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BJ wasn't even aware he was doing surgery anymore. He was asleep on his feet with his eyes open, trying to block out the boys faces, trying to just "sew 'em up and move 'em out" He was getting pretty good at thinking that way.

"One kid left!" Klinger called into the operating room. His voice betrayed that he, too, was utterly exhausted.

Sighing, BJ took off his gloves, "Over here, Klinger."

The boy that was put in front of him had dark hair and olive-colored skin. A long gash down his leg was the only thing wrong with him. BJ examined it, wondering how deep it went. One muscle was damaged, but other then that, all that was needed was stitches.

Less then a half-hour later, BJ collapsed on the bench outside the operating room. He leaned his head against the wall, flexing his fingers and toes, trying to get some feeling back into them.

He didn't know how long he had been asleep, but some time later Hawkeye was rubbing his shoulders, leading him back to the Swamp. BJ collapsed on his bed, trying not to feel anything. He liked his body numb.

The last thing he remembered before sleep took him over was Hawkeye throwing a blanket over him before falling into his own bed.

"Twenty-one hours," Hawkeye sighed, glancing over at BJ, who was still yawning. "Twenty-one hours of surgery and not one kid died."

"Yet," BJ reminded him, and Hawkeye nodded. Post-Op saw almost as many deaths as the OR.

They brought their trays back to a table. Twenty hours in surgery made even the nuclear-made food they got seem almost edible. They were soon joined by Margaret and the Colonel, both looking as tired as the other surgeons.

They ate in silence, none of them wanting to face the day. It would only bring death, as there were two soldiers who were hovering on the precipice.

BJ stood up first. He had drawn for first round. He started towards Post-Op, dropping his tray on the way.

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