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Release me from pain

Chapter eighteen: But what about the baby?

"I-I d-don´t t-think t-there i-is a p-place f-for m-me i-in y-your l-life a-anymore..." Those words kept ringin in Itachi head. What the hell did she mean by that? Why had women to be so damn complicated creatures?!

"Explain what the fuck do you mean by that." Itachi said in a harsh tone making Hinata flinch. Itachi noticed this but he didn´t care. He was mad and wanted to get his life back to how it was before he knew about his daughter.

"I-I t-thought... t-that s-since y-you h-have a d-daughter... t-there w-wouldn´t b-be a p-place t-to m-me a-anymore i-in y-your l-life..." Hinata spoke so quietly that Itachi barely heard her.

"She knows about Maron? But how?" Itachi had no idea who had told her about Maron but one thing was for sure. Itachi was not going to loose Hinata. There was no fucking way that he would lose her just because he happened to have a daughter with another woman. If Maron was his daughter.

"Why are you saying something like that? I´m not going to take Kin back. I don´t have to be a full time father to Maron, hell, I didn´t even know about her before she was born! I don´t want to be part of her life." Hinata looked at Itachi like he was some kind of monster.

"W-What?" She stuttered. She couldn´t believe what Itachi had just said. He didn´t want to be part of his daughters life? Without second thought Hinata slapped Itachi. This completely surprised Itachi.

"Damn she hits hard..." Itachi thought and rubbed the sore spot on his cheek. He had never seen Hinata this mad.

"Y-You can´t be serious!" Hinata exclaimed. She looked angry and disappointed. Itachi had no idea what she was talking about.

"What?" He asked stupidly.

"A c-child needs her both parents! D-Do you h-have any idea how it feels to grow up without m-mother or father?" Hinata asked and tears kept falling down her cheeks. She never thought that Itachi could be like this.

"You daughter needs you! I-It´s y-your duty to take care of her and be a part of her life! I-I left because I thought it would be the best f-for your daughter, to live with her both parents. I-I didn´t want to be the one who took away h-her father." Hinata whispered the last part, looking on the ground.

"G-Go back to your f-family and forget about m-me." She said and looked at Itachi. Her eyes showed sadness and pain. Itachi just stared at her. He didn´t know what to say. Hinata started walking away, wiping tears from her cheeks.

Itachi, though, was not going to let her go just like that. He grabbed Hinata´s arm and forced her to face him. He placed both of his hands on her shoulders.

"You know damn well that I can´t just forget you." He said huskily. He absolutely refused to lose Hinata.

"Y-You have to."HInata whispered.

"Hinata, you are being unfair." Itachi tried to put some sense in her head. Did he really had to lose her, just because he might had a daughter?

"T-This isn´t fair to anyone. S-Someone will always lose, and this t-time it´s better if it´s me." Itachi had to do something, so he wouldn´t lose her.

"Please wait until I´m sure that Maron really is my daughter." Itachi tried to make her chance her mind. He still had to do the paternity test. Hinata was silent for a moment before she answered.

"F-Fine. Please tell me when you know if s-she is your daughter. Otherwise, it´s better if we don´t s-see anymore." Itachi loosened his grip from her shoulders. He watched as she walked away from him and disappeared behind the corner. Angrily Itachi punched the nearest wall. He didn´twant to think what would happen if Maron really was his daughter. He really was going to kill someone if that happened.

"Fucking fuck." He cursed under his breath.

"I´ll find a way to keep Hinata with me, even if Maron is mine. I´m not letting a baby to separate us. Not now and not ever."


"Why did you want to do a paternity test?!" Kin exclaimed angrily.

"Because I didn´t believe you." Itachi replied grumpily. Kin looked worried and angry.

"Why?! Did you really think that I would lie about something like this?!"

"Yes." Itachi answered shortly. "Only God knows how many times you cheated on me before I found out."

"First you doupt my honesty and then you call me a whore?!" Kin shrieked and almost woke up Maron.

"Well, you are one." Itachi muttered under his breath. How in seven hells did he even consider about marrying that woman? Now he realized how much better Hinata was than Kin.


Two weeks passed and Itachi was getting impatient. What the fuck took so long, making those tests? The doctor had promised to call him when the results were clear. But two weeks! Living without Hinata and not knowing the truth about Maron´s father.

Yes, it was frustrating.

Itachi was about to call Sasori and Deidara and ask them to come to a bar with him, but before he even got up from his bed, the phone rang.

"Yes?" He quickly answered, hoping to get some news about the results of the paternity test.

"Uchiha Itachi?" Askedthe voice on the other end of the phone.

"Yes, I´m Uchiha Itachi." Itachi was growing very impatient.

"I called to inform you about the results of the paternity test." The female voice said, making Itachi to almost break his phone.


"I´m sorry to tell you, but the result is negative. You are not the father of Tsuchi Maron." Itachi was extremely relieved when he heard that. Finally there was some light in the end of the tunnel.

"Thank you." Itachi said and hung up. Now he just had to go find Hinata and tell her those good news. And then he´d propose to her. He decided to do it right away, there was no need to wait anymore.


Hinata had found an apartment from Kyoto and she had told Itachi her address. He was glad that she didn´t try to hide from him. Itachi rang the doorbell few times and waited for Hinata to open the door. He heard her footsteps and grew more impatient. He wanted to hold her in his arms and never let go.

Hinata looked surprised when she saw Itachi. She couldn´t speak because Itachi had immediately crushed his lips againts hers. Hinata completely melted in his arms, the passion was almost tpp much to handle. When they finally parted, Hinata was blushing madly.


"She´s not mine." Itachi said and kissed Hinata again. Now she was confused.

"W-Who´s not yours?" Hinata asked as Itachi let go of her lips.

"Maron. She´s not my daughter." Hinata´s eyes widened.

"B-But if s-she´s not yours, then why that woman s-said she w-was your daughter?" That was a very good question.

"Maybe because I have more money than Maron´s real father and Kin probably wanted me back. I really don´t care." Itachi kissed Hinata again, enjoying the feeling of being so close to her again.

"T-That makes sense..." Hinata whispered between their kisses. Then Itachi remembered what he wanted to do.

"Hinata, I have very important question." Itachi started, and pulled away a bit. Hinata looked at him with a confused expression, making Itachi to want to kiss her again, but he controlled himself. Slowly he kneeled on one knee and took a ring from his pocket.

"Hinata, will you marry me?" Itachi asked. He smirked mentally when he saw Hinata extremely surprised expression. Then she threw herself in his arms and whispered in his ear her answer.

"Of course I will."


Few months later...



"I´m pregnant."


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