Roy Mustang paced the floor of the hospital waiting room. He was anxious; very, very anxious.

It's been too long! I want some answers! How could I fail to protect her? I hope she's okay…

The look in her auburn eyes- even through the glassiness from the fatigue of being ill- betrayed how frightened she was. He had allowed himself to show the most blatant concern ever as they parted, a nurse helping her down the corridor.

He looked up as that same nurse brought her back down the corridor. She thanked the nurse with a somber face and took the papers she had been given, glancing at them one last time before she walked up to him.

"Riza…" he wavered unsteadily. "What-" he stopped speaking immediately as she hugged him, silent tears falling down her cheeks and soaking into his shirt.

"I tested positive," she whispered hoarsely.

Roy pulled back, surprised. "How long do you have?"

"Seven months." She took his hand, a small smile now on her face, and placed it on her slightly- so slightly that they would never have known otherwise- swollen abdomen. "Congratulations, Mr. Mustang. You're going to be a father."

Choking out a surprised laugh, Roy bent down and kissed his wife, tears of relief pricking in his eyes. Stepping back, he joked, "Couldn't have done it without you, Mrs. Mustang." This earned him a blushing smirk. "So, which of the guys do we tell first?"

"Well, I would suggest surprising them, but with the way you're smiling, it would never work." Riza thought for a moment. "How about Fuery? He is taking care of Hayate after all, and he seemed so concerned when you told him it was an emergency."

"And he can keep a secret," interjected Roy. "I can fool the rest of the guys!"

Riza rolled her eyes good-naturedly. "I'm glad to know that you haven't changed. I'd hate to find out that the only thing that didn't change was your looks, not that you look bad," she added hastily when his face darkened.

Roy relaxed and grinned. "Don't you know it." He helped her into the car. "I suppose it's going to be different from now on." He looked over briefly as Riza nodded. Another wide grin spread across his face. "I can't wait."

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