Here it is, the sequel to 'Cursed Weasel'. Read it first, if you haven´t already read it. Pairings will be KabuHinaIta. Don´t ask. Oh, and Hinata is still a virgin. Why? Because it was only a dream when she met that weasel-Itachi. And by the way, Hinata is 20 years old, Kabuto is 22 and Itachi is 22.

WARNING: Lots of grammar mistakes and spelling errors!

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Release me from pain

Chapter one: Dream and a lost cell phone

Hinata was walking in the forest near her granfathers farm.

Suddenly there was loud rustling in the bushes. Hinata quickly turned around but she saw nothing.

"W-who´s there?" she asked with small voice but no one answered. She thought maybe it was only her imagination, but then something came out behind the bushes. Hinata´s eyes widened in horror when she saw what had caused that rustling.

In front of her stood a huge weasel. It was as tall as a man and it´s eyes glowed blood red. Hinata was even more afraid when it started talking.

"Don´t be afraid, I won´t hurt you" It said with very low voice. Hinata just stared it her eyes full of confusion.

Hinata woke up, as she heard someone come inside her apartment.

"Again that same dream..." She thought and rubbed her eyes as she sat up on her couch. That strange weasel had been bothering her on her dreams ever since she was seventeen. She had no idea why she kept dreaming about that.

"Itachi..." She whispered softly as she thought that mysterious man from her dream. She jumped when she felt a hand grip tightly on her shoulder. She quickly turned around and saw her boyfriend standing behind her.

"K-Kabuto.." She stuttered and stared in his black eyes. His eyes showed anger and then he slapped Hinata across her cheek. She fell from the couch and held her cheek, tears in her eyes.

"Itachi? Who the hell is he?! And where were you? You were supposed to meet me an hour ago!" Kabuto yelled at her and grabbed her from the front of her shirt. Then he kicked her on her side. Hinata cried out in pain and closed her eyes when she felt Kabuto lifting her up.

"I-I-I´m s-sorry, I f-f-fell a-asleep and I-I h-had a d-d-dream a-about-" She never had a change to finish her sentence, because Kabuto pressed his lips harshly against hers. Hinata allowed a single tear fall down her face and slowly kissed him back.

"Just don´t do it again." He said and caressed her cheek lovingly. Hinata just nodded and glanced the clock on the wall.

"A-ano, I have to g-go to work now." Kabuto´s eyes darkened but he let her go.

"Fine. Meet me tomorrow at my place." He said and left. Hinata quickly gathered her things and grabbed her jacket and rushed out from her apartment.

Hinata sat quietly in the subway and thought about her relationship with Kabuto. When she had met him at the first time, he had been nice and sweet and treated her like a flower. But after they started going out he changed. He got mad at her very easily and because of that he would hit her. And always after that, he would say he was sorry and kiss her. Hinata didn´t know should she leave him.

Hinata sighed and looked around her. On the other side of subway was only one man. He had long dark hair, tied on a loose ponytail and red eyes.

"He looks familiar.." Hinata thought but didn´t bother to think why. She stood up but some guy rushed by her and pushed her hard. Hinata lost her balance and fell on the top of that familiar looking guy. He quickly wrapped his arms around her so she didn´t fell on the ground.

"Are you okay, miss?" He asked with slightly concerned voice.

"A-ano, y-yes, t-thank y-you." Hinata stuttered and blushed.

"Good." He said and moved Hinata to sit next to him. Then he walked to that guy who had pushed Hinata, grabbed him from the back of the collar of his shirt and dragged him to where Hinata was sitting.

"Hey! What the hell is your problem?! Let me go, dammit!" The guy said and tried to hit Itachi. (AN: We all know it´s him, so I used his name.)

"I won´t let go before you apologize." Itachi said firmly.

"Apologize?! For what? I didn´t do anything!" The guy yelled and tried to struggle.

"You pushed this lovely lady here. She could have hurt herself. Now apologize."

"A-ano, i-it´s n-not n-necessary.." Hinata tried to calm tha situation, but Itachi was stubborn.

"You heard what she said! Besides, she is okay! Now let me go!" The guy protested again, but Itachi didn´t let go.

"Apologize. Now." Itachi was getting impatient. The guy gave up.

"Fine. I´m sorry for pushing you. Are you happy now?!" He glared at Itachi who let go of his shirt.

"That will do it. And remember to treat ladies better next time. Got it?" The guy just shrugged and left as quickly as possible.

"A-a-ano, t-thank you a-again, mister..."

"Uchiha Itachi." Itachi introduced himself. Hinata´s eyes widened when he said his name was Itachi. She thought the man from her dream.

"No, it´s just a coincidence. He can´t be the man from my dreams" She thought and bowed to him.

"T-thank you for s-stopping me from f-falling, Uchiha-san."

"Don´t mention it. It was my pleasure. Not every day you can hold an angel in your arms, right?" He said and smirked. This only made Hinata blush.

"May I ask what´s your name?"

"H-Hinata" She answered shyly.

"Well, Hinata, would you like to come to drink some coffee with me?" Itachi asked and his smirk widened when he saw her blushing again.

"A-ano I´d love to, b-but I-I have to g-go to work now. Oh no, I-I´m a-already late. G-Goodbye, Uchiha-san!" She said apologetically and left before Itachi had a change to say anything.

It took a while before Itachi realized she had left. He shrugged and decided to leave too, but stopped when his eyes noticed a cell phone on the ground.

"It´s probably hers." He thought and picked it up. He would try to find her and return her phone.


Next morning Hinata woke up when someone was shaking her violently and then she felt pain on her face.

"You stupid bitch, why don´t you answer your phone?! I´ve been trying to call you this whole morning!" Kabuto yelled angrily and grabbed her hair.

"K-K-Kabuto, p-please l-l-let g-go, y-y-you´re h-hurting m-me" Hinata whispered as tears fell down her cheeks. Kabuto threw her on the floor and started kicking her.

"Do you have any idea how worried I was?!" He said and pulled her up in his arms and embraced her tightly. Hinata sobbed against his chest. She was sure she got several new bruises again.

"Why didn´t you answer?" Kabuto asked and kissed her hair.

"I-I´m s-s-sorry, I-I t-think I-I l-lost m-my p-phone" Hinata whispered

"Oh. You better try to find it. I want to be able to talk to you whenever I want. Do you understand?" He commanded and kissed her on her lips. She just nodded her head.


AN: Do you know what my psychiatrist said? Well, first he didn´t say anything but he gave me a gun and then he said 'Walk in to a forest, put this gun near your head, and pull the trigger.' Well, I did as he said and walked in to a forest and I had my finger on the trigger and I almost pulled it but then I saw this super cute purple squirrel and it asked 'Do you have any smokes?' I answered 'No, I don´t smoke' And that squirrel said 'Me neither' And then we both laughed but then this evil blue tiger came and ate that squirrel and...