The Bet

Chapter 1- Luke's Great Idea

Luke and Mara make a bet, chaos ensures.

Luke woke to see Mara, his beautiful wife of three years, sleeping silently beside him. He grinned, it was so lovely to see the Ex-Emperors Hand so peaceful and tranquil. She moved slightly in her sleep as Luke pulled her closer, contemplating the fact that he was one of the few people who would ever see her like this, including Mara herself, who was blissfully unaware of how enchanting she was during slumber despite Luke consistently informing her. He snickered at the thought of her complete wilfulness and kissed his wife gently on the cheek.

This was defiantly Luke's favourite way of waking, his wife who had for a while been the second in command for Karrde's growing smuggling organisation and was trying to pass her workloads to other members, still spent a vast amount of time away from home on business. Though when Luke thought about it he couldn't seriously see Mara settling down in one place for more than a couple of months as his wife was rather susceptible to boredom. He chuckled and shook his head in amusement, before leaning to kiss her once again.

She stirred slowly and stretched her alluring body out gracefully. She blinked as she moved deeply under the sheets to shield her beautiful jade eyes from the warm sun that was peeking through the bedroom curtains. Luke moved his head under the bedclothes to give her a sweet, succulent kiss. She entwined her slender fingers in his silky hair and kissed him back passionately. Luke gently broke the kiss and continued to burn a fiery path of kisses down her slender throat. She whimpered softly and drew him deeper into her form. Luke concluded his enticing kisses and opened his eyes to gaze at her exquisite face. The bedcovers had by now fallen to their waists and Mara gradually opened her eyes. Finally, for the first time that morning cerulean blue meet emerald green.

"Hey," Luke said inaudibly.

"Hi gorgeous," she whispered melodically, nuzzling her nose into his neckline.

Luke grinned gazing affectionately at her refined features. "Good morning, Mrs Skywalker," he greeted.

"Morning, Master," she breathed fondly, trying to suppress a yawn.

"You okay?" the Jedi asked his bride, concernedly.

"Hm hm!" she assured absently.

"Mara…" Luke whined.

"Luke!" she mocked.

"We didn't stay up that late last night, sweetie!" he teased. Mara just glared at him. Luke kissed her soundly and the frown dropped off her fair visage.

"You know, I've forgotten what I was angry about!" She admitted. Luke just grinned triumphantly and pulled her into an embrace.

"Luke…" she murmured, holding his warm body close. The Jedi master smiled beautifully while pushing a stray strand of her fiery red hair behind a pale ear. Luke gave her another soft kiss and slid out of the bedcovers. He heard Mara give a soft sigh behind him and turned at the door to blow her a brief kiss. He then revolved around and padded out to the fresher. In the adjacent bedroom Mara could hear the shower starting up and knew there was no chance of her husband returning to their bedroom. She groaned and clambered out of their bed, sliding on her previously discarded nightgown and tying her dressing gown over the top. She slowly shuffled downstairs to make some caf, while cursing her husband for abandoning the bed so hastily after rousing. She opened the cupboard and only just caught a flying jar of hot chocolate which seemed to be one of Luke's favourite drinks. She heard footsteps and felt a familiar presence approaching behind her. She smiled softly as he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder.

"What ya doing?" he asked.

"Being attacked by your precious hot chocolate!"

"Oh, I was looking for that, where was it?"

"In the cupboard where it's always been!" she snarled.

Luke snickered and grabbed the jar from her hand and poured some of its contents into a mug. Once they each had a steaming mug they sat on a couch and enjoyed one another's company. They were both blissfully unaware of the lateness of the hour and were quite content to be together.

Luke turned the holovid on to watch the news before realising that he had a class to teach that afternoon. "I ought to get ready," he told his wife reluctantly.


"I've got a class in a few hours, honey."

"I know, but why?" Mara raised.

"Cause I have to teach the next generation of Jedi," Luke reminded her.

"But they're horrible, stupid, whining younglings!" She complained.

"I bet they're easier than those vornskrs Karrde insists keeping as pets." He retorted.

"I dunno, I mean they are children, Jedi children," Mara insisted, "they can be pretty unpredictible!"

"Do you really think so?" he asked skeptically.

"Sure!" She lied.



"In that case, I bet you couldn't look after one!" The Jedi challenged.

"What a youngling?"

"No a vornskr!"

"I sure could!" she shot back.

"Fine, prove it!"

"Ok," Mara said, gulping, "I'll borrow one off Talon."

"Oh no you won't, I'm going to pick up a cub at some point and we'll see just how easy it is to look after one!"

"You're joking, right," she replied shocked, "Luke?"

He just grinned twirling a soft lock of flaming red hair around his fingers. Mara turned and gave him a delicate kiss which he drove deeper. Their lips stayed locked together for a while before Luke realised he really had to go. Reluctently he ended the kiss and turned to the stairway to get ready.

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