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Chapter 19

This Isn't Over

Lay down,
your sweet and weary head.
Night is falling.
You have come to journey's end.

Roxas stepped outside onto the balcony in his morning clothes. The sun barely peeked over the horizon and he breathed in deeply with his eyes downcast. He had to ask Sora today. Today, Sora was going back to the islands with Riku and Kairi, but Roxas wanted to see his own friends too. He wasn't quite that sure that he would like starting all over and becoming friends with them for a second time, but he knew that in the end, it would be worth it. The brunet was sleeping soundly in the room behind him. He smiled to himself at how lucky he was to have met a guy like Sora, and really to actually share the same heart. Their hearts were one, but Roxas still had an empty space that had to be filled with his old friends.

He stood there for at least a half hour before the blond heard the glass door open and close soundly behind him. Roxas felt strong, tan arms wrapping themselves around his chest and a soft chin on his bare shoulder. He grinned to himself once again for the blessings god placed on him and leant his head on the other boy's. He could feel Sora grin on his collarbone.

"What cha thinkin' about?" the brunet asked gently.

"Things that I should do… Things that I shouldn't have done…" Roxas answered softly as he looked at the base of the balcony's railing.

"Go on…" his friend urged harmoniously.

Roxas smiled again and Sora returned it thoughtfully. The blond sighed before continuing, "And things I need to ask you…"

"Interesting…" the boy answered with warmth as he brushed his lips onto the boy's soft skin with a slight tease.

Roxas almost moaned if he didn't have control for the moment. He grinned to himself before turning and looking straight at the boy. Sora smiled back beautifully. The other teenager couldn't think of anyone else he would rather be together with. But there was also that question on his mind that he wanted so desperately to ask, and his smile faded.

"Err… Sora? There seriously is something I need to ask you…" he said anxiously with a slight paranoid look.

Sora raised an eyebrow at the sudden statement before grinning again, "Alright, shoot."

His other took a deep breath before looking at him straight in the eye. He hesitated for a moment before speaking, "Remember my old… fake friends from Twilight Town?"

"Of course! Hayner, Pence and Omelet!" Sora answered cheerfully and with one of his most charming smiles.

Roxas laughed a small laugh before correcting him, "Olette Sora… Olette…"

"Oh…" the brunet mused sheepishly, "Right! Olette! I knew that… Just testing you…"

The blond laughed again in response and flicked the other teenager in the nose playfully. Sora snickered and began to tickle the boy's stomach as Roxas burst out laughing. Ready for revenge, he fought back and caught the boy in a headlock before performing Riku's signature noogy on him. The poor boy struggled and whined through laughs as they fell over onto the cement. It ended soon after that and the pair sat next to each other silently for a moment before Roxas continued the conversation.

"Well… Anyway…You know how you're going to get ready to go back to the islands today?" he inquired quietly.

Sora nodded soundlessly.

Roxas carried on calmly, "Well, I was thinking of visiting my old friends, or technically, 're-meeting' my old friends. Is that alright with you?"

"That's great with me! You should have a chance to see anyone you think you should see, Roxas… You don't have to ask me. It's not like I own you or anything." Sora joked heartily as he nudged the boy in the shoulder with playfulness.

The teenager chuckled at the statement and looked at his other seductively, "You do in my book."

He kissed the boy once more with a grin and Sora wasted no time in kissing him in return. When they broke apart, he laughed boyishly, "You don't know how glad I am to hear you say that."

Sleep now, and dream
of the ones who came before.
They are calling,
from across a distant shore.

"Hi, Your Majesty!" Sora chimed cheerfully as he stepped into the throne room.

King Mickey was taking his time looking through all the other notes and letters Master Yen Sid had sent him. He turned to see the boy approaching before laughing and waving back, "Hiya, Sora! Riku and Kairi are at breakfast already. Where's Roxas?"

"He's upstairs in the shower." The brunet answered with a grin. It slowly faded away though. The thought of telling King Mickey about what really happened on his adventures made him nervous once more. Kairi and Riku understood just fine, but would the king? He stood beside that mouse silently before speaking, "Umm… Your Majesty? There's something I need to tell you… About Drake… And me… And Roxas too…"

"I'm all ears, buddy. Go on… I'm listening." The king replied without a care as he continued to look through the notes.

"Well… Truthfully… All my past lives were…" he trailed off timidly as he scratched the back of his head, but the mouse spoke up to his surprise.

"Homosexual? Yes, I've known Sora. I'm okay with it. Why wouldn't I be?" he asked the teenager shamelessly when the boy gaped, "Besides, I gave you and Roxas the same room. That should say something."

"But… How did you-"

"You're not the only one who's read the prophecy Sora. Many others have as well. I'm happy for you and Roxas, as your friends are." The mouse explained with a smile.

Sora smiled back as his arm dropped. He gathered the small king in his arms and hugged him happily before putting him back down, "Thanks, King Mickey."

"Go get some breakfast… You deserve it." Mickey encouraged with bright eyes. Sora smiled and ran out of the room with a wave before disappearing around the white corner.

The brunet entered the room to see about a quarter of the organization joining the meal. Roxas and his two best friends waved from the opposite end of the table and pointed to the empty seat beside them. He waved back with a small grin before taking his seat. Max sat next to the king's seat at the table. The former nobodies greeted him with small smiles as well. He looked at each face to recognize them immediately, one at a time.

Zexion, Larxene, Axel and Demyx. He greeted them back cheerfully before being engulfed in an interesting conversation with Riku about the door to light.

Why do you weep?
What are these tears upon your face?
Soon you will see.
All of your fears will pass away.
Safe in my arms,
you're only sleeping.

"But Your Majesty! How are we supposed to move around without the gummi ship!" Sora asked in panic as he followed the king around.

The three followed behind the brunet in amusement. The king dodged around the hanger bay in search of something as the four followed. Sora winced continuously when the majesty didn't answer him. Kairi, Riku and Roxas snickered quietly behind them.

"Relax, Sora! I have a way to get you fellas to your own worlds safely. Don't worry!" Mickey soothed giddily as he searched for an object, "Now… Where is that prism?"

"Prism? Your Majesty, why do you need a prism?" the brunet asked with confusion.

The mouse looked back up at the boy with a blink, "Oh! Well, the prism is going to create the road that'll get you guys home."

"Oh! Okay… Where would it be?" the key bearer inquired enthusiastically as the other three continued to laugh.

Roxas' grin soon faltered as Kairi and Riku staggered off to help the king look for the object. He knew that without the gummi ship, how would he and Sora visit one another? Sure, the prism could work… But it would stay here in the king's possession, meaning that there would be no other way to travel to the islands. Tears began to leak from Roxas' blue eyes. Sora turned just in time to see them fall. He ran up to the boy on the spot with worry.

"Roxas! What's wrong?" he asked, grasping the teen's shoulders caringly.

Roxas hesitated before looking Sora in the eyes, "Nothing… It's just… Without the gummi ship… How will we see each other again?"

Sora jumped at the fact. Honestly, that hadn't occurred to him yet, and the thought of not being able to see Roxas again was truly frightening. He fought to keep tears back as well, but unfortunately, he lost the fight. Tears greeted him eagerly before dropping down. Roxas looked up at him with sorrow and all Sora could do was frown back, "I… I don't know…"

The brunet found his tears being wiped away by the blond before smiling and wiping the boy's as well. Roxas wrapped his arms around the boy's waist and Sora hugged him back somberly. As they stood apart, the key bearer smiled encouragingly as the blond blinked back.

"We'll see each other again…" he stated simply, and that was all Roxas needed to hear to believe him.

A faint "found it" was heard behind them and they laughed amongst themselves at Kairi's pale cheers across the room.

The fourteen stood in the garden silently as Mickey looked over the glass object. Demyx, Larxene and Zexion were going to begin new lives in Radiant Garden while Axel was going to resume his own life in Twilight Town with Roxas. Sora, Riku and Kairi got ready to head back to the islands and resume their lives with their parents. Max was going to stay behind and wait for his father to return from his second assignment so they could go home together. They watched as the king walked around the castle shrub slowly, examining it on his way around.

He dragged his hand across the surfaces of the leaves before stopping abruptly. The rest held their breath in confusion. The prism looked like a regular glass paperweight and was really small in size. It didn't seem to hold that much power.

Suddenly, the mouse thrusted his head into the leaves where his palm rested and, to the teens' shock, the leaves pressed in like a switch. A section in the grass in front of the group slowly opened and a small black stand emerged that had sub-stems that could hold the prism in place perfectly.

As was assumed, the mouse placed in the pedestal's lean clutches and it reacted quite freakily. There was a cracking sort of noise engulfing the garden. The dark stick was actually moving! It moved in jerks, feeling the prism all over as if trying to recognize its feel. After a moment of loud snaps, it became silent. Suddenly, what sounded like metal on metal rung and a wide road-like rainbow sprang out of the glass. It flew out of the atmosphere and into the space beyond to where they could no longer see the end of it. The teenagers behind the king gaped at the sight. In juts of light, a train, very much like the one that led to Yen Sid's, appeared on the colorful lane. Mickey turned to smile at the kids before ordering them to come aboard.

What can you see,
on the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?
Across the sea,
a pale moon rises.
The ships have come,
to carry you home

The nine waved out to the five left behind. Mickey hugged and kissed the Queen as Chip and Dale pounced on Sora with their goodbyes. Daisy stood behind with a pleasant smile as Roxas stood next to her without notice. Max walked up to give him a quick hug goodbye, which he accepted eagerly, before walking off to give the same one to Sora. Roxas smiled softly at the sight and entered the train after the four former Org. XIII members. Riku and Kairi stood behind with Sora, laughing and waiting for the chipmunks to settle down and allow their friend to leave. After a small matter of minutes, all nine were settled comfortably in the vehicle and the engines groaned on their accord without the king having to do anything.

The transport began to move slowly as Sora sat between Riku and Roxas with Kairi on the blond's side and the king on the sixteen-year-old's. Zexion, Demyx, Axel and Larxene, in that order, sat across from them near the door. The king and those four stayed silent as the four next to the mouse spoke quietly.

"So Sora, what do you want to do when we get home?" Kairi asked cheerfully.

"Er… I don't know… After seeing my mom I think I'm gonna visit the Island." He answered with a shrug.

"Exactly what we were thinking!" Riku stated with a grin; then turning to the blond, "You're going to love it on the Island, Rox. It's where Sora, Kairi and I always played when we were younger."

Roxas grimaced slightly at the exclamation. Sora also frowned a bit and hesitated before telling his friends the news, "Roxas isn't coming back with us… He's going to Twilight Town to catch up with some old friends. Kairi, you know 'em right?"

She nodded vigorously, "Yeah, Hayner, Pence and Olette. I couldn't forget them. You have great friends, Roxas."

Roxas laughed softly, "At least you remember their names correctly. Sora couldn't remember names even if his life depended on it."

The four laughed amongst themselves as a few chuckles join them from the ones who listened silently. Roxas grimaced again as the laughter died down, "I had great friends at least…"

"Don't say that Roxas! When I first left Twilight Town, Hayner thought he knew me from somewhere. I think, for some reason, they remembered you even know you were in an alternate Twilight Town. You'll be fast friends." Sora reassured him before leaning his head on the blond's shoulder.

Roxas tilted his head upon the cinnamon locks in response as Sora's two best friends smiled at the sight. Even Larxene grinned as Demyx and Zexion quirked their eyebrows. The silence was interrupted suddenly with a shout.

"Get a room!" Axel groaned playfully as he rubbed his temple, pretending to be annoyed.

Everyone laughed heartily at the cry. Roxas and Sora ceased their cuddle moment to give the redhead a playful glare after laughing. Axel smirked in return. Even Zexion shared a slight chuckle or two as the ride drew on.

And all will turn,
to silver glass.
A light on the water.
All souls pass.

Finally, they stopped at Hollow Bastion. Larxene, Demyx and Zexion stepped off with a wave. Sora, Roxas, Riku, Kairi and Axel hugged and waved them goodbye with small smiles before sitting back down and watching them leave through the train's windows.

The ride continued silently until Roxas drew up the courage to ask Mickey the question his heart was begging to ask. He opened his mouth to speak as Sora began pointing out the window at the worlds he had visited to Riku and Kairi and telling them each one's stories and what had happened there with the heartless. Kairi had sat between Roxas and Sora to get a better look and that's exactly how Roxas wanted it. He leaned over to talk to the little mouse without the three overhearing him. Axel leaned forward to listen eagerly, but Roxas didn't mind him. He could trust Axel with anything.

"Er… Your Majesty? You know how the prism is going to stay at Disney Castle and how Sora and I are going to separate worlds? Well… Without the Gummi Ship, how will we be able to visit each other?" the blond asked nervously.

Mickey jumped sheepishly at the inquiry and rubbed the back of his oversized head. He anxiously looked to Axel as if searching for help, then turned back to the boy, paranoid, "Gosh Roxas… I don't know what to say for that… With the Gummi Ship broken down like it is now… I'm not sure how you could visit one another."

Roxas grimaced. This was the kind of answer he expected, but dreaded to hear all the same. With that answer, there was an extremely large and growing possibility that Sora and he wouldn't see each other again. Mickey noticed this and frowned shamefully. Axel shook his head somberly and leaned back on the chair opposite the pair. The trio behind the blond continued to talk spiritedly amongst themselves, oblivious to the other three's sorrow.

"I thought so… Well, I guess this is goodbye…" he stated regretfully as he turned his head to look at the three friends before shifting it to look at Axel, "I guess it's just you and me from now on, partner."

"It'll be a pleasure, Rox. I'm here for you all the way bud." The redhead smiled reassuringly as the keyblade master smiled back.

The blond turned back to the mouse, who sadly turned to look up at the teen as well, "I'm sorry, Roxas. The question hadn't crossed my mind. I promise, I'll find a way for you and Sora to meet again. If it takes me the rest of my life, I'll do it."

"Thanks, your Majesty, but you don't have to." Roxas waved his hand with a small smile.

"I'm sorry, Roxas. Just remember, Sora and your hearts are tied together as one. There will always be a way for you two to cross paths." The small king pointed out with a grin.

Roxas grinned back at the exclamation, "Thanks… I'll make sure I remember that."

Hope fades,
Into the world of night.
Through shadows falling,
Out of memory and time.

The trip continued to tread on until finally, they reached Twilight Town. This time, all of them stepped off. They were inside the train station, and the purple train looked strange against the red-orange background. Riku looked around the room in approval as Kairi giggled at the facial expressions he was making. Axel had gotten off and walked to the entrance to look at the scenery through the glass doors as the man in the ticket booth marveled at his spiked hair. Sora and Roxas stayed in front of the train doors and looked down at the mouse with large grins.

"Thanks for your help, your Majesty." Sora thanked cheerfully, unaware of the figure full of sorrow and truth standing next to him.

The mouse smiled back and hugged the teenager as the brunet leaned down. Roxas watched with his grin softened. A few seconds passed and Sora stood back up and looked at the blond solemnly, but before anything was said, Roxas also bent down to hug the mouse goodbye, much to the pair's surprise. He squeezed him hard, and the mouse hugged back. The blond let his eyes open a bit and whispered into the king's ear, "Thank you…"

King Mickey snapped his eyes open and looked up to Sora with a questioning glance. Sora just smiled softly in return with a small shrug. The mouse grinned back and hugged the boy tighter, "Anytime…"

The teenager finally stood up, and after exchanging a thankful glance at the king, he turned to his somebody and they also exchanged glances. Although they were smiling, their eyes were grave and haunted. They fidgeted with their jackets and avoided each other's eyes. So this was it… The big farewell… They wouldn't see each other again… Not for a long time, at least…

"I guess this is goodbye," the brunet pointed out with another grim smile.

"For good, most likely…" Roxas answered pessimistically.

Don't say,
We have come now to the end.
White shores are calling.
You and I will meet again.
And you'll be here in my arms,
Just sleeping.

Tears began to slip past the brunet's lids. He looked down as the truth was told. Roxas jumped slightly at the boy's reaction. The Sora he knew would've retorted with an optimistic statement. The blond bit his lip at his mistake and caressed the other boy's cheek, using his thumbs to gently wipe the tears away. He helped tilt the boy's head to look at him as he smiled reassuringly.

"Aw… Sora, you know I'm just kidding. We'll see each other again. I promise… Nothing could stop me from seeing you again if I wanted to." He said to comfort his friend before smiling when it worked.

"Thanks, Roxas… Love me…?" the brunet asked suddenly while grasping him in a hug.

Roxas didn't hesitate in hugging him back this time. That was the question that was all too easy to answer after all they had been through together. Besides, he was the one who had asked it before.

"Always and forever hun…" he answered softly as he squeezed the boy so hard, Sora nearly started suffocating.

They finally pulled apart and Roxas joined Axel at the entrance. Turning, the pair waved at the four they were nearly permanently leaving behind in their lives. As they finally turned to leave, Roxas heard his name called out in distress right before they left through the doors. He whipped around only to be knocked over from the crushing blow of Sora's weight flying into his. They fell into a crumpled heap on the floor, but Sora could care less. With Roxas' arms around his waist, Sora kissed the living daylights out of the blond. This action was answered with a yelp behind the ticket booth counter. Apparently, the man wasn't used to seeing 'sights' like this.

Axel and Riku smirked at their best friend's moment. They loved their partner like a little brother. Even though the pair were the same person, Axel and Riku were happy as long as Sora and Roxas were happy. Kairi giggled once more and jumped up and down with a squeal. She tugged Riku's arm in excitement and he laughed in return. King Mickey crossed his arms and grinned at the sight.

A few minutes passed by and Sora finally pulled away. Roxas looked up into his lover's eyes. This was probably the last time he would be able to do that, so he savored the moment with a snarky grin. Sora returned it with an arrogant smile of his own. The blond sat up as the other leaned back to give him space. The teenager blinked at the brunet with a slight shake of his head.

"Sora, you dolt… How am I going to be able to miss you if you keep tackling me before I can even step out of the building?" he asked with a slight chuckle.

The other laughed in return before replying, "Babe, I'm missing you already…"

"Yeah, I'm missing those lips of yours already." Roxas snorted in return before pecking him on the mouth.

Sora gave him a genuine grin before answering, "You're beautiful when you're a jackass…"

"I'll take that as a compliment…" Roxas murmured with another grin.

"Okay you two lovebirds… Are ya'll leaving or not? You know, I can't miss you guys if you don't leave." Axel interrupted with a small leer.

Sora and Roxas playfully glared at him before helping each other up. The three up by the train laughed. They finally said farewell and Sora, Riku, Kairi and the king reentered the train. This time, Roxas and Axel chose to stay behind and watch them as they left. Sora kept by the door and looked out its window at the blond that waved him goodbye. He waved back sadly.

Even through the tint of the glass, he could spy the tears flooding down the blond's face. He began to cry again himself. He felt arms around him in a second and turned to see Kairi rubbing his back soothingly with one of her warmest smiles. He turned and squeezed her to his body a minute after he saw her. She led him to the wall bench so that he sat between Riku and her. She hugged him hard as Riku rubbed his shoulder with a solemn hand. A few minutes passed by as the train moved toward Destiny Islands and Sora pulled himself together. His friends smiled at him warmly and he grinned back to signal he was going to be fine.

What can you see,
on the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?
Across the sea,
a pale moon rises.
The ships have come,
to carry you home.

All the while, back at Twilight Town, Roxas and Axel strode over to the Usual Spot as Axel patted his back. He ceased his tears a few minutes ago, but it still hurt. After taking deep breaths, and Roxas making sure Axel wasn't lying when he asked if there were still tear-streaks on his face, the pair stepped inside the alley. The gang was all there fortunately, and the five locked eyes.

Hayner looked up with a bored expression atop his spot on the furnace and blinked. Olette and Pence looked up with questionable glances. Axel gave them his trademark arrogant grin as Roxas merely smiled and waved. But their eyes snapped open and they bolted off their seats into battle stances. The blond and redhead jumped back in shock.

"You're that guy! The guy who kidnapped Kairi! Sora's friend!" Hayner exclaimed angrily just as Roxas let his hand drop.

Before Roxas could answer, Axel spoke up with his leer in place, "Whoa guys… Relax! Sora and I are buddies now."

"Oh really?! Prove it!" Pence ordered with a glare.

"All right… This guy here is Sora's buddy too, Roxas." The redhead pointed out before pushing the blond forward.

Roxas snapped a glare at him before turning to smile sheepishly at the gang. Hayner and the pair returned it with confused expressions.

"R-… Roxas? Doesn't that name… ring a bell?" Hayner stammered before looking to his friends for help.

Pence and Olette nodded anxiously, "Yeah."

"And we'll tell you why, as long as you let us help you kick Seifer's ass." Axel pointed out smugly.

Roxas snapped his head to look at him, although the statement caused Hayner to smile at the redhead immediately. How did Axel know about Seifer and his gang? Then again, he always has known his partner to do his research before doing something stupid, so naturally, he looked back at his former best friend.

The trio grinned at the two with bright eyes as Hayner ceased his fighting stance and walked toward them, "I think this is the beginning of a very beautiful and interesting friendship…"

"Oh… You don't even know the half of it…" Roxas mumbled as he slapped his forehead.

Olette spoke up this time as she and Pence approached them even more, "You know Roxas… You really do look familiar… Have we met before?"

"Er… Yes and no…" the blond stuttered out before rubbing the back of his head.

Hayner grinned again, not caring much about his answer, but what Axel had recently said, "Okay! That's good enough for me! Let's go kick Seifer's ass already!"

The five left the Usual Spot with abnormally large grins on their faces. Roxas trailed behind and chuckled to himself for the three accepting them so easily. His mind trailed back to the thought of Sora, but he didn't grimace this time, but smiled at the thought when he would see his other again.

Sora, Kairi and Riku sat on the bent tree side-by-side with smiles on their faces as they watched the ocean crash into the small sub-island. After a couple hours of catching up and messing around like they use to, the three left for home after biding one another goodnight and Sora immediately escaped to his room after eating supper with his mom. Scanning it briefly, it was exactly the way he had left it before. He really needed to get rid of those old toys on the floor though. Kicking off his abnormally large shoes, he flew onto his bed with a plop! He turned on his side and looked at his nightstand. Reaching inside his jacket, he pulled out a small picture frame and placed neatly in front of the lamp. He smiled as the blond in the picture grinned back cockily.

"I miss you already, Roxas… Thanks again, your Majesty." The brunet whispered before falling into a deep slumber.

Roxas lay in his bed after a long day of watching Axel set Rai on fire and Hayner rolling on the Sandlot ground, laughing his head off. After the sun went down, he told the guys that he and Axel would tell them the story of their travels tomorrow and invited Axel to sleep on his apartment's couch in which he had bought recently. He grinned with his hands behind his head as he looked through his window at the stars that watched over Twilight Town.

Turning after a couple of seconds, he looked at his nightstand and grinned again. Putting a hand inside his jacket, he grasped a small picture frame and set it beside his alarm. He chuckled to himself at the face Sora made at the camera to get it away from him.

Before falling asleep to the picture, Roxas turned back to the stars and whispered softly before falling asleep, "I will find you again, Sora… Thanks again, King Mickey."

And all will turn,
to silver glass.
A light on the water.
Grey ships pass
Into the West.

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