Tokka drabble. Another Toph-- Sokka one.

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Sokka's Muscles

"And how about you, 'sleeveless guy'?" Suki said teasingly to Sokka. "Been working out?"

Toph had never actually wondered what Sokka had looked like. She figured that Aang was small, scrawny, and light-footed (this led her to give him the name of "Twinkletoes") and that Katara was almost perfect and pretty, because of the way Aang acted around her. But for Sokka, she assumed little about him. She knew the tone of his voice and his sarcastic behavior, but she only imagined that he was way taller than her. She could feel it.

Suki's statement piqued Toph's curiosity about the way Sokka looked. It took a lot to make Toph curious, and this bothered her. She was never that curious, especially about someone like Sokka.

'So he's sleeveless,' Toph thought, and she immediately scoffed. He probably had wimpy, skinny arms. He was probably just trying to look manly by lacking sleeves. Probably trying to show off his non-existent muscles.

"Been working out?"

But in reality, Toph knew he wasn't trying to look manly. Suki's comment led Toph to infer that he probably did look muscular. And his girlfriend was able to see and notice it. Toph was curious, and she wanted to see too...just to see how much Suki was exaggerating, of course.

Toph was well aware that she couldn't see, but she would always be able to feel. So weeks later, when she, Sokka, and Aang rode on Appa's back, she felt and held on to one of his muscular arms for the first time. She had to keep from falling off after all.

'They don't feel that strong,' Toph admonished herself. How silly it was for her to be curious about the size of Sokka's muscles!

Despite her discovery, Toph beamed and still held on.