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Chapter 21

No One's POV/ Gabriella's POV

"You know, I don't quite understand it." Sharpay said while sitting with the other bridesmaids at her table. "Ryan has had years of tap lessons, jazz lessons, modern dance lessons… even did ballet for a few months but he has NEVER managed to master the YMCA!" She raised her eyebrows at her brother's embarrassingly bad dance moves.

"I blame the wine" Kelsi taking a swig from her own glass.

As you do…

"I'm actually more surprised Chad managed to master it." Gabriella laughed while Chad, Zeke, Jason, and Ryan showed off their stuff on the dance floor, much to the amusement of friends and relatives.

The wedding reception was now in full swing. They had eaten their four-course meal (which thankfully had resolved itself from the previous curly fries) and were now in party-mode. Taylor was having the time of her life, squealing and laughing and everyone was none the wiser that she was less than sober.

"I tell you what, if I have to introduce myself to as Mrs Danforth's maid of honour to one more person, I will scream. I would smash my champagne glass over their head but that would be such waste of fine crystal." Gabriella sniggered while rubbing the lipstick stain off the rim.

"Not to mention a waste of good champagne" Gabriella jumped a mile when she heard his smooth voice. She turned around and saw Troy leaning over her chair smiling that smile. Her heart stopped.

Aaaaaand cue insides melting into mush…

"Hi" She said in a hushed voice. Sharpay and Kelsi were now watching wide-eyed and open-mouthed, eager to see what would happen between the two.

"Can we talk now?" Troy leaned closer, so close that he was whispering in Gabriella's ear. It gave Gabriella shivers.

"Uh… sure."

"Great, follow me." Troy waited kindly for Gabriella to wobble out of her seat and then started walking ahead. Gabriella followed, briefly turning round to glance at the bridesmaids. Who were all silently squealing in excitement and giving her thumbs up.

Gabriella kept following Troy out the hall, weaving in and out of the tables, chairs and guests. In those moments, her brain started to churn. And not in a good way.

Hold on…. I fell for him 4 years ago, and he broke my heart. And I never heard from him. Ever. Until months ago. He had a girlfriend, and you STILL got caught up in his irresistible charm and the moment he broke up with that girl, he swept you off your feet. And he broke your heart AGAIN. Do you… really want to get broke again? In fact, could I cope getting broke again?

All these thoughts ran through her head and her previous giddiness had subsequently vanished. Suddenly, nerves started somersaulting in her stomach and was beginning to feel nauseas. She almost stopped in her tracks and ran in other direction but she stopped herself. She needed to talk to him.

Troy finally took her to a scenic patio covered with flowers and closed the door leading to the reception. If the situation wasn't so serious, Gabriella would have laughed at the fact the patio reminded her of Troy and hers secret spot in East High.

After he closed the door, he turned around and smiled. Then there was a short silence, neither really knew how to start. There was a wooden bench next to a canopy of flowers so Gabriella decided to sit, just for something to do.

Troy sighed "Right, can I just say…"

"Wait!" Gabriella interrupted.

Oh God, here I go…

"I just… I've had time to think. And… I can't do this anymore Troy…" Gabriella was annoyed to feel hot tears now trickling down her cheeks. Troy just stood momentarily stunned. "I can't do this without feeling like your gonna drop me like a hot plate again. I mean, first you break up with me because I wasn't convenient. Then we get back together and you decide you're gonna make me move to LA without even talking to me. It's just… it's too hard Troy. I can't do it. If you break my heart again, I don't know if I'll ever recover" Gabriella took a moment to wipe her tears and to regain herself. Troy frowned and looked at the floor.


"I'm not finished!" Gabriella snapped loudly making Troy jump. "Do you know what makes it worse Troy? I realised that… I never got over you. Not truly. I still love you Troy. And it hurts me just looking at you because I know that you will always put your career before me. It's always been your first love. Always will be. As they say, love is blind. And I never truly understood that saying till now."

There was a pause where neither said anything, both too stunned to speak. Gabriella stared at her hands lying on her lap as more tears dripped from her eyes. She heard footsteps. Troy was coming closer.

"If love is blind, how come I see? And to be honest, I'd rather have a love as deep as the earth's core, and have both eyes so I can see you everyday."

"But if I had to choose between love with anyone, or seeing you everyday, I'd choose my sight. Because… love may be overrated, I can live without love. But you? Gabriella, I can't live without you, seeing your beautiful face, laughing at your stupid jokes, being with your amazing self."

"In LA, it was killing me. The loneliness was tearing me down. It wasn't worth it. So… I quit the Lakers."

Gabriella looked up, her tear-strained eyes wide "But… but that was your dream job."

Troy shrugged. "Dreams are dreams. They're great in your head but sometimes, they're not all you thought they'd be. Anyway, living your dream alone kinda blows." Gabriella snorted.

"So yeah, I realise now that I may have played on the "love is blind" phrase. I think, when they say love is blind, it means when you truly love someone it can be so overwhelming that you don't realise what's going on in the world around you. Also that the person you're in love with isn't quite as amazing as you believe usually happens after it ends and you're like "what did I see in him/her anyway"

Troy then knelt down so he was right in front of Gabriella and took her hands in his. "But I know what I see in you, Gabriella. You are… amazing. Beyond amazing. Beyond words. And I know that you don't want me, and I understand that. I just want you to know that… I'd rather die before I hurt you again. I finally grew up in LA. I love you Gabriella. And if you don't want to start anything again then it's fine. But…just don't leave me. I can't cope without seeing you everyday." Troy himself had started to get emotional and placed his hand on Gabriella's cheek. She gave him a small smile.

"I know I blew my chances. Twice. So if we just remain friends, that's fine. I can cope. I'll… I'll manage if you start seeing other guys and I promise, I will KILL any other guy who hurts you. But please Gabriella, just don't leave me. Life isn't worth living without you."

Gabriella was speechless. She hadn't expected such emotion to just pour out of Troy. It was a shock to her system. She had expected him to sweet-talk her into a date but he was right. He had changed.

And she had changed her mind.

She smiled, leaned forward, wrapped both hands round his neck and kissed him.

Both Troy and Gabriella walked with big grins on their faces; hand in hand back into the party, much to the delight of Sharpay and Kelsi who had both been waiting eagerly at their table. They scrambled towards them.

"Oh my God, oh my GOD!" Sharpay screamed, attracting everyone else's attention. But everyone one else decided to ignore it while the rest of the gang scurried towards the couple. Everyone awed at the sight of the new couple.

"Aww, I can't believe you guys are back together." Kelsi cooed.

"We're so happy for you two" Zeke said while everyone else nodded.

"It's about TIME." Taylor announced rather abruptly, obviously not recovering yet. Everyone laughed. Troy wrapped his arms round Gabriella's waist and she accepted my putting her hands on top of his.

"I agree." Troy said "We have some major catching up to do."

"Well now, I'm in a GREAT mood, and I've only had three beers" Ryan declared. "Now let's get back to the party!" Everyone cheered and headed back onto the dance floor, Troy and Gabriella keeping a firm hold on each other, as if scared the other was going to disappear at any moment.

"So… ready to dance with me, Princess?" Troy grinned cheekily.

"Of course." Gabriella grinned back and followed him onto the dance floor.

Well, who said princess's shouldn't have their happy every after?

8 months later

Sydney Stilton finally had her baby and gave it up for adoption. She has gone back to her partying ways, not after throwing a glass of water in Troy's face when briefly meeting at an awards show.

Kelsi, Jason, Sharpay and Zeke all got married. Kelsi and Jason got married quietly on a beach at sunset while Sharpay and Zeke had a theme wedding. "Actors and Actresses of the 20th Century". Sharpay was of course, dressed like Marilyn Monroe, Kelsi was Kate Winslet, Taylor was Vanessa Williams and I… well I was Natalie Wood, wearing a white dress similar to the one she wore in West Side Story. It didn't occur to me until later that I was wearing white TO A WEDDING! Its safe to say, Sharpay was not happy with me…

Never one to do the normal thing, Ryan and Penny got married in Las Vegas. Sharpay was also not very happy with that.

Taylor is convinced that she must have had a little too much to drink at the reception, which is why she can't remember anything. Though that hasn't explain why she can't remember the wedding… well what she doesn't know wont make her mad at me…

Troy did give up his job in LA and moved back to New York, where his old team welcomed him with open arms. He also volunteers to teach basketball to underprivileged kids in the city. We now both share a flat in Manhattan, not to far away from work and every one else.

And me? Well I have a big fat engagement ring on my finger and am happy as ever. But me and Troy aren't gonna get married for a while, considering I now have a large belly with a heartbeat…

Well we never were the conventional type…


Who Knew my life would finally turn around for the better? Who Knew the rest of my life was waiting with a broken leg in Ward 23 at St Joseph's Hospital?

I certainly didn't.

Well… Who Knows what round the next corner of my life?

Well I wouldn't miss it for the world!

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