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Summary: A romance story about Ayumi from the Inuyasha series. Kagome is sick, again, and Ayumi is selected to deliver her home work.

The young girl finds herself in the well house, due to certain events, and falls down the well. What will happen to Ayumi next?

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Chapter Two: Cars and Puppies and Deer Oh My!

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Ayumi turned her head in the direction of the new comers. One had hair that was gray, aside from a part in the front that was more black. The other had a white mo-hawk. They both appeared to be breathing heavily as though they had run a far distance, behind them were a pack of brown wolves; she cooed slightly in her mind at the youngest wolf, it looked very much like a puppy she had once seen at a shop. She noted that these two men also had the strange ears and fangs as what her savior did.

"K-Kouga..." The man with the mo-hawk panted heavily, "please, don't just run off with out warning like that again..."

Kouga glared at the man, and Ayumi could see one of his fangs shine as he opened his mouth and barked back, "Are you ordering me!?" She watched as both of the new men seemed to cower.

"Hakkaku didn't mean it like that Kouga." The second man spoke this time, "You know it's hard for us to keep up as it is when you give us a warning, but when you just run off it really tires us out." He whined as he put up his hands in front of himself, as though trying to block a blow that he thought may be thrown at him.

"Heh, I can't always wait around for you. I know you can catch up." He crossed his arms, once again seeming very arrogant, just as he'd been when Ayumi had asked his name.

"Hey, Kouga..." The man that had been called Hakkaku looked to Ayumi with a quixotic stare, "Who is she? She smells a lot like sister Kagome."

'sister?' the only thing that puzzled Ayumi more than the sister statement was the part about smelling like her. 'how would he know that we smell alike...does it have to do with them not being human?' Ayumi blinked as she looked at the men talking to one another. She listened, from listening she was able to pick up that the man with gray hair is called Ginta, the man with white hair is Hakkaku, and most importantly, that they must know Kagome, there was no doubt about it. 'I can't help but think I've heard that name before, Kouga...Where have I heard his name?' Ayumi thought to herself, if he really did know Kagome then maybe her friend had mentioned him at some point, if she had then it would certainly explain a lot. Ayumi thought harder..."Ah!" Her expression seemed to startle the men out of their conversation. "I remember now!" Ayumi placed her hand on her chin as her brain ran through the memory.

Flash back:

(Episode 69: Terror of the Faceless Man)

It was a day where Kagome had actually come to school. There had been a math test and every one but Ayumi seemed to find it difficult. They had gone to the local Wacdnalds for a meal, Kagome was paying of course.

"He's no good for you Kagome." She recalled Yuuka saying this during their conversation about Kagome's delinquent, two-timing boyfriend.

"Yeah, Yuuka's right." Eri had agreed with Yuuka, fully.

"What's with you guys?" Kagome gave a confused look.

"He's no good." Yuuka repeated.

"Terrible" Eri always seemed to agree with Yuuka, they were much closer to one another than what Kagome or Ayumi where with them.

"He is?" Ayumi remembered that she had been slightly confused as to why he was bad. Who cares if he's rude? Kagome had said that things were alright, and she loves him, that's all that matters.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kagome looked at her friends, slightly peeved.

"He's selfish and rude, right?" Yuuka looked to Kagome, clearly serious.

"Well yeah..."

"And not to mention jealous. Wait, does he know about hojo?" Yuuka seemed to be even more worried.

"Come to think of it, maybe he doesn't"

Eri looked slightly surprised, "If he doesn't know about hojo then who's he jealous about?"

"Probably Kouga."

"Kouga!?" Yuuka and Eri where clearly shocked, they had practically jumped from their seats after the mention of another guy.

Ayumi found it a bit odd how nervous Kagome looked, "Ah! Uh...there's nothing between me and Kouga. Honestly!"

"Then how come he's so jealous?" Eri asked, suspicious of her friend.

"Uh, probably because, well, Kouga said that he's in love with me."

"You mean you're two timing too?" Ayumi asked this time, a little tired of staying quiet.

"No! It's nothing like that I don't feel anything for Kouga. I'm totally indifferent."

"This sure is a shocker I had no idea you were so popular out side of school, Kagome." At this point Eri couldn't be sitting any closer to Yuuka, in their surprise they had huddled together, but even now they didn't seperate.

"I'm not popular, okay? Kouga likes me end of story."

"But he told you he loves you." Yuuka blinked, Ayumi could understand Yuuka's meaning. How could Kagome be so modest? She had three guys going after her, one of them going so far to claim love. That wasn't something to joke about.

"Oh wow, I wish somebody would tell me he's in love with me." Eri was now supporting a very dreamy look as she seemed to imagining what this Kouga person was like.

"You sure are lucky, Kagome." Ayumi was wearing a blush as she looked to Kagome dreamily and with some envy. Having a confession of love would surely be any girl's dream. Ayumi could only imagine how she would respond to affections such as what Kagome had recieved.

End Flash Back.

Ayumi nodded at the memory, her blush that had been there that day had now returned as she recalled the conversation. 'So this is that Kouga? He's so handsome, and strong too. Kagome's so lucky.' Ayumi thought this with a sigh.

"Yo, woman."

Ayumi was nudged out of her thoughts as Kouga called her. She looked to him, 'his eyes are such a pretty blue...wait...no! Now is not the time to be thinking about pretty eyes! If he knows Kagome...' Ayumi forced her blush to reside and began thinking of a way to get back home, 'then he might know where she is. If I can find her, then I can get back home!' she grinned, "More importantly, I can get rid of all of her stupid heavy homework!" She let the last thought slip out loud as she pumped her arm up in a sort of victory pose. Turning to the three men, who by now looked quite bamboozled, she gave them a serious look. First she needed confirmation, she would have to see their Kagome before she could know for sure if it was the same Kagome as her friend.

"You know Kagome!?" the question had come out louder than she had intended, but she couldn't hold in her excitement, her hope. "Please, if you know her, if you know where she is, then please take me to her!" Ayumi gave the men a look of determination, one that clearly told them just how serious she was.

Kouga scuffed, "What is your relationship to my woman?" This girl wore clothes like Kagome's and smelled like Kagome, it was very possible that they were family, but he wouldn't waste his time if it could be avoided.

Ayumi stepped closer to him, giving another stern glance, "Kagome is very good friend of mine." Ayumi looked up him, he was about a head taller than she was, she only came up to his shoulder. She hadn't noticed it before she came closer to him. "I have some of her things that I have to give to her and I have some things I want to ask her as well." She watched as the proclaimed 'wolf demon leader' nodded at her response and turned his head up, seeming to sniff the air.

"I know where she is, or the direction anyway." he sniffed again, "I was planning on visiting her sometime soon anyway, can't leave her alone with that damned mutt for too long." he smirked, "It'll take a day or two get there, it smells distant."

"Two days!?" Ayumi was mortified, she'd have to stay in this place for two days? Where would she sleep? What would she eat? And more importantly, what would she use for toilet paper!? She groaned in obvious despair as she covered her face with her hands.

"It'd take longer if I weren't planning on helping you." he simpered again, his fang once more peering from the corner of his mouth. Ayumi watched as he picked up the seriously heavy bag that contained her school supplies and Kagome's massive amount of homework and some books the teacher had handed out. She was happy that at least she wouldn't have to carry it around anymore. Kouga tossed the bag to Ginta who caught it with ease, "You can carry this, we'll go on ahead, the sooner I can see Kagome the better."

Ayumi gasped as she was scooped up from her position on the ground and into the arms, well sculpted arms at that, of her savior and the man whom Kagome had claimed said that he loved her. She could feel the warmth of his skin touch her bare legs and her heart pumped a little harder, it was so much like what happened in her romance novels. At this thought she could only blush and stutter over her words, "Er, y-you're going to-to carry me?" She looked at him, his face seemed so close to hers as he nodded, she was very tired and sore from the hours she spent walking and time she spent running from that 'demon'. Even so, she wasn't sure she wanted to be carried like this. "Couldn't we just rent a car?" she smiled as she made the suggestion and but only recieved three confused stares in response.

"Car?" the three men seemed to say in union.

Ayumi sighed, "Never mind."

The sun had gone down and they had stopped traveling for the night. During the short period she had been carried by her savior, Ayumi learned two things. One, he was very fast...she nearly threw up when he first took off and could have sworn she had gotten a mild case of whiplash. Two, at that speed, with the wind billowing by as quickly as it was, it was a good thing she had been carried bridal style and not piggy back, hopefully she could be held the same way tomorrow, she had no desire to have her pink panties flashed at Ginta and Hakkaku, whom had been lagging behind them; the wind would probably force her skirt to fly up, so she had little doubt that they'd get an eye full at some point.

It was calm now, Ginta and Hakkaku were resting by the wolves and Kouga had gone hunting for dinner. Ayumi massaged her legs, even though she had been carried for a quite a while, they were still sore from earlier. She looked up as Ginta and Hakkaku loudly exclaimed at Kouga's return, she nearly gagged at what was supposed to be her dinner.

A deer...a cute little Bambi that had its entrails spilling out onto the ground and blood dripping, from what appeared to be every pore of it's body.

Today was not her day.

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