Title: Ferus Olin: Mournful Poet
Author: Dr FooFoo
Fandom: Star Wars: Jedi Quest
Pairing: Ferus/Anakin
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Notes: Written a while ago and I just found it again recently. It's Ferus's tragic tale of love and loss, written in his journal in haiku format.
Notes#2: Normal type is Ferus, italics is Anakin, and Darra is bold. :P

I wish I were brave
Brave enough to talk to him
If only I were...

But he likes women
And he's way out of my league
I'd still like to try.

He just challenged me
Today in class, to a dual
We fought with sabers.

I kicked his hot ass
As I usually do
But he still pouted.

Then tonight he came
To my apartment, I mean
He said I would pay.

He took off his pants
And then he pinned me, Forceful
I didn't resist.

He rubbed against me
I heard a whimper; not me
He came with a sigh.

When he was finished
He slumped and said he was pissed
Pissed on juice, that is.

Then I understood
It wasn't me he wanted
It was just my dick.

I saw him again
Today in lightsaber class
He just ignored me.

I wrote poetry
Like I do when I get sad
He didn't notice.

I talked to Darra
She said he'd asked about me
I was way surprised.

Anakin liked me?
Mark it on a calendar
But I liked him back.

He came up again
Without even knocking. Bitch.
But I didn't mind.

We snuggled a bit
Then Obi sent a message
Anakin left then.

They're on a mission
Probably kissing right now
I get so... jealous.

I know it's not good
Really very un-Jedi
But I can't help it.

I'm way into him
And that could be a problem
I don't give a crap.

They got back today
I was actually glad
It just wasn't safe.

Ferus is a cock
I can't believe he wrote this
It's all total crap.

I'm a little sad...
Anakin's avoiding me
He read my journal.

I feel like such crap.
I told Ani how I feel
He won't look at me.

Master Gallia...
She's a little bit freaky
I think she found out.

My Master got mad
She said my marks are slipping
I blame Anakin.

Anakin touched me
For the first time in like, days
Best I ever had.

He said he liked me
And he's sorry for before
I said it's okay.

We sleep together
Almost every single night
I think Siri knows.

She's making me learn
Dumb, pointless exercises.
She doesn't like him.

Why doesn't she see?
I'm really happy with him
He makes me feel good.

She told Obi-Wan
He was definitely pissed
Ani was all his.

Ferus gives good head!
Or... that's what Anakin said
TMI, really...

Everyone knows now.
Anakin thinks it's funny
To out us at school.

Last night was the best
Anakin said he loves me
But does he really?

Another mission
Anakin and me this time
And our Masters, too.

Obi-wan caught us
Making out in the fresher
He's super pissed off.

I haven't seen him
Not since that thing on Naboo
With the fresher... Yeah.

Obi-Wan's all mad
He says I can't see Ani
I think I might die.

Anakin snuck in
He said he had to see me
At least one more time.

We made love again
And perhaps for the last time
I said I loved him.

Anakin left that night
I was a bit heartbroken
But not to worry.

He had left a note
It listed coordinates
Of where to find him.

Seven nights passed by
I followed the instructions
Coruscant is big.

At last I saw him
I found him in a cafe
He bought me some juice.

"I can't do this now..."
That was what he said... like that.
I think I pouted.

Ani said sorry
But it just wasn't enough
I already hurt.

He leaned over then
And whispered into my ear.
He was leaving now.

I told him to wait
We stood, like a bad movie
We suddenly kissed.

It was passionate
When we parted, he said... "Wow."
I had to agree.

We made a promise
To never leave each other
Never, never... Yeah.

Ferus made this up
It's true... I admit I did.
He's such a dickhead.