Summary: Our hero's' journey has taken them into a fairy tale book where they must go through all of the stories in order to get the feather.

Date Written: January 17, 2007

A/N: So my mom and I were going through some boxes with me and my siblings' children's books, one of which was The Random House Book of Fairy Tales. I start reading it, and since I was eagerly awaiting chapter 140 (btw, who else died after reading that?) of Tsubasa, the two just meshed together and viola!

NOTES! For most of the stories, the characters are going to end up as follows:

Syaoran: Prince/son (or boy hero, same concept)

Sakura: Princess/daughter (or girl heroine)

Fai: Princess (XD You know you love it!)/magician/mom (or wife/queen, same concept)

Kurogane: Prince (though, he seems more kingly, huh?)/King/other (oh, the possibilities!)

Mokona: … whatever I can think of…

Yuuko: witch/evil queen/step mother/other (Watanuki might even show up!)

ALSO! I know that Yuuko isn't traveling with them, but I'll explain that in the story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Tsubasa nor The Random House Book of Fairy Tales.

On with the magic!


"Welcome to the magical world of Grimm!" the Prima fairy was singing. "In order to reach your goal, you must go through the stories of this world and only after you have completed this book will you be able to leave with the magic feather from the brothers Grimm! In the meantime, enjoy playing prete – AAH!"

Mokona had jumped on top of Primera and was too busy giggling its head off to notice her insane screaming to get off.

"Has Mokona made a new friend?" Fai asked, playing the oblivious game.

"Maybe you should let her breathe?" Syaoran offered.

"She seems to be getting enough air with that screaming of hers," Kurogane muttered, and continued with more force in his voice, "And what do you mean we have to go through stories?"

"Exactly what I said!" Primera shouted. "You guys have to play out all of the stories in this book before you can leave or get the feather! You want the feather, right?"

"Yes," Syaoran said, remembering his role as determined youth.

"Then get this THING off of me and I'll start you off!" Sakura quickly did as Primera requested and stood back with the rest of the group. "Okay, if everyone is ready?" –they nodded, Kurogane with the help of Fai's hand- "Then let's GO!"

And off they were merrily sucked into the magical worm hole to begin their new and exciting adventure!



A/N: What are you doing stopping? This is a double post, so go on to Chapter 2, Little Red Riding Hood!