Note: This poem is the result of an impromptu drabble challenge from my weekly Writers' Group. Smut-minded individuals that we are, I asked the group at large (who has been following my story THE SWORD OF THE SOUL with great interest), "If you had to pick one word to describe Kambei and Nasami's first time, what would it be?" My friend DeAnna tossed out the word 'waterfall.'

Out of that came this poem.


the water pounds down around him
harsh and smooth and intense
it pervades every pore, every inch
nothing is left untouched
it streams down around him
a sleek icy caress, rough and hard
until he feels like he is one with the water

then he feels heat
a touch as intimate as the water
hands are everywhere
molding over his body
devouring every plane, every line, every curve
it is a different wet
a different heat
a different pounding
her hair swirls around her like foam
the water sparkles off their skin
as they swallow each other

the water crashes down around them
as they flow and merge with each other
as inevitable as the gravity
that pulls the water down
that drives him into her
and the water pulses and pounds like blood