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Mark awoke to find himself lying on a pulsating organic cot of some kind. Looking around him he realized that it was not just the cot that was pulsating, but the whole room seemed to have a heartbeat or pulse. It was then he remembered what had happened in the battle above Port Kane.

"Damn!" He had just remembered he was in a Polaris ship. This must be some sort of holding cell.

There was a pneumatic hissing sound and mark jumped. In the north side of the room the wall opened up to reveal a large chrome hallway.

"Please walk down the hallway Master Dreppin," said a calm female voice. "You will find accommodations through that door," the voice continued as he noticed a large wooden door, seemingly out of place in the shining chrome expanse before him. As he got to the door it opened for him and he stepped through the threshold. "Welcome to Kel'ariy Master Dreppin. As you have guessed by now you are in the custody of the Polaris and will soon be interrogated about your reasons for infiltrating the inner sanctum of the rebels, and planting a homing beacon on the RBS Liberator, broadcasting at frequency 11546 to New Ireland in the Wolf 359 star system."

"I have no idea what you are talking about!" he said, quickly coming up with an excuse. "I ejected the escape pod when it became apparent that The Liberator was compromised."

"Mister Dreppin," said the woman behind the desk, "do not be so arrogant to assume that the Federation is the only government entity the has psychics in it's employ. The holding cell you were in was made up of an organic compound used amplify and translate brainwaves. If you think anything you know has escaped us, think again."

"Well than, you must know about the device wired into my cerebral cortex, that transmits my coordinates to the BII headquarters." He replied, trying to gather something good from his current predicament.

"Yes Mister Dreppin," said his captor, her voice still icy, "which is why we took the liberty of surgically removing it and replacing it with a device of our own that will broadcast your current position to the capitol building on Kel'ariy."

"What part of my body haven't you violated yet?!" he yelled.

"Oh yes, we also castrated you."

"WHAT?!?!" he yelled, reaching for his crotch.

The woman now started laughing, "Well, your reflexes are still in top condition," she said, her eyes twinkling.

"You are sick!" said Mark through clenched teeth.

"And you are not?" His captor replied.

"Don't joke about that kind of thing!"