Freedom fighters Assault two

Year:2067 A man sat in a small apartment looking out the window.
After the soviet attack back in 2005 America had aided Mexico and Europe in knocking the soviets back.
They had small success but not much. The soviets tried to attack America again in 2047 but where successfully beaten.
John Backadoe was one of the governments official men how where trained to fight off a soviet attack.
He was the youngest off the men. (Only 26) Back in 2065 he had been part off a 10 man mission in destroying a soviet weapons lab.
He was the only one to survive. After that he vowed to avenge them and destroy any thing soviet.
He has little experience but did very well in the infamous 2065 mission.
He rented a penthouse suite just for a nice overview of the city.
If their was ever to be another raid he would be ready…