Disclaimer: Naruto and the 12 Roses story aren't mine.
Pairing: SasuTen

Colors of the Rainbow
By: pin0ts

1st Shade: Red; 12 Red Roses

A knock, pause, followed by three quick ones, and two slow ones.

Hearing this, Tenten, who is in the middle of polishing her weapons, got up immediately, recognizing a certain special someone's signature knock. She opens the door with a big smile, only to find that no one's there.

The brunette's head craned from right to left, hoping to find a trace of her lover, but there was none, nada. Then something red and vibrant, in contrast to the dark and gray setting caught her attention.

She bent to take the bouquet from her doorstep, and with no doubt who it was from, she smiles and nears the bouquet to her nose, inhaling the sweet scent of the lovely flowers.

The Uchiha had always been like this. He would give her random gifts, something she never expected from someone like him, someone who never seems to be the romantic type. And no matter how long their relationship had been going, she still have never gone accustomed to this, and it never fails to get her all giddy and excited.

12 roses. I'll love you 'til the last one withers. – Sasuke

Tenten tilts her head to the right, this sounds familiar. She then examines the flowers, brushing her finger on each, before giving off a mighty laugh once she found the fraud.

'God, he could be so unoriginal'

But it made her heart skip a beat nonetheless.


Author's Ramblings: That didn't turn out to be as good as I expected, but I swear to make the next ones better. Hehe. Anyway, I'm still in a SasuTen high, so I hereby present the start of my drabble collection.

There'll be seven more, and I'll try and update every week, because I only get to go online every week, so yeah. Until next update, then.

2nd Shade: Orange; Delectable Oranges