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What caused my soul to move within her after being so long in a dormant state? Perhaps it was the summoning of the Fuse Shadow's power, which caused a change in body shape upon Midna, which forced me to struggle holding my soul in place. I did not want to fuse into Midna's body, I did not want to become part of her, which is want was happening as I struggled.

Although I did nothing to connect myself to Midna, I was aware of her thoughts, and our surroundings. Midna has been through a lot, yet still she trudges on.

It was then, as quickly has it had happen, the power vanished. At least now she knew what to expect when summoning it. When she came to again, I peered out her eyes and saw that we were at the castle. I can't get uptight; Link has to break into the castle in order to gain access.

Being the shadow felt different, but I hardly pay attention as I coil around Midna's thought again. Those who made the Fuse Shadow were also Hylians, which, from the memories I looked at when she looked at her own reflection before her change, gave her the Hylian look.

Then I wonder; can they truly revive me? I had given my soul to Midna to heal her, and the last thing I remember was my body vanishing, it was also the last I saw before my soul took rest within Midna. As they travel around the courtyard, I couldn't help but shiver at an evil presence. It must've had an affect on Midna, too, for I can feel this vessel, her body, shiver as well. Looking through Midna's eyes, I can see the rain once again. I wonder who was crying this time, if that's what it means.

When they finally found a key to open the front door, they enter into a place I could walk through blindfolded. I come away from Midna's eyes and curled up, follow their movement through Link's shadow, where Midna hides. I didn't follow the jumpiness, I followed the solid route, which was still hard as Link climbed into the air and move in the chandeliers. I suppose if moving in the chandeliers helps move quicker to the throne, then so be it.

I nearly fall back into the darkness before the evil I sensed before grew stronger. It kept me awake, which was a real bother because I wanted to sleep. Glance out Midna's eyes, I could see Link was facing an enemy I knew, somehow, as the Darknut, powerful warriors of the shadows of evil. We were also right outside the treasury, which told me we were under the throne. It wouldn't be long now, before all answers were found.

Midna came from Link's shadow and floated next to him. Both were looking around the Throne Room. I could sense the fear inside Midna, she could tell something was off. Soon both stopped in front of the marble head of the statue of the goddesses and the Triforce, lying there in the middle of the floor, far from where it came. When Midna looked up, a small gasped escaped her, and I could only stare in disbelief.

Never will I forget how small the throne made me feel, trapped inside Midna looking upward. It was hard to make out, but floating lifelessly inside the Triforce, which still stood in its place on the statue, was my body. I couldn't believe Midna's eyes, but it was the truth. As much as I wanted to house it again, Midna and Link became aware of another presence.

I only got a one-sided conversation, but all I needed was the words I felt Midna say.

"So you're… Ganondorf." She had said, then silence followed before she again spoke. "I've been dying to meet you."

Ganondorf, the same man the Sages had failed to execute, the same man who, at an age of 35, lived 100 years ago and fought the Hero of Time and was sealed away, the same man that was standing before us right now. I could not believe what I was seeing through Midna's eyes. I could tell he was saying something, but he was too far away and it was too dark to make out what he was saying.

"Ha, such conceit." Midna said after a while, "But if you are one of the chosen wielders of power, as you claim; I will risked everything to deny you!"

Midna has spoken bravely; she is much different then when I first met her. Ganondorf speaks again, I can tell he is dissipating into particles. My spiritual mind races, and Midna takes note of what Ganondorf is trying to do. Fear fills me as she darts upward, to my body. Ganondorf soon follows, as particles, and floats in front of us. Midna attempts to protect my body, but I can feel him dart past us in every way. When she realizes this, she turns and faces my body, with every motion to scratch or slap my body, I don't know which for she doesn't go through with it. She places her hand on my cheek, in a sense, but I notice a change she has not seen. My body has gone ghostly pale, and black lines, almost like the veins of my body, have appeared. The next thing I know, my blue eyes have been replaced with yellow, evil eyes and Midna goes flying. With her unconscious, I'm unaware of what is happening with Link. I pray he doesn't hurt my body. If my body was injured, there was a chance I could not return to it. The mere thought shivered my soul.

It felt like forever before Midna came to again. Not far away I could see my possessed body, struggling to stay on its feet. Midna seems to wrap her spirit around me as she summons the Fuse Shadow. Somehow I can see still out of her body, despite it's physical change in appearance. Midna uses this power and thrusts it forward onto my body, pushing it back to the throne, where she pushes Ganondorf's spirit out of my body. I watch in fear, but when she moves her hands, do I see my body is unharmed and lifeless once again. Relief swells in me, but I have no time to leave Midna as Ganondorf changed appearance again. I find myself thinking of only one name, based off the face. Ganon.

Link and Midna, however, waste no time. I can only watch the show once again from my confinement inside Midna, even then it was all a blur to me. The thing I can remember is once again being in Link's shadow and riding atop a wolf, which was Link.

No, I spent more time thinking about recent. Being with Link and Midna these past… I don't know how long it has been. The guard has become erratic, they are frighten by a wolf wandering the streets and cannot properly take care of it, or at least move it out of town. I don't think Link would be happy to be stabbed at as a wolf.

I suppose this is my fault, but there is a reason and I will give it to me people when this is over and done with. I feel lost this way, but I'm sure I can find the path soon enough.

I'm torn from my thoughts when it is clear that Ganon has been defeated. Link and Midna were standing at the top of the steps by the throne, by my body. While they stare out at the body of Ganon, I remove myself from Midna, and back to where I belong.

However, becoming independent again was quite the change. I struggle to breathe softly, I can still feel the lingering presence of Ganondorf's possession, but I try to ignore it the best I can. Opening my eyes was another challenge, but I managed. The first thing I saw was the blue carpet flooring of the throne room, but I lift my eyes up to Link, and Midna.

"Pr…Princess…. I … I…" she stuttered.

"Say nothing Midna." I respond, however with a ting of weakness and tiredness. "Your heart and mine were as one, however briefly," I place my hand on my chest and look down as I say then next line, "Such… suffering you have endured."

I can tell she is touched, and I look back up and slowly gather my balance as I stand up. I look Link in the eyes, I can tell he's happy to see me on my feet again. He's been worried about me, I can see that much. I'm surprised at how well I kept my balance, but I have no time to dwell on the fact.

We all had our attention drawn to Ganon, who had now evaporated into a spirit. Startled, my hand went up to my chest and I backed up against the throne. Link was also backing up, but Midna didn't move. I vaguely remember Link calling out to her, to get her to stop, then the next thing I knew; I was standing upon the eastern field of Hyrule, looking back at the castle. In more of a shock, I glanced around, making sure my eyes had not played tricks, but I was clearly standing upon the field. When my eyes rest on Link, did I relax a little bit. However, Midna was missing.

A rumbling sound, like an earthquake, reaches our ears. My attention is drawn right back to the castle my knees falter underneath me, though I keep standing, at the sight of the castle vanishing into a cloud of dust. I know my eyes are wide in fear, but it changes when the dust moves, revealing a dark figure.

"No!" I gasp. Ganondorf still lived, and I had a feeling of what Midna was trying to do. When I was safely out of her body, she was more then willing to sacrifice herself to protect my land.

"Midna!" Link called from beside me, and I saw what made him cry out. Midna's helmet, a piece of the Fuse Shadow. Ganondorf crushed it in his hand, then drew his sword. Beside me, Link also draws his, and as Ganon charges, Link gets ready to act extremely stupid. I place my hand on top of his.

"Wait!" I say, causing him to look at me. His eyes held the question, 'do you have a plan', and I nod before bowing my head and saying:

"Spirits of the light! Wielders of the great power that shines far and wide upon the lands of our world. In my hour of need, grant me the light to banish evil!"

As I prayed, I could hear the hoof beats of Ganondorf's approach. I don't falter, I keep my feet planted, and just as his sword neared me, I vanished into light with Link. Instead of grass, I feel water ankle deep, yet it does not dampen my dress. I did not open my eyes as I felt the spirits race around me, I let them control me briefly, letting me know when I should act. As my arms drop, I can feel the energy of the arrows I now hold, my personal bow would be nearby soon enough. Now I open my eyes, the sight of blackness was only drawn away by the yellow-white glow of the water, it is a beautiful place, calming and relaxing, which was good for what is to come.

"Link…" I call, he walks over a little ways to my voice, stopping in front of me, "Chosen Hero…" I say when he stops, "Lend us the last of your power." I don't speak for me, but for Hyrule, and he knows it. I bow slightly before him, which is odd since women normally curtsy, but I didn't care then. Nether did he as he extended his hand. I straighten myself and clasped it with mine, and we reappear upon Hyrule, upon a horse I could only assume as his steed. I quickly give him the battle plan. "I'll try to slow Ganondorf down with my Light Arrows," I call, "Just keep him within my range."

"Gotcha." He said, his accent slightly calming my nerves. My hand mindlessly grasped his waist, but neither of us notices that much..

He spurs his steed forward at Ganondorf, who also charges forward. Link avoids and starts to trail the evil man, and as he closes the gap, I stand on my knees and take aim. It isn't easy, trying to hit a moving target while moving, yet somehow my first shot landed in the back of Ganon. He slows down considerably, and I drop back down as Link speeds up slightly. With the Master Sword in his hand, he swiped at Ganondorf, who was stunned by the power of the light arrows. As soon as the sword connected, Ganondorf had recovered and was speeding up again.

This happen three more times before Ganondorf fell of his horse. Actually, it was more like the horse fell to the ground. Link pulls his steed to a stop as we stare at the rising dust. I felt uneasy, and I knew why. Ganondorf was not to be easily taken out, and that became clear as he stood up and laughs.

"An impressive looking blade, but nothing more." He said as Link slid of the horse, I repositioned myself so that I was in the saddle. I half expected the horse to kick me off, but she remained calm. I missed the rest of Ganondorf's speech, not that I was completely interested. My attention is brought back to the pending fight when Link's horse reared up, a barrier has appeared, there was no way out, no way in.

I mindlessly clutch my bow tighter then I have been, I fear for Link, and helpless as I'm force to watch the battle. I absently glance back to where the castle is suppose to stand, still too much dust was in the air to see if it still stood. I feel a cold wind, and I turn back in time to see Link leap into the air, stabbing where the sages once did. Perhaps it is as lore and legend say, the greatest evil can only be killed with The Sword of Evil's Bane.

I slid off the horse as Ganondorf climbs to his feet, struggling to breathe with the sword through him. He refuses to be beaten; I can see it in his eyes. I stand behind Link, watching the scene play out as Ganondorf speaks… hopefully his final words.

"Do not think this ends here... The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!" I can tell he tries to summon the Triforce of Power, but it seems the Gods no longer wish to have him as a chosen figure, or its power fails to response. After a few endless seconds, Ganon suddenly gasped, and became but a statue in the middle of the field. The wind blows softly, just enough to move Ganon's cape. I bow my head, he was a blind man, for sure.

The Spirits of Light then make a appearance again, I watch them there at the top of the hill, they look back upon us, then fade. My vision is slightly blurred, I'm tired beyond my limits, and wish to rest, but I can't, there is still much to be done. Link, however, must've seen something, for he takes off, leaving the sword embedded in the still figure. I smile, figuring it was Midna, and that the Light Spirits take pity upon her and help her.

Sighing shakily, I walk over and place my hand on the sword. Link would have to return it, and I didn't want to leave it. As soon as my hand was wrapped around the hilt, Ganondorf became but dust in the wind, leaving me with a heavy blade. Placing my other hand around the hilt, I carry the sword up the hill to give back to Link, I wasn't expecting him to be facing another, beautiful woman, who could only be Midna.

Link took hold of the Master Sword, putting it away while Midna walked a little closer. With a silent question, which both me and Link nodded, then the sight before me was the mirror chamber in the desert. I wobble slightly, trying to catch my balance. Link's strong arm grasps my shoulder, helping me steady as we walk over to the mirror.

"Well...I guess this is farewell, huh?" Midna says, once we were settle. "Light and shadow can't mix, as we all know, but... Never forget that there's another world bound to this one."

"Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin... One cannot exist without the other." I say, finding it to be the truth, no matter how you look at it. "I know now the reason the goddesses left the Mirror of Twilight in this world... They left it because it was their design that we should meet. Yes... That is what I believe." I have faith in the goddesses, there is reason behind their meaning.

"Zelda... Your words are kind, and your heart is true. If all in Hyrule are like you... Then maybe you'll do all right. Thank you." Midna says, and I smile weakly. She was hoping I would be successful in ruling my lands. Her next words were directed to Link. "Well, the princess spoke truly: as long as that mirror's around, we could meet again..." she closed her eyes, and let a small tear slid loose. "Link... I... See you later..."

To this day I wonder what she wanted to tell Link. However, with the lone tear, which collided with the mirror, it began to crack. She meant to seal off Twilight from Light, making them face different horizons and live parallel to each other. I glance back, and look as Midna climb the magical stairs and face the mirror as it opened the way one last time. She vanishes into dust headed into the portal, then was gone. Once she was gone, the mirror shattered, and the Twilight Sunset faded into total Nighrfall.

I shiver at the sudden drop in temperature, but I shrug it off and stare eastward. I could finally start to rebuild the Kingdom, but as I look at Link out of the corner of my eye, I wonder what will become of him. Going back to his normal life will be nearly impossible.

Rubbing my arms, I look up at the sky. It was a full moon tonight. I swear I heard a wolf's howl, but Link was silent and no animal like a wolf would live in the desert. What began as Raindrops, ended in a bitter farewell. I'll miss Midna, but not as much as Link, who befriended her.

I close my eyes, and let the cool air blow around me.


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