story…. Seeing how it's my first ever MKR story ever. Love ya, even if you don't love it! ^^


P.s. It says Friend on top cause one of my Fav teachers/ a good friend, gave me the idea and helped me create one of my characters. Chow!


Hikaru glanced about her nervously. "Who? Whose there?!" She cried out to the darkness. An enormous shadow castled over her view. "Who…Who are you?" She asked to the towering creature. 'Find one's Universe…. Ones Star….' The creature spoke to her…'Or all existence shall…' A sudden burst of black energy shot out at Hikaru and she screamed in terror and pain as a black light hit her chest. She watched 3 figures rise up from the mists that had been were the shadowy figure once stood. A word whispered throughout the young 16-year-olds mind, "Die…"


Hikaru awakened in a flash. She gasped roughly, clutching onto her chest. "Not again!" She swore to the air as she continued to grasp the blanket upon her lap. "Hey Hikaru!" Came a male voice. Hikaru turned to see her elder brother Satoru peeking in on his younger sister. "Your up already?!" The boy seemed surprised. "Yes Satoru…What is it?" Hikaru asked as she eased herself from her bed. "Well…There's that stubborn baka wench on the phone for you." Satoru glanced at Hikaru as she walked over to him. "Baka wench?" She gave him an innocent questioning look. "Umi…" He sighed as he rubbed his temple. "Oh my! I forgot! We're supposed to go to Tokyo tower today!" Hikaru realizing her error rushed to the phone. "Hi Umi-chan!" Hikaru answered sweetly. "Hikaru! WHERE ARE YOU!" came Umi's thundering voice over the phone. Satoru sweatdroped. "Girls…I'll never understand them…" He shook his head and headed down the stairs to wake up his other brothers.


Hikaru slowly made her way to the memorable place known as Tokyo Tower. She sighed, as she looked up at the tower itself. Two faces blurred her vision. "Eagle…. Lantis…." She whispered softly to herself. Ever slowly the young 16-year-old made her way to the elevator. A tear finding its way to her cheek. As she entered the area were the group had twice been taken to Cephiro her heart heaved with pain. A set of warm arms embraced her. She turned to find Fuu. "Hi Fuu…" She gave them a sad smile. "Hello Miss Hikaru…. You're looking well…" Fuu lied to one of her best friends. "Thanks Fuu." "Fuu you shouldn't lie to her its wrong!" Came a stern voice to the left. "Umi-chan." Hikaru looked to the light blue haired mermaid next to her. "Hello Hikaru-chan. I'm sorry but I can't lie to you…you look pale and tired." Umi shook her head closing her eyes. "Gomen ne. I…I try to forget…try to move on…but Umi…Fuu…I can't do it. I can't forget Eagle or Lantis or even Cephiro." Tears trailed down Hikaru's cheeks. "I know Hikaru…but we can't go back…we must move on." Fuu told the girl putting a hand on her shoulder. "I can't move on. Not without knowing if they have too!" Hikaru stated defiantly. Fuu was taken back by her friends boldness. "And it has happened again too." Both Fuu and Umi looked up at Hikaru whose eyes were filled with pain and suffering. "Dreams of Cephiro's entire world…Autozam, Chiezta, Farhen and another one…they keep plaguing my mind…I can't stop them…" Hikaru now had tears racing down her cheeks. "Something is happening there…and I..I must know what!" Hikaru gripped her hand tightly. "You too?" Umi whispered. Hikaru glanced at Umi. "I see…We must go to Cephiro." Umi took Hikaru's hand. "I agree." Fuu stated. "But I wonder…Miss Umi…Miss Hikaru…How shall we go about getting there?" She asked them. A sudden flash of light occurred blinding everyone in the tower. "It's the light again!" Umi screamed out as the girls were once more transported elsewhere.