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Chapter 24: Frozen

"This is total bullshit." Naruto said when he threw himself on his sofa.

"Oh! Nii-san, your back?! So, how'd it go?" Yuffie asked hovering over Naruto on the couch.

"Don't get me started!" Naruto groaned while putting his hand on his face. Yuffie was wondering what happened this time. It has been already two months since the team has left on the mission. Yuffie knew Naruto was getting worried since he hasn't heard from them at all since they left. Not even a letter or them coming to tell them the status of the mission. Then to top all off the stupid Hokage has him doing stupid, meaningless, low paid missions and for what to get him to look as if he belongs with them when they never made him feel as if he was part of the team or even treated as a human being. Yuffie felt sympathy for her brother. She wished it was back how it was before what happened and changed their lives forever but then again if it didn't happen she wouldn't have met Leon, Sora, and Riku. She is always torn between mixed feelings.

"I'm sorry Nii-san." Yuffie said in a low sad voice. This got Naruto to sit up fast and look at Yuffie with surprised, confused eyes.

"It's not your fault, okay? Don't say something like that when you haven't done anything. Oh please don't cry Yuffie I don't know how to say when you start." Naruto said all that frantically while waving his arms around to make Yuffie cheer up and to stop crying.

"Nii-san! I'm not crying! It just makes me sad that I can't help you or tell you anything to help you out. I just feel so worthless. I mean I can't even go out on missions like the rest of the team." Yuffie said defeated. She did want to help out more but how? She knew that her skills were good but not to the extent like the others. She just started her training two years ago and still she has lots to learn she has to be the best. A lot of pressure is on her because of the reputation they have she has to be strong, she has to be fast, and she has to be somebody her Nii-san can be proud of. Her biggest fear is to let him down and that's why she trains from day in to day out. Whenever Naruto teaches her anything new she does it over and over again till she has perfected it. She trains at night at the training grounds that Naruto specifically made for her, she waits when Naruto goes to sleep so she can master the training grounds and by the morning Naruto can add more things to it so she can grow even more as a powerful ninja.

"Who ever said you were worthless? Tell me so I can kill them." Naruto said now having his hands on her shoulders and trying to make her look at him.

"Wha-? I never said someone called me worthless I said I feel worthless! Which are two totally different things. Duh." Yuffie told Naruto while shaking her head at him.

"Well, uh, that is very different isn't it? So what makes you say that?" He really wanted to know what brought this all up.

"Nothing, just I sometimes think you know, you don't think I'm ready to go out there and be any help for you because you don't really let me. Yeah we fought a couple of ninjas on the road and I even fought those ninjas when you had that mission to protect what's-his-face. You never let me join on you the dangerous ones though. Like right now! I could've gone with them help them out or have their back. I don't know. I just want to help you." Yuffie said out of breath. She didn't know she was talking fast and just blurting it all out. Naruto's demeanor soften and gave her a genuine smile.

"You know, you reminded me when I was twelve. Ready for the world I could take it on all by myself. Learn a couple of things that ninjas know and I was the master of the world and ready to make all those evil bastards my bitches. I don't let you because I don't see you weak Yuffie. I don't let you go because I am scared to lose you. You're the last person I have that's family. Yeah I have the guys and their family too but you have a special place in my heart because I know I can always count on you on anything. You will always be by my side, I never have to look far." Naruto said with a smile. Yuffie hasn't heard Naruto so truthfully in a very long time. What he said made her blush. She didn't know Naruto thought of her that way. It made the weight on her shoulders lift a little bit of being the best.

"So what happened today that made you be in an ugly mood?" Yuffie tried to change the subject so Naruto can take the attention off her.

"Awwh! Didn't I say to not get me started?! Fine! If you must know the old hag has had me doing stupid missions with all of the rookie nine. I mean come on! A person can handle so much even Kami will lose patience! So for the last two months it has been stupid missions that last for at least two days when I can do it in five hours but noooo… they rather do it the long way and the stupid way. I mean do you have to dress up in a disguise to follow your target when the target doesn't even know who you are! All you have to do is take off your headband and that's it. So stupid. Then I'm on different teams to do these missions and all of them want to fight me to see how truly strong I am. Then I say yes and when they go for the first hit they always fall for the substitution technique. Then I tell them 'You want to fight? When you don't even know you asked a log to fight. Don't waste my time.' Then I walk away and disappear into the woods all mysterious like because I'm that awesome. Oh and then the girls are all trying to get at me. Like 'Oh Naruto if I knew you would turn out this way all cool and such I would have gone out with you.' Or 'Oh Naruto you're so much cooler than Sasuke.' Especially that pink bubblegum bitch… Supposedly she wants to get to know me and has apologize the way she treated me when I was younger. I think she just apologizes because she is scared of me. Then Sasuke tries to talk to me as if he was ever a chatter box. Then he tries to follow me whenever I try to be alone. I don't know what's his deal is. I'm just tired of this whole scene." Naruto said. They were now sitting at the table having a cup of tea. Yuffie was giving Naruto a weird look. Naruto turned to feeling of a gaze and found her looking at him giving him an extremely weird look.

"What?!" Naruto said exasperated.

"I can't believe that you said saying 'you disappear into the woods all mysterious like because you're awesome.' I mean that's the lamest thing you can say. Conceited. Buwahahahah." Yuffie couldn't hold it in for much longer. She wanted to laugh when he said it when he was telling his story.

"What?! But I am cool…" Naruto said with a pout.

"Okay, okay. You're cool, you're cool." Yuffie said rolling her eyes.

"Oh yeah? Why do you say it like you don't believe it?" Naruto threatened.

"Eh. Your problem not mine." Yuffie said then taking a sip from her cup.

"Fine! Then you're coming with me tomorrow so you can see my awesomeness first hand. Oh and see how they treat me and try to talk to me and blah, blah, blah." Naruto finished off.

"Really?! I get to go with you?!" Yuffie was thrilled to be going. She couldn't believe her ears.

"Yeah, yeah. Just don't get your hopes up. The missions usually involve escorting people that hired us, or to deliver a scroll of such great importance from the Hokage, or to retrieve a scroll for the Hokage. Such a pain and waste of my talent." Naruto was trying to let Yuffie know that there wasn't going to be any action as she would like.

"I don't care! I get to go with Nii-san on a mission and I get to spend time with him too! I'll go pack for tomorrow! Oh I can't wait!" Yuffie said running off to go pack. Naruto shook his head and envied her. He missed feeling excited for missions like her when he was younger but all of that changed when that incident happened and no one came. That's when he realized how things truly are and how everyone saw and treated him. When he was younger he always looked the other way on how they treated him but that night it came to a slap on his face. He couldn't brush it under the rug anymore and it was sad how it happened for him for that blindfold to come undone and see how it was. Reality hurt.

It was getting dark and Naruto knew he had to make dinner. He didn't know what to make or had any craving for anything. He will just have to go with Yuffie's favorite. Spicy curry and rice. That kid loves spicy food. While he was cooking Yuffie's nose lead her to the kitchen. Naruto rolled his at her. He sometimes swore that nose can smell curry a mile away. She was setting the table and asked Naruto what he would like to drink. She ignored Naruto's request claiming it was too boring. So she set off to make lemonade. Saying something about it isn't right to have plain iced tea and the only way to enjoy curry is to have a suitable drink with it which was lemonade. Naruto just shrugged at her antics and let her be. Besides if Yuffie was busy and not bored who is he to complain.

"Alright! Lemonade is done! Hope you like it!" Yuffie went to get a couple of glass cups with ice in it.

"Curry is done. Just in time for your lemonade." Naruto came around the counter to set the plates on the table. Yuffie was so excited for food. She swore curry was the food of the gods. They did their prayer and started to dig in. Yuffie was waiting anxiously for Naruto to drink some of her lemonade.

"Mm…Yuffie it's really good. You out did yourself." Naruto said with a smile. Upon hearing this Yuffie was beaming. She gave Naruto a big smile and was excited to share her new secret.

"I put honey in it! It brings out more of the lemon taste! I put sugar but also honey too. Isn't it the best lemonade you have ever taste in your life?!" Yuffie was now close to Naruto's face and so was half her upper body on the table. She was waiting for Naruto's answer. Naruto didn't know what to do with a Yuffie inches away from his face. So doing what a good ninja would do and with his quick thinking he knew exactly what to do.

"Oh boy! It sure is! I can't believe no one has ever thought of that in the first place. I mean oh my god! I'm addicted to this now." Naruto said with his hands up in the air to emphasize the whole thing.

"I know! I love my lemonade! I know! I will take some with us for tomorrow's mission! Wouldn't that be great?!" Yuffie was happy and proud of her lemonade. Naruto nodded at Yuffie's question to bring lemonade tomorrow with them. Dinner was spent talking about how they missed the team and what Yuffie thought might happened on tomorrow's mission. Naruto kept telling her not to keep her hopes up. Then the rest was spent with Naruto complaining of how tired he was getting of all these missions and how they are trying to be friends and such with him. Yuffie felt sorry for Naruto, he looked miserable. Yuffie knew she had to do something or else Naruto is going to be in a slump. Not only that but that date is coming pretty soon. She needed back-up and she knew who to call too.

"I smell rain." Naruto's voice broke Yuffie's deep thoughts. Yuffie looked up at Naruto, never realizing she had put her head down and staring at her food.

"How? It's been a nice beautiful day so it shouldn't be raining tonight." Yuffie was trying to convince Naruto that it was impossible for it to rain tonight.

"My nose is never wrong and you know that. I smell it and it's on its way. I think in maybe two hours. It should clear up by tomorrow morning so we can still go on the mission so no worries." Naruto said the last part because he knew that's what Yuffie was worried about. Besides he didn't want to tell her rain, snow or shine a mission will never be canceled due to the weather. He will tell her later on how missions work.

"Well it's getting late and we should start cleaning up and I need to take a shower. I stink so bad I think Leon can smell me." Naruto laughed at the last part he said. Yuffie laughed too. Seeing how Naruto was tired she told him that she will take care of it. After all the rules are he cooks everyone else cleans and he also cooked for just them two so it wasn't as if it was a total chaos. After persuading Naruto that she can handle it and that she was a big girl and can tie her own ninja shoes that she can do it. Finally Naruto agreed and Yuffie helped him by pushing him out the kitchen and up to the end of the stairs. Yuffie went back into the kitchen to clean up and put the leftovers in a bento box and lemonade in a canteen to take tomorrow for their mission. She was nodded at her work and turned off the lights and went off to write a letter for her back up.

Naruto was having a soothing bath something he couldn't really do when Leon was around because that perv would try to get in there and join him. Leon was always offering to scrub his back whenever he knew Naruto was taking a shower. Now with him gone he can actually take a relaxing bath in his big bath tub. He groaned resting his head on a towel on the side of the tub. His mind was racing with things, his team, about tomorrow, Yuffie coming along and how they will treat her, Then if he might have to kill them for how they mistreat her. All of these things were racing through his head but then they became silent. Naruto just didn't want to think about it, didn't want to think about it at all but there it was in the back of his head counting down the days till the date.

"Five days, five days till day is here." Naruto sighed. He didn't want the day to come it will be just another reminder, a hurtful memory to remember. Letting out another sigh he gets up to take a shower and get ready for bed. Walking out his bathroom he used the towel to dry out his hair as much as he could. Naruto didn't need to style his hair whenever he takes a shower his hair would go back to being spiky all around and stick out wherever it felt like sticking out. He didn't care, for him it made him feel that much cooler. He throws his towel on a nearby chair to hang dry there. He walks over to his dresser to get himself some boxers and lets the towel wrapped around his waist fall to the ground. He thought how good it felt not to be looking over his shoulder constantly whenever he changed or dressing himself because now that Leon wasn't around he can take his time to change and not be rushing to make sure that perv doesn't come in for a peepshow. Now having his boxers on him, he goes over to the dresser next to his closet to the left side of the room. He opens it to see lots of black pairs of pajama pants to greet him. He grabs a pair and slips it on. He stretches right after he dresses himself and lets out a groan. He crawls into bed and throws the extra pillows on the floor and goes under the covers. He has packed for the mission tomorrow he figures he will be up early enough to pack for that meaningless task they call a mission. Naruto tries to go to sleep but he can't. He is wide awake because his brain won't shut up. He lets out a groan into his pillow and tells himself that it's going to be one of those long nights.

Yuffie was finishing up her letter to send out for back up. She knew that Naruto will get mad but she rather him to be mad at her than to be an ugly mood. She was done writing the last sentence and rolled it up and put it in a scroll container. She then summoned a little fox that she is able to, thanks to Naruto's abilities to summon little foxes due to merging to Kyuubi. They are kind of like Kyuubi's mini minions. So all of the team has a little fox that they can summon when need to be to get help or in Yuffie's case send this letter of urgency.

"Okay little guy. I need you to send this ASAP! It is very crucial to get this to him okay? Oh, and don't tell Naruto I am using you. We all know you like to make Naruto proud but this is very important for him and if you love him you will not tell him and just deliver the scroll and you will be helping him a lot. Do you understand?" Yuffie asked. The little foxed was staring at her with amusement in its eyes. He felt helpful and was eager to help his beloved master in any way he can. He nodded eagerly and took the scroll from Yuffie's hand. Then with a nod he disappeared with the scroll. Yuffie stretched and let out a loud moan. She sighed and sat in chair for a while.

"I better take a shower. Who knows whens the next time I will take a shower."Yuffie jumped up from her chair to go to her dresser for underwear and bra. Then just like Naruto she had another dresser for her pajamas. She pulled out a white long sleeve shirt and black pajama shorts. She always felt restraint whenever she would wear pajama pants because u can't move more freely. She hated when she would turn that her pants would twist around the leg. She grabbed her things she needed and ran off to the bathroom in her room. Naruto made sure she got a room with a bathroom since she was the only girl in the group he didn't want her sharing a bathroom with three other guys just didn't seem right. She took a quick shower because she knew writing that letter held her up a little too much and she knew she had to go to sleep right after her shower. Naruto told her that they will be getting up at four-thirty in the morning. She washed hair, scrubbed body, and washed off. She dried herself with her towel put lotion on and put on her pajamas. Now dressed she dried her hair as much as she could with her towel. She throws the towel to a corner and jumps into bed. Jumps up one more time to get the covers from under her to pull them over her. She turns off her lamp on her nightstand and goes to sleep. Right when she was drifting into sleep she was woken up in a scare. The loud sound of thunder made her jump and scared the sleep out of her. She was scared of thunderstorms and being in a big room all by herself with lighting flashing every twenty second with very loud thunder making the house rumble. Hiding under the covers for five minutes she finally got up and made a run to the door.

Naruto was still lying in bed looking up at his ceiling. He loved listening to the rain hit his windows and he loved how the thunder would make the house shake as if it was rocking him to sleep. If only he could fall asleep. He was starting to get irritated by his mind not shutting up but then he was glad he was still awake or else he wouldn't be able to hear the night's rain. He closed his eyes and let out a sigh. Having his eyes closed he heard very loud running steps heading his way. Before he got the chance to react to those rushing footsteps he came face to face with Yuffie already on his bed and under his covers.

Naruto blinked, "I wondered how long it would take you to run over here. To think you're a great skilled ninja and yet you're scared of thunder storms." Naruto had to laugh at Yuffie. Yuffie blushed and punched Naruto on his shoulder.

"Don't laugh! You know why I'm scared of them." Yuffie huffed and turned her back towards him.

"It's okay. I understand." Naruto petted her head for comfort. Yuffie just huffed again making Naruto laugh and turned around to try to go to sleep.

"Where is he? He's usually the one already here and ready to leave." Sakura asked looking at Kakashi and Sasuke. Kakashi just shrugged his shoulders telling her I don't know. Sasuke stood quiet because he didn't know what to say. He was still thinking what happened to the Naruto they all knew and loved. Everything they been trying wasn't working and he was starting to get desperate. How is he going to get back the person he loves? It took him the first year after Naruto disappeared to understand those feelings he was having. That's why he was rushing to find a girlfriend six years ago. He was confused at that time about his feelings he was having towards the blonde and didn't want to accept them. Then when on that faithful day when the blonde disappeared, Sasuke took the blonde's death the worst. It took him a whole year to finally accept his feelings for Naruto. On the day he saw Naruto again, seeing him stand there in front of him, alive. Naruto was breathtaking to him. There was no more of that obnoxious little boy, or immature annoying thing, he was now this beautiful creature that just glowed of sexiness. Seeing Naruto standing in front of him made all of those past feeling resurface and wanted to tell him how he felt but when he was alone. He tried so many times when he had returned and then when they were on missions he would follow him into the forest but Naruto just was so fast and graceful that he couldn't keep up with him. He still has feelings for him despite how he has changed. Sasuke knew that somewhere did in there is still the Naruto they know and love.

"So you two should go check if he is okay. I'll wait here." Kakashi told Sasuke and Sakura. Kakashi's voice interrupted Sasuke's thoughts and making him snap back into reality.

"Okay, we'll go check." Sakura responded. She looked at Sasuke to see if he was ready to go. Sasuke nodded and they both walked to the direction where Naruto now lived; making Sasuke laugh in his head bitterly. How he missed the old days when they were sent to get Naruto for sleeping in late but now he lived in a big mansion much like his and now he had his own team. Sasuke hated Leon with a passion he felt Leon wasn't worthy of Naruto. Naruto needed someone like him just he needed Naruto.

"We're here." Sakura's voice snapped Sasuke out of his thoughts.

"Hn." Was the only thing Sasuke can muster out. Sakura rolled her eyes n proceeded to knock on the door. They waited to hear anything, they waited for a minute and nothing. Sakura knocked again and this time a little louder and waited. This time they waited for three minutes and still nothing. Sakura was starting to lose her patience and was about to break the door down when Sasuke stepped in front of her and check the door to see if it was locked. Sasuke turned the doorknob and the door magically opened. Sakura had a clueless look on her face and followed Sasuke inside. They stepped inside and looked around. It was so clean and bright and smelled of sunflowers. Being in this house just made you feel warm inside, a feeling of welcome. They looked around and saw the living room, then there was a swinging door that appeared to lead to the kitchen, there was the dining room, there was a closet to the right of them, they saw a stair case to the left. They figured they will try upstairs and not bother going down the hall that was next to the closet, they figured it was rooms and to the bathroom. They went upstairs quietly making to hear for things for anything. When they got up the stair case there was a long hallway that had lots of doors that could be bedrooms and maybe a couple of bathrooms and whatever else it would be. They walked down the hallway trying to feel for Naruto's chakra but they couldn't feel anything. They tried a little harder then they felt the tiniest of sign of chakra. They followed it till they stood in front of this beautifully white double doors that had gold trimming around it. Sasuke signaled Sakura to back him up just in case something was to happen to him when he went in first. Sakura nodded in understanding and took out a kunai just in case. Sasuke opened the door slowly and poked his head and looked around. He saw it was a master bedroom with the bathroom to the left and there was a dresser next to it and across from it were another set of dressers and a closet on the right. He saw the king size bed in the middle against the wall in front of him and saw some movement. He gave Sakura a look telling her he saw something and was going in. He slowly crept in being stealthy and scanning the room with his eyes just in case if someone was to pop out and attack them. As they got closer to the end of the bed the slower they went. When they finally stood at the end Sasuke looked at Sakura and pointed to the end of the blanket telling her he was going to pull it and for her to be on stand-by if this wasn't Naruto. Sakura nodding and got into a stance ready to fight. Sasuke got a hold of the end of the blanket and counted with his fingers holding three fingers and started to count down. When he got to one and zero Sasuke pulled off the blanket and tossed it up in the air. They both froze in place and couldn't believe what they were seeing.

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