Hercules and Xena


Lady Razeli

Chapter One

"Goodbye Hercules." said Gabrielle releasing him from his hug. He hugged Xena next.

"Goodbye old friend." Xena said as they stepped apart.

"Goodbye until next time." Hercules said.

"Are you sure you can't stay?" Gabrielle asked going for another hug. Xena tried to give her friend a hostile look. She didn't like to see any other woman in his arms even if they were just friends.

"Yes, I promised my friend I'd meet them in thebes." said Hercules."Where are you two headed?"

"Potedia." said Gabrielle before Xena could answer. She had wanted to go somewhere else. She had no place in particular, but still.

"I don't want to go there." Xena said.

"Well Xena you don't have to go. It's been so long and you know how they get when it's been way to long by their standards." said Gabrielle.

"Exactly why I don't wanna go. I don't feel like hearing your father's mouth. I can just hear him now." Xena said.

"You know you don't have to go." said Hercules stepping in." You could always come with me for a little while. Until Gabrielle's visited her parents."

"What do you think?" Xena asked her.

"I think that's a good idea it'll save us from hearing their mouths." Gabrielle.

"You mean your father's." Xena corrected.

"Yea, but when shall you come for me?" Gabrielle asked."Two weeks?"

"No, you have to factor in travel time. It will take you a week to get there, and it's two weeks to thebes from here. So part of your first week visiting I'll be traveling, but a week after arriving in thebes I'll have to come back travel three weeks to get to Potidaea even by horse."

"So ok we'll give each other three weeks travel time. Your two weeks travel and my one. Than we'll stay in where ever we're headed for oh say three weeks tops right. Except I'll have been at home for a month." said Gabrielle.

"Six weeks because we have to include her traveling back." said Hercules.

"No seven, because it's three weeks travel from thebes to potedia. So she'll get their after a week of traveling than her four weeks begin part of that is our travel time. But after the first week of her arrival she can start counting three weeks. At the end up three weeks I'll need another three weeks to get back. So why don't I meet you in Amphipolis. It's only perhaps another weeks ride if I ride fast and pace Argo over the three weeks I take to get back." Xena said.

"Of course so we all pretty much except you Xena get a six week vacation." said Gabrielle. They nodded. Soon Gabrielle had her things and ready to set down the fork in the rode. Xena and Gabrielle hugged.

"Remember stay on the rode and avoid all possible dangers." Xena said.

"Xena I can take care of myself I'm an amazon princess." said Gabrielle.

"Yea I know, but still I worry." said Xena. Gabrielle nodded.

"Be safe out there." Hercules said getting another hug from her.

"Of course." said Gabrielle."See you guys in One month three weeks and half a day." They waved as she walked towards Potedia until she was out of sight.

"You think you should have told her that we can take a boat to get nearer to Thebes and cut off half of that travel time.

"No." Xena said.

"Yea, I was thinking the same thing." Hercules said as they turned around.

"So where too?" Xena asked.

"I don't know. I'm glad you realized that the friend I wanted to see was you." said Hercules.

"Well how could I not know it was clear as day when you suggested I travel with you until her visit was over."

"True enough." said Hercules. They were silent trying to figure out where to go.

"Why don't we go to our place. I haven't been there in so long." said Xena.

"Yea why not." Hercules said. Although he knew a valid reason as to why not. They got on Argo and turned her North. It was the same direction as Gabrielle. Not wanting her to follow they stayed well behind her. But than Gabrielle took the fork in the rode that went south and crossed paths with Potidaea. They continued north and turned off the rode at a certain point by the third day.