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Stuck in Time; Chapter one

Still a Teenager.

The time-machine gave a funny jolt, pushing Trunks forward and causing him to hit his head on the front window. After muttering a few curses to himself, he inspected the stats of the machine.

"Everything looks fine…" He mused, scanning the controls. It was then he noticed a red light blinking. "That cannot be good…" He pulled out an inch thick manual his mother wrote, and had told him to read before he used the time machine.

He didn't read past the first chapter.

He may be the only person standing between the androids and complete world destruction, but he was still a teenager.

Trunks sighed. How nice it was of his mother to put a chapter entitled 'Red Flashing Lights; Trunks, MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS CHAPTER, IF NOTHING ELSE!' He quickly flipped to the indicated pages. Finding the red flashing light he was experiencing, he read "Land now. Read later."

How great of her. She even knew that the only reason Trunks would be reading about the red flashing lights was if one was flashing. Checking how far he had made it, he decided it was better if he just turn back and go where he just came from. He couldn't just land anywhere. His mother had clearly told him that there always had to be a 20 year difference between him and his past self. Something about every time he went to another time he was creating an alternate reality or something.

When he found himself in the time he was supposed to be in, he quickly started to land. Without warning, half the ship made odd sounds, like a wire short-circuiting, followed by a series of small explosions.

"Shit." Trunks hissed, covering his head and neck with his arms and preparing for impact as he lost control of the vehicle.


Piccolo continued his explanation of what was to come in three years, while everyone listened on with scared expressions. He stopped suddenly, as he heard a loud crash behind him. He turned, and quite a distance away was the form of the lavender haired boy, climbing out of the charred and beat up remains of his time machine.

Piccolo turned to Goku, indicating that he go and see what was up with the boy. Goku nodded and flew over. Everyone watched for a second, before turning back to Piccolo and waiting to hear the rest of his story.


"….stupid…" Trunks panted, slamming his foot into the machine "…worthless…" with each word, the ship got another boot shaped dent "…piece…of…JUNK!" He yelled, giving it one last kick for good measure.

He turned away from the machine, deciding that just looking at it was bad for his psyche. He brushed his bangs out of his eyes, taking a few claming breaths.

"Hey Trunks!" Goku called out to him. Trunks turned his head to look at the approaching Saiyan.

"Hey." He mumbled, obviously not please with the situation at hand.

"What's wrong? I thought you left."

Trunks had to stare at the man before him. Did he not see the ruins of his time-machine?

"Um…I'm kinda having some…technical difficulties…" he explained, turning back to the machine.

"Do you think you can fix it?"

Trunks looked at the manual that had been thrown to the floor in all the commotion.

"Maybe…But I'd need somewhere to work on it that has any materials I might need…" He mumbled, mostly to himself. He knew what this meant. He would have to go to Capsule Corps. But, he really didn't want to.

"Where could we find a place like that?" Said Goku, lost in thought. Trunks gaped at him. His mother had told him that Goku wasn't what one would call 'smart', but this? This was insane.

"Uh…I could just go to Capsule Corps…But I'd have to be really careful…you know."

"Yeah…" Goku agreed. "Well, I guess I can go talk to Bulma about it. C'mon." Goku said, getting ready to go back to the group.

"Sure. Just let me pack up here." He turned to the machine. He bent down to hit the button on the side of the machine to capsulize it.

Nothing happened.

Trunks stared at the machine. His left eye gave a small twitch, and the vein on his forehead popped out a little.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU WORTHLESS PILE OF SCRAP METAL!!???" He yelled at the machine, his hands balled into fists, and his foot kicking it mercilessly once again.

"WHEN I SAY CAPSULIZE, YOU HAD BETTER DAMN WELL CAPSULIZE!!!" He slammed his heel onto the capsulation button. With a huge puff of smoke, the large time-machine was reduced to a tiny capsule. He pushed his bangs back again, picking up the capsule, and walking towards where Goku had been standing.

The Earth-raised Saiyan got out from behind the rock he had used to hide himself during Trunks' outburst.

"Heh…You weren't kidding when you said Bulma and Vegeta are your parents."

"Yeah." Trunks said, his anger forgotten. "Mom always says I remind her of my dad, but Gohan always said I reminded him of mom…"

"There's definitely both of them in you…" Goku said, his nerves calmed from the near heart-attack Trunks had given him. When they had first met, Goku couldn't see how this shy, quiet teen could be related to Bulma and Vegeta in any way, but now…

"So, are we going?" Trunks asked Goku, who was staring blankly.

"What? Oh yeah. Let's go."

Goku and Trunks flew back to where everyone was standing, waiting for them. Piccolo was done telling his story, so everyone was looking intently at Trunks. The teen blushed deeply. This was exactly was he wanted to avoid.

"Look guys" Goku started, sensing the questions everyone was going to ask. "Let's just leave the kid alone. He's not really supposed to be here. His time-machine is just on the fritz."

Trunks blushed even deeper, everyone was still staring at him, and Goku's little speech didn't really help that matter.

"Bulma, Tr- er, the kid here was wondering if he could stay at Capsule Corps. until he can repair his machine…you know, since you have the labs and anything he might need."

Bulma blinked. "Yeah, sure, you can stay with us. That is, if you can handle living under the same roof as His Royal Highness." She pointed at Vegeta, who 'humphed' at the comment.

"Uh…yeah. It won't be a problem." Trunks said quickly. With everyone staring at him, Trunks quickly made to change the topic. "Hey, Goku. Can you show us that thing you were talking about…Instant Transmission or something??"

"Yes, and I'd like to know how you got off Planet Namek!" Vegeta cut in.

Goku quickly told his story, and it wasn't long before everyone was saying their goodbyes.

"Uh…Bye Bulma…and, um…Have a healthy baby" Goku yelled before flying away. Trunks smacked his own forehead. Really, he would have to talk to his mother about the difference between 'not smart' and 'all around moron'. Thankfully, no one noticed his reaction to what Goku said. Yamcha started talking about how Goku was implying that he and Bulma start a family. Trunks just ignored it completely and waited for them to start leaving.


"Here ya go, kid." Bulma said, opening a door to a bedroom. Trunks had to smile. This was actually his bedroom in his own time. It gave a sense of home, even though he really wasn't home.

"We're going to have to come up with a name for you." She mused, looking over the room to make sure everything was in order.

'uh…'Kid' is fine, really. I don't mind." Trunks said, unbuckling his sword and putting it on the bed.

"Ok, Kiddo, have it your way." She smiled before leaving Trunks alone in his room. The teen sat on the bed, taking in a few moments of relaxation before he jumped up again and headed downstairs, to find out where he could work on his ship. The sooner he got back to his own time, the better.


Trunks stumbled up the stairs, out of the lab he had been working in. He walked into the living room, and plopped down on a sofa chair. He ran his hands through his matted hair, working the grease on his hands into his knotted locks as well.

Bulma came into the room, stifling a gasp when she saw the kid.

"What the hell did you do? You look like crap!" She exclaimed, hurrying to get him out of the chair and to a shower…or a hose at least.

It was true. He did look like crap. There were dark grease stains on his face, hands and clothes. His hair was so unkempt and filthy that it had turned a much darker shade of purple. There were dark bags under his eyes, and he looked a bit bonier.

Sure, no one had seen him surface from the lab in about a week, but they had assumed he left every now and then when no one was there. He looked as though he hadn't slept or eaten at all. Bulma absently wondered if he had even taken the time to…relieve himself.

Trunks allowed himself to be pulled into a washroom, and to have towels, soap, and shampoo thrown at him. 'Mother knows best' he thought to himself, attempting to refrain from falling asleep where he stood. Everything was catching up to him, like it always, inevitably, did.

An hour later, Trunks came down the stairs, looking much better than he had going up. He found his mother in the kitchen, reading a science journal. Bulma smiled at him, liking his clean appearance.

"So? As worried as I am about your health, I also have to ask what made you suddenly come out of your hole and allow yourself a break?" She asked, getting strait to the point. Trunks sighed, grabbing an apple to snack on; his first 'meal' in a week.

"Well, I know what's wrong with the hunk of junk, but unfortunately, I don't have the means, nor the knowledge, to fix it."

"What do you mean?" asked Bulma. There was nothing in the world, science related, that couldn't be found somewhere in Capsule Corps.

"Well, the metal used to make one of the parts I need to fix won't be discovered for another year. And, I can't really say where it's going to be found, because that would mess with the space-time continuum even more."

Bulma nodded. Ok, so there were things that couldn't be found in Capsule Corps.

"And, the other parts needed, even if I do find them somewhere in this time, I have no where near the expertise needed to put it together. The only person who would know how is my mother; my mother from my time." Trunks added, seeing the look on Bulma's face. "and, I don't even have a way of contacting her, to tell her I'm ok, or to ask her for help. Long distance calls don't really cover time." Trunks smiled. Suddenly, the thought hit him. He jumped up from his chair, and raced down to the lab, Bulma at his heals. He had an idea, and she was intrigued.

"The main parts that are ruined in the time machine aren't necessarily time related. So, in theory, if I can duplicate the time traveling mechanism and put it into another devise, like a phone, for example, and just fix it so that only my voice is carried across time, then I should be able to talk to my mother from this time." He explained, fiddling with parts of the machine.

Bulma watched him, mentally absorbing what he had just said. She blinked in understanding, then moved to help him as much as she could. Sure, she didn't really understand the time-machine all that much, but there was something she could do.

"Here" she said, after less than an hour, handing him a cell phone she had just built. "It'll only accept calls from one number, so just set it to whatever your mother's phone number is, and it can only make outgoing calls to that same number, so it's completely private. It's not listed in any directory, and you won't have to pay any phone bills." She winked at him. Trunks smiled back in thanks, and continued his work on the mimicking the mechanics in the time-machine.

Bulma left him alone to his work. A part of her wanted to insist he go to bed, taking over for the role as mother to him, seeing how desperately he needed one, but the scientist inside her stopped her. She knew what it was like to have one of those ideas. If she sent him to bed then, he may lose his drive.

She checked the clock. It was already past midnight. She absently looked out the window to Capsule 3. She hadn't seen Vegeta in a while as well. He was just so obsessed with becoming a Super Saiyan.

"Damn Saiyans, and their damn lack of self caring." She muttered, walking up to her room. She would deal with both houseguests in the morning. But, first, she needed her sleep.


Trunks walked up the stairs, falling into the wall a few times. It was well past 3 am, and he was extremely tired, but happy. He had finished the phone. He would try it out in the morning. Bed first. He looked up at the stairs he still had to cover, and sighed.

"Now I remember why I was happy when the androids destroyed half of this house. It got rid of a lot of the stairs. Mom's nuts." He murmured, deciding to spend the night on the couch instead of pulling himself up the rest of the stairs.

"What are you still doing up?" A voice from behind startled him.

"Huh? Oh, hi Vegeta." He whispered, too tired to speak any louder.

"Go to bed. Your weakling body can't handle any more time without sleep." Vegeta chided him, sounding quite serious, yet still mocking him all the same. Trunks just nodded.

"Yeah. G'night." He mumbled before collapsing on the couch.

Vegeta shook his head. "Weakling." He spat, before he fell onto the sofa chair, unconscious.


Eh. Random Father/Son bonding to end with. Enjoy. Next chapter: Trunks uses the phone for the first time. Will it work? And what will his mother say when she finds out what her son did to the time-machine? (…well, that just gave away the answer to the first question)