Hey guys! Sorry that I haven't been able to update my other story in a while, I was kind of busy with this. And yeah, it IS a shounen ai/yoai(sp?) thingie-doo. And yeah, my newest story is about Kingdom Hearts and what happens to Sora and his nobody, Roxas after Sora saves the worlds once again. It leads on from the point of when the king's message got to Destiny Islands. And warning, if your like/love Donald and Goofy, I'm sorry, but they won't be in this story on account of a month long mission somewhere else and there are some chapters that are song based and sob-filled so beware...


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I'm Back…

Sora climbed out the Gummi ship's cockpit that automatically picked him up from Destiny Islands. He had only been there a week and already the king wanted him to visit. It didn't seem right. The castle looked just as it had had before, with the same beauty and brightness it always had. But surprisingly, Donald and Goofy weren't in the Hanger Bay waiting to greet him like they would've. The two chipmunks, Chip and Dale were though. Sora always thought those two tiny little chipmunks, adorable. He only smiled though. Stepping onto the metal walkway that led to the first floor of the castle, Chip and Dale were already running hurriedly to his location.

"Heya Sora!" Dale greeted, jumping up and down with excitement.

"Great to see ya again Sora!" Chip chimed in.

"Hi guys!" Sora greeted in return, attempting to crouch down to their level, "Uh, are Donald and Goofy around here?"

Dale let the question sink in as he scratched his chin to think. He looked at the ceiling as if that would tell him the answer to Sora's question. Chip, all the while, was let his mouth gape at his brother in disbelief. After a few seconds, he slapped a paw on to his forehead. Dale's tongue was now sticking out in concentration.

"Oh for Heaven's sake! It was only five minutes ago Dale!" Chip said, impatiently with anger.

"What?" Sora asked, hoping for them to tell him what was going on.

"Lady Daisy had just told Dale something about Donald and Goofy just five minutes ago while I was working. She told him to tell you about it but his tiny memory span forgot it already!" Chip exclaimed heatedly, "And Lady Daisy isn't here to tell you either…"

For a few minutes, they sat there in silence, staring at the thoughtful chipmunk, until a deafening, "I GOT IT!" was heard echoing throughout the room.

"Finally! Took ya a while!" the impatient chipmunk exclaimed once more.

Taking no notice of Chip's words, Dale explained, "Lady Daisy told me, to tell you, that Donald and Goofy have left for a top secret mission. They won't be back for a month. Sorry you won't get to see them Sora. We know you probably wanted to see 'em again…"

"Oh no, I'm fine… just was wondering where they were at…" Sora answered hesitantly with a fake smile, "I'll just head up for the castle then and take a look around, see ya guys!"

"See ya Sora!" they called back waving.

A few steps up the stairs, Sora's smile faded away into a disappointed frown. He was going to get lonely with Donald and Goofy not being around and what not. He wasn't going to see them at all this visit if they were on a secret mission. And a secret mission without him! He would give anything to be there, fighting alongside his two friends once more. But he knew the king had to speak with him sometime during his stay. If it were just a regular visit, it would've been requested later because he was only at Destiny Islands for a 7 day period. King Mickey wanted to talk to him about something

Finally, Sora had walked out onto the garden's grass. It was beautiful out in the castle's fresh garden air. It was always beautiful here. He took a deep breath of its oxygen and exhaled it slowly. It was quiet and peaceful in this world's sunshine, which was just what he needed; Mickey's request was giving him much stress already.

Sitting on the warm grass, Sora crossed his legs, closed his eyes, and did something he hasn't done in a long while... Inhaling, he started to meditate.

Like the Prologue? Try reading the story! But if you're expecting shounen ai right away, I'm sorry, but it won't happen until later on in the story... Hope you're ready for a lot of brotherly love!