Overall Summary : 100 Fics Starring Lita As The Main Character, Using A 100 Word Prompt Challenge I Came Across On LiveJournal. Ratings Will Stay At K+ Or T. Pairings Vary. Some May Just Be Friendship. Unless Stated, Fics Aren't Related

Title : What Yah Cooking ?
Characters/Pairings : Amy, Adam, Randy, Mentions Of John (No Parings. Just Friends)
Disclaimer : You REALLY Think I own ?
Author's Notes : Amy Is STILL In The WWE Word Prompt : Cookies Word Count : 172


Adam stood at the door of the kitchen, his eyes glued to the red head, currently across the room, her back turned to face him. Humming tunelessly, se began to use her wooden spoon to stir the mixing bowl in her left hand.

"So what are you cooking this time?" he asked, pushing himself off the door frame. Without fail, every Saturday evening, Adam Copeland, Randy Orton and John Cena found themselves in Atlanta, Georgia eating one of Amy's new concoctions.

The red head appeared to ignore him as the pace of the mixing quickened. "Amy?" said Randy, joinging Adam at the door. "Amy I'm hungry."

"In a minute," huffed the diva. "And to answer you Ads, it's cookies."

At her words, Randy's eyes lit up as Adam pouted. "No fair." he said. "We never get your cookies. Somehow the always disappear before they reach me and John."

Randy looked guilty as Amy turned, still mixing. "It's not my fault brat loves cookie dough."

Adam glared, "Next time, I want apple pie."