The Bet

Chapter 2

New Member Of The Family.

A week later Mara walked into the apartment. She sighed, happy to be home. Mara dropped her keys and bag on the kitchen worktop, and then moved to hang her coat in the hallway. She sat on one of the inviting couches, enjoying the silence of their home and contemplated how relieved she was her husband hadn't been serious about the vornskr cub. Speaking of Luke, Mara wondered what sort of trouble the Jedi was getting into. She grinned as she lowered herself back onto the couch legs stretched over the arm. Yawning slightly, she closed her eyes and relaxed.

Luke quietly walked into the apartment with a large box held firmly in his hands. Placing it carefully on the kitchen floor he opened it and let his treasure out. The tiny cub whimpered softly and climbed into the Jedi's lap. Luke stroked the tiny head and it thumped its stumpy docked tail against his hand. "Hey Darlin'" the Jedi greeted, "Welcome to your new home, now lets go find your Mommy so you can meet her."

The cub yapped softly and scampered into the hallway. "No," Luke called, running to catch up with the young animal. He picked her up gently and waltzed happily into the lounge. He grinned at the sight of his sleeping wife and placed the cub at her feet before sliding onto the couch next to her. Mara felt the warmth of her husband next to her and moved closer to him to give him a tender kiss. She felt a soft furball move past her leg and nearly jumped out of her seat. Turning her eyes downwards she gasped at the sight of a playful vornskr cub greeting her.

Luke smiled, "she's beautiful, isn't she?" He commented.

"Yeah," Mara replied, once she'd recovered her breath. The Jedi picked the young vornskr up and placed her in Mara's lap.

"What's her name?" Mara questioned, while the cub licked her hand softly.

"She doesn't have one. I was hoping you'd have some ideas." He admitted, stroking the cub's head.

"Well, I don't know, I've never had a pet before, you know!" she replied, running her fingers through Luke's blond hair.

"Me neither!" he agreed.

Mara giggled, "What a pair we are!" she commented.

"Hm," Luke answered, too busy trying to determine the best way to kiss her. Their lips met until a small wet nose decided that this kind of behaviour was completely unacceptable. They both burst out laughing, "Sorry girl!" Luke apologized. He stood, "I'm gonna make some dinner and I'm sure our little princess is hungry." He said, picking the cub up. Mara followed him into the kitchen where he took a metal bowl and filled it with raw minced meat. The vornskr wagged her stumpy tail wildly and attempted to leap at Luke.

Mara picked her up as she tried unsuccessfully to free herself from her master's grasp. Luke placed the meal on the floor and Mara set the cub down, who gulped the food down instantaneously.

Later, Mara snuggled up to her husband in their bed. So the Jedi hadn't been joking, she was not looking forward to caring for the cub, I can't let Luke win though, she vowed. With this thought in her head, Mara fell asleep.

Mara woke up a few hours later to a most peculiar howling noise. Damn Luke's snoring, she thought in annoyance. She looked over at the Jedi to see him soundly and silently asleep. Her forehead creased into a frown where was that coming from? She slid out of the warm covers and crept into the kitchen to see their tiny cub whining loudly. The little animal stopped and wagged its tail gazing up at her with hopeful brown eyes. Mara growled under her breath, which made the cub even more excited. Slamming the door in the cub's face, Mara spun on her heel and stalked back to bed, it had been a long day.

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