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We use to be friends back then

What happen in between

I remember why can't you

You use to be so fun to be around

What changed you?

I can still hear your laughter when we played

Now all I hear is silence

What I wouldn't give to hear it again

What can I do to turn back time

And we could be friends again.

Maybe all you need is time, time to remember

Maybe all I have to do is to jog your memory

What ever I have to do, just tell me please

I miss that old friend that use to laugh and play

As I watch you I think I see

A spark of something behind your eyes

A hint of a smile, a glimmer of hope

Then as I turn to go, I hear that little boy say,

Hey, want to play with me?

As I turn around there he is, the one who was and still is my friend.