Busy Waging Wars on Myself

Placed when Marissa goes to Newport Union, except this time there's a twist. She never got back with Ryan after the break up. She just hid away from the world. When she enters the halls of Newport Union she found someone very unexpected. How will she handle it?

This is FEM-SLASH if you don't apporove of/like it then don't read it. It's your choice. Just don't flame me because you hate fem-slash.

Rated PG-13 for mild swearing, some violence, maybe some drugs/alcohol -All this will come in later chapters


Marissa dragged her feet across the cool tile floor of Newport Union. There were large, dark circles under her eyes; her hands were thinner then usual; and her once bright smile was faded and low. Her life had taken a turn after that day. That day which she'd never forget, but still tried hard to, the day she hated. Her eyes scanned the hallway in front of her. It wasn't like her old school, not at all. If only she hadn't… She shook her head at the despised topic. She was at a new school. She could start out fresh, right? She held her book bag loosely under her arm, a small school map clutched in her hand.

The lanky girl searched over her schedule for the fiftieth time. It held no hint about where she was supposed to be going. Here she was again lost, but thankfully this time not in her emotions. She sighed, tapping her foot against the tile. Where should she go? She hunted again for a clue. Not finding one, she staggered into the bathroom, her schedule stuffed haphazardly in her pocket. Shuffling over to the sink, she gazed at her reflection. God you look horrible, hope that's just the mirror. She frowned and sighed once more, turning the water down the hall on.

Marissa splashed the cool, murky water over her face; bringing some life to its unlit features. She grabbed for a paper towel, mumbling a few things before tossing it in the trash. Fully focused on finding help, she fixed her hair then scurried out. You would think they'd be more helpful. Just her luck, no one was in the halls, teachers no where to be found, a still silence hanging over the school. She began to pace, thinking over her choices. She could just randomly walk into a classroom, but that idea would be her last resort. She needed a smarter way.

Marissa leaned against the wall, there had to be a way to find the office at least. Sadly only classrooms were to find. She, once again, was left without an answer. She bit her lip. She hadn't felt this misplaced since her little mishap with Oliver, since his New Year's Eve party. She pinched herself out of her thoughts. Eying a lady in the hall she made her way over, only to watch her escape into a room. She grumbled a few swears. Random classroom it was then. She once again took a good look around. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Every room was numbered which signified they were classrooms to Marissa. She scratched her head, but then laid her eyes on a door labeled office.

She knocked on it, not wanting to simply barge in. Gaining a faint 'come in,' Marissa hobbled in. To her surprise, instead of seeing large desks manned by sweet-sour secretaries, she found a selection of cubicles tucked away in the corner. She cleared her throat, a failed attempt for attention. She shrugged. She really was alone. Mark that, staff equal crap, she snickered. To the side of the room she noticed five doors lined up, one to two word initials marked on it. VP, P, T, C, G, she guessed the 'P' stood for principal.

"Mr. Refini?" The brunette ducked her head into what she presumed to be the principal office. The room held no appeal to Marissa. Harbor had been so fancy this run down office looked like a jail cell to her. Still, she stayed focused on the room. There was a small chair turned away from her. "Mr. Refini?" The chair turned. A short, balding man sat in a large, padded, leather chair, signing various sheets of paper scattered on his desk. The man didn't look up. "Mr. Refini?" She called again.

This time the man looked up; his eyes were a faded and all knowing deep brown, a white, straggly beard tipped his chin, and his face covered in sunken wrinkles. She couldn't help but cringe. He was just so, so ugly.

"Yes, you must be Marissa Cooper." He stood from his seat and hobbled over to Marissa. Marissa stepped aside, letting the old man lead. They passed numerous classrooms; the schedule in her hand said first period math was in room 132. "Here, 132, one second." Mr. Refini stood in front of the doorway. "Mr. Ovisca, can I see Alex please?" Marissa tapped her finger on her forearm. Alex was probably some bulky guy, so sure of himself. Still, the faded blonde that hid in her mind popped up. No, it can't be her. She left, Marissa thought, bowing her head.

She had buried that memory so far away. It was an unwanted miracle that it made its way through the thicket of trees in her head. She never faced her fears, this was the same case. Her one stupid fear she avoided was the one thing she wished had never ended. Marissa's emotions had weaved a complicated path over the years, and not once had she been able to untangle the threads. It was all clumped together. So she instead threw them to the back of her mind, masking them with substances.

"Marissa?" She cringed. It wasn't true. With all her heart, her mind, she tried to convince herself it was just a boy with a high pitch voice. Still she looked up. Blonde hair, purple streak, cerulean eyes met her eyes. It was her alright, the infamous Alex Kelly. A person she'd vowed never to let get to her, not again. Hell, she didn't even think she'd see her again, yet her she stood, in front of her favorite nightmare. "….Never thought I'd see you again."