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I'm pacing inside Grissom's office. My hands safely secured inside my back pocket. I've been in here for more that fifteen minutes. And the conversation is not getting anywhere.

"I know, Sara. But I do think it's better if you stay with Catherine while they're repairing your apartment. It would be...uh, complicated if they find out you're staying with me." Grissom rubs his temples as he sits behind his desk. The thought of us seeing each other is still being kept a secret- which is an agreement on both of our parts.

"Gil, I can't stay with her. You know that. We can't stand each other!" Even just the thought of it makes me nervous. Me and Catherine in one room. Butting heads, will not be a pretty sight.

"Sara, I really don't understand why after six years, you two still can't get along."

Neither can I. "Uh, well... I don't know either. It's just...I can't stay with her. I'll stay in a hotel. Period."

"We all know how you feel about hotels, how paraniod you get and how you have to strip and change everything. And you don't even sleep!" Okay, I hate hotels. I have processed hundreds of hotels over the years and still with the same results, what scary things you find under the sheets with ultra violet rays. It doesn't matter if it was just cleaned. You always find something on the bed, walls, bathroom sink, furniture. Staying in a room where a stranger stayed before is unsettling to me.

"Gil, with Catherine, I can't..."

"Why?" He leans back on his chair, closes his eyes. I know he's getting tired of my whining.

"I just...well, can't." Hell, I don't know why. I don't understand why we can't get along after all these years of working together. Even if we already know what makes each other tick, we just keep on pressing each other's buttons.

"Then you tell her yourself. She's waiting for you in her office."

I took a step back. "She what?"

"In her office, Sara. You tell her." He opens his eyes and flashes a smug look, like he's trying to hide a smile. I bet he's enjoying this torture.



"Damn!" I turn around and storm out of his office. But I caught that little smile that was forming at the corner of his mouth. Somehow I'll get even.

"Catherine?" I knock lightly on her door, hoping she won't hear. So I can pretend that I tried talking to her. It'll give me a good excuse to tell Grissom and to find another alternative than Catherine and hotels.

"Sara, come in. Have a seat. I'm just finishing this report."

I slowly push her door open, make my way in and sit in front of her. "About tonight..."

"You can use Lindsey's room. I made arangements for her to stay with my sister for the weekend." She doesn't look up from her writing.

Now I'm surprised. "You...already made arangements?"

She puts her pen down and looks up slowly, her eyes meet mine. "Yeah, no biggie. She usually stays there when I'm working late. And you know weekends are always busy here."

"You sure it won't be a problem?" Now why am I considering this? Because of guilt if I don't? Or because of the thought that it'll be just the two of us, and no one else all weekend in her house? Wait a minute...what the hell am I thinking?

She folds her fingers infront of her and smiles. "I know how you feel about staying in hotels. So I suggested to Grissom that you stay with me. That is... if you want to. I know we don't get along that well but still, I consider you as a friend. and I'd like to help out."

"Huh? It was your idea? Catherine, I don't know what to say. Really... I...I'm thankful." Good lord, why in heaven's name would she suggest that to Grissom? Better yet: consider me as a friend? I always felt a little rivalry between us. Hell, now I'm confused!

"So it's settled. I'll see you at my place after work then." We both stand up. She picks up her report and we head out of her office.

We walk quietly through the noisy hallway. Again, my hands safely secured behind my back pocket.

"Well, better get this to Ecklie before he blows a top." She holds up the report she was carrying.

I stopped walking. "Thanks again, Catherine." I don't know why I squeezed her arm lightly before she turned to the other hallway. But whatever that small gesture did, I earned a hugh, beautiful smile from her before she continued her walk. Made me have this feeling of butterflies in my stomach.

So I stood there watching her walk away. And it seemed like everyone around her slowly dissapeared.

For a moment it really felt good.

And that smile...

Wait a minute, I'm not suppose to feel that way!

Something isn't right...

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