OK! Usual disclaimers apply, obviously. And as a super special awesome side note, tis started as Ryou, and sort of moved away into something else. Enjoy.

There are things that never go well together. Peanut butter and tuna. French fries and tomato soup. Homework and me.

Then there are thing that go perfectly together. Tuna and salami. Pen and paper. Me and Dad.

Or, rather, I'd like to say me and Dad.

But he's never home. Not mentally. He's always drunk. Always living in his mind, behind his walls of alcohol and curses. He doesn't come to talk to me in my room anymore. He doesn't talk to me at all if he can help it. Not for anything. Not even...

To say he loves me.

But, in spite of that, I love him. He's all I have left in Domino, since... Well, you know. You know everything about me. You're in my head, after all.

I still remember when I was young. Before it happened. We were a family. Me, Serenity, Ma, Dad. We were happy.

There was once a time when I could tell him everything. could hug him for no reason. Say, "I love you Dad."

There was once a time when he remembered he loved me too, and he could laugh.

Once, a long time ago...

We hung out.

Just me and Dad.

Makes you wanna cry, huh? Or at least give him a present.