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Never Forgiven

As he laid there on the cold ground with nobody there to help him. He felt rejected, broken, and uncared for. He was always the one to be there for his friends when time was tough or when they were in the need for help. He felt sad that his so-called friends led him to believe that they were friends but were they? If so why weren't they here right now when he is in the need for help. Why weren't they here were he is cold and lifeless. Why? Was all he can think has think changed so much in just in a month?

Month earlier

Everything was back to normal. Well after Naruto went off and retrieved Sasuke from that pedo Orochimaru. Naruto has moved in with Sasuke for the home arrest he needed to be trusted again so they put Naruto as his caretaker. Even though Naruto finished his mission on making sure Sasuke did not run away he moved in with him after that.

After the whole incident things went back to normal their normal bickering routine their spar moments to the noodle shop where Sasuke always paid. Yes, it was great things were. He no longer had a crush on Sakura nor did she have a crush on Sasuke. Yes things were grand but it all changed when his father model announced his newfound relationship.

"Oi Iruka-sensai! Why are we here? Why do you look so ill? Are you going to die? Are you not going to treat me to ramen anymore?" Naruto said. The whole teams seven have gone to Ichikaru because they were told to do so by their teacher. It had something to do with important news and Naruto was jumping to conclusions again. Had enough with Naruto's rambles Sakura smacked him across the head "Will you shut up already and let him talk!" She squawk. Naruto tends to his head wound " You didn't have to hit me you know! Forehead girl!" He said and blew a raspberry at her.

Kakashi is the one to break the silence. " Ahem…well not that everyone has settled down we are here to tell you guys something important. Isn't that right Iruka?" At this he puts all the attention on Iruka and all the chunin turn their attention on him. Not liking the attention he glares back at Kakashi letting him know he is going to get it later. "Well you are all here because we have an announcement. Me and Kakashi have been seeing each other for a little over a year now and we wanted to let u know before the surgery." He said all flushed from the stares he knew was on him. After that said he cast his stare down so not to see their reactions especially the one he was more worried about his son. There was silence until someone broke it.

"Soooooooooo………….your telling us that you and Kakashi are seeing each other for over a year now and now you decide to tell us." Sakura the first to say her opinion " It's about time you guys announced it public." shocked by Sasuke to say such a thing and more over three words was like hell has frozen over. "Were we that obvious?" asked Kakashi scratching his head and his one eye closed smiling. Sasuke could only smirk on that question telling him it was a hell yes! "Well am glad for you guys! As long as your both happy that's all that matters!" said Sakura. Sasuke could only 'hn' to that. All the while Naruto was quiet the whole time not saying anything just thinking on what his father had just told him. Don't get him wrong he has nothing towards homosexuals in fact he is one but he will never tell the person he loves that too afraid to get rejected or worst never being able to be friends. No he will never want such a thing but not only that the person he cares for needs to revive his clan. Yes its Sasuke that he has fallen for that's the only reason he had stayed with him knowing that they can never be together. He choose to stay with him as close as he could telling himself that this way it was ok. He was happy.

What gotten Naruto to not say anything throughout the whole conversation was because he was thinking on how being together with Kakashi he needs surgery. Was there something that he caught that needs medical attention? Or worst he is dying and needs of a transplant? That's what got him so worked up on. So the only way to know is to ask. "Iruka-sensai?" Iruka winced on hearing his name from Naruto's lips he was scared to face him on what he might think little of him because of this. He looks up not knowing he has had his stare downcast the whole time. "What is it Naruto?" "Iruka-sensai why do u need surgery for all of this?" Being caught off guard he was surprise on how Naruto looked when he asked this his eyes were narrowed actually piercing to his soul. He gulped and said "You see-" but was cut off by Kakashi "Iruka here is going under surgery because he is going to have a sex change!" he smiled at that "also he is getting one because my Iruka here wants to bear my children." They all gawked at that how could he say that with a straight face I mean its like saying that Itachi was in town singing at the corner while wearing a girls dress.

Iruka could only flush more and but his face in his hands feeling all embarrassed on how Kakashi put it. "That's not all we are also getting married!" He said with a grin on his face and to show the proof he held his left hand up to show the ring. While all that was going on Iruka was praying to any gods that can hear him to let the ground swallow him up right there and now but most likely it didn't happened. "WHAT!" exclaimed Naruto "YOU TELL US BARELY THAT YOU GUYS ARE TOGETHER AND YOUR GETTING A SEX CHANGE BUT ALSO YOU GUYZ ARE ENGAGED AS WELL!" With that said everyone looked at Naruto. "Well yes that is true but I wanted to tell you if it was a sure thing you know I didn't want you to worry about me or to threaten Kakashi to not hurt me in anyway that's why I waited to see how things turn out. And by seeing that we are engaged I decided to tell you now. Am sorry that I didn't tell you sooner but I wanted to know if this was serious or not and if it was then I would tell you." With that said from Iruka he watched on how the teen would take it. Naruto just sighed and slumped in his seat "Its ok Iruka-sensai I understand. So when is your operation going to take place?" " My surgery date is two days from now and after that it will take two weeks for me to recover." Naruto felt so betrayed in not being told that his father was dating his teacher and not only that they were getting married. What really got him was that he can never look at Iruka as a father ever again he will be a mother to him now. Not liking this he felt like he needed to get things straighten out of his head. And not only that Iruka has two days till his surgery to take place. While that going through his head he needed to say something just to let his teachers know he was ok with this. So he puts his biggest smile he can muster and says " Well glad for you guys! I wish you both the best of luck!" upon hearing this Iruka is happy to know that Naruto doesn't hate him for all of this he gets up from his seat and hugs him to death. "Oh Naruto you don't know how happy I am to hear you say that!" he lets go of him and faces Kakashi "come on lets go we still have preparing to do for my surgery. Kakashi nods and both of them say their goodbyes and leave.

"Well am glad for them I bet they will be very happy" says Sakura "well I must get going now its getting kind of late see you guys tomorrow!" She says her goodbyes and leaves. Now left is Sasuke and Naruto. Sasuke eyes Naruto just to see if he is really ok with it all of this I mean its his father that has been there since he was little and suddenly he comes out saying all of this. It can hurt a guy. "Well am off to train for a bit. I will see you later ok?" hoping that Sasuke doesn't question his actions all he hears is a 'hn' with a side of relief he's glad to hear. He runs off to think but heads to the hokage monument his perfect place to think clearly on all of this.

Sasuke saw Naruto leave knowing too well that he really isn't going to train but to think things through. He understands he must have a lot of things going through his mind right now and lets him be alone. He gets up heading home since he has nothing better to do. On his walk home he can't help but wonder how Naruto is really coping with it all. He shrugs off the feeling knowing its none of his business. Once home he removes his sandals and heads upstairs to take a quick shower, brushes his teeth and puts on his pajama pants. He goes under his covers and prays to the gods that the dobe wont do anything stupid and that he is ok on his own right now at this late night of hour. With that done he lets sleep wash over him.

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