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Owning Zelda would result in the exsitance never happening.


It was raining again, as it always has since the fall of this delinquent, curse, for lack of words. Rain that seems to act as tears for those who could not weep. I feel like I'm the only one alive now, with the exception of those who live in this, realm. Light living in shadow when its not suppose to. The Triforce sometimes feels like a curse, I feel that is what is protecting me, keeping my form. I can only watch as my people weep, through the falling drops of rain from the black sky. I know the shadow realm isn't like this, I've read legends since its fall, this is not the Twilight of legend; it's a curse that's been twisted.

The door behind me opens, and the grunting of the guard present as I hear a tray land on my table at the foot of my bed. I do not turn to him, there is no need to for he leaves as quick as he came. They never leave the door fully closed, a beast could open it without trouble.

That reminds me of that visitor. She had startled me as I was reading, the book was about the legend of the hero of time, back a century ago. I had fallen out of my chair and landed on the floor, which, like a child, she laughed at the sight. For once I was glad I don on the cloak that hid my face, for I was not happy at her sudden entrance. I stand back up and head over to the window, and like today the rain fell. She knows what I have done to my own land, she makes fun of me. I'm the princess, yet she calls me 'Twilight Princess' as a joke. She was saying it wasn't normal for someone of the light to keep his or her form in this Twilight, and that she was looking for someone. I believe she said a divine beast, but I hardly paid her any attention. Midna, as she called herself, was slightly rude.

Shaking the thoughts from my head, I walk over to the table. The guard had been nice enough to move aside my book without losing my page. I pity them, I guess, they seemed to be forced into what they are doing. I eat quickly, the food is edible but not food I would wish to enjoy. At least the Twilight King has some sense, keeping me alive and fed. I wonder why he keeps me.

After eating, I head back to the window. I don't feel like reading, my mind far to scattered to really focus. I stare pass the raindrops, and stare into the land that had been eaten by this twilight. It seems to have expanded again. Do the gods not care? Trying to shake that thought, I keep a diminishing hope for the chosen hero.

My mind seemed to have blanked out as I stare into the mess I have made. Could one blame me, though? I did this so that the people could live, but could they live as spirits without knowledge. I must've lost track of time, for the door opened up again. I continued to stare out the window. I hear movement behind me, as if I had a different visitor then the guard. After a few minutes, I hear growling of an animal, then a childish laughter. Startled and frighten, I turn to see who was there.

"…Midna?" I asked. I was still frightened, but I did my best to keep it out of my voice, Midna was indeed there, riding upon a wolf.

She laughed again. "You remembered my name? What an honor for me."

"So, this is the one whom you were searching." I said softly, kneeing down to stare into his eyes. A blue eyed wolf, how… strange.

"He's not exactly what I had in mind, but… I guess he'll do." She said.

My eyes turned to his left forepaw, and a shackle that was still attached to him. "…You were imprisoned?" I asked, though I knew he wouldn't give an answer, but I could see it in his eyes. "I am sorry." I said, looking away.

"Poor thing, he has no idea where this is, or what's happened…" Midna said, and I looked back up at her, "…So, don't you think you should explain to him what you've managed to do? You owe him that much, Twilight Princess." She said, then laughed again.

I look away again. She was once again making fun of me. I knew she was still right, this wolf deserved to know.

"Listen carefully…" I said, something inside me told me he wasn't just a wolf, "This was once the land where the power of the gods was said to slumber. This was once the Kingdom of Hyrule, but that blessed kingdom has been transformed by the king that rules the Twilight. It has been turned into a world of shadows, ruled by creatures who shun the light." I stand up, and stare back out the window. "The kingdom's army tried to fight them, but they were unable to do anything. With those creatures having a hold of the throne room, their King walked forward, saying 'it is time for you to choose, surrender or die.' After a moment, he then said, 'oh yes, a question for all the land and people of Hyrule, Life? Or Death?'" I shivered as I remembered the next part. "I… the princess ended up surrendering." I look away from the window, but I didn't look at them either. "Twilight covered Hyrule like a shroud, and without light, the people became as spirits. Within the twilight, they live on, unaware they have passed into spirit forms. All the people know now is fear, fear of a nameless evil." I sighed softly, and continued to stare at the ground. "The kingdom succumbed into twilight, but I remain it princess." I knew that had gotten the wolf's attention, and I lifted up my hands to remove the hood. Once it was down, I lowered my hands and simply said: "I am Zelda."

"You don't have to look so sad! We actually find it quite livable. I mean, is perpetual twilight really all that bad?" Midna asked. Of course she would say that, she is a member of the shadows with her own agenda.

"Midna… this is no time for levity." I say. I wanted some answers, but she floated up with her back to me. "The Shadow beasts have been searching far and wide for you. Why is this?"

"Why indeed? You tell me?" she said, laughing. It sounded like a mock, but I pay it no heed. I then became aware of the actual time.

"Time has grown short. The guard will soon make his rounds." I say as Midna landed back on the wolf's back. "You must leave here, quickly."

The wolf quickly left with Midna, and I wonder if they made it out all right, for no more then a minute after they left, did the guard enter. Of course, when he entered I had been looking at a painting on my wall, one of my father and mother. I wonder if I did the right thing, trusting the wolf.

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