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Not So Simple Good-byes

Link lazily opened his eyes. He never liked getting up in the morning, heck, who did? Normally his life with the pirates required him to get up early, but that wasn't quite the case today. The crew had decided to let him sleep in for the last few days he was with them. The pirate ship was on course for Outset Island, Link's home. Tomorrow he would be home; free to live the life he was supposed to.

Link slowly rose to a sitting position and turned so his legs dangled off the side of the bed. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and jumped off his bed to get some clean clothes. He found his typical green tunic, hat, and white pants and put them on. He looked at himself in the mirror, attempting to fix his constantly messy hair with little success. He had grown a few inches since he had originally left his home, his muscles were more toned and the expression on his face made him look mature.

"Well, might as well start now." Link said to himself. He planned to say good-bye to each member of the crew. All of them had grown to like him and eventually they considered themselves to be a sort of family. Link knew this was going to be hard, especially saying good-bye to the golden haired captain. Link had had a crush on Tetra for a while now but just recently his feelings for her had grown to be something…more.

When the two of them fought Ganon atop Hyrule Castle Link had protected her from his attacks, as much as she protected him. Link felt so much care and affection for the girl that he couldn't get her off his mind, ever. Whenever he saw her his knees would grow weak and he would have a hard time coming up with words to say. He hoped that she didn't think he was a stupid kid anymore like she had when they first met. However, whenever he thought about his feelings for her he always wondered what exactly they were. He had heard about love before, and he didn't know for sure if that's what he was feeling or not. Wasn't this supposed to be easy? It definitely wasn't easy or getting easier for the young hero.

Link decided to say his good-byes to everyone else before he saw Tetra. He wanted to have all other pressures off his chest before he went to see her.

He left his room and walked to the deck. There began the many conversations that consumed the hours of the day. Each person seemed to have something different to tell him. Each of them said good-bye in a different way, such as hugging, shaking hands, or just a simple farewell. It took around three hours before Link was finished, and when he realized he had talked to everyone besides Tetra, he began to sweat.

He hadn't seen her all day, which always meant she had locked herself in her room usually lost in some project of some sort. Link walked slowly to her room, each step making him more nervous than the next. He could hear his heart beating in his ears. He felt sick. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, it could wait till tomorrow. No, no, it had to happen now.

Before he knew it he was standing in front of her door. He took a deep breath. "This is it." He thought to himself. Slowly he raised his hand to eye level before knocked twice on the door. He didn't have to wait long before he heard her faint voice on the other side say, "Come in."

Link opened the door and closed it behind him. When he turned around to look in the room he saw Tetra sitting at her desk, she didn't seem to be doing anything though, she was just sitting there. She looked up at him with her intimidating stare. She didn't look at him long before looking back down at her desk. "Have you finished you duties?"

"Yeah, I said good-bye to everyone." Link said. Tetra looked at him again with a look that said, "That's not what I mean."

"Have you done your duties as in, cleaning, helping to move the new cargo, stuff like that. The things you do everyday." Tetra explained seeming to be a bit flustered. Link looked back at her confused. They hadn't assigned him anything today, they hadn't for a while because he was leaving.

"You…you didn't give me anything to do. I was told that since I was leaving I didn't have to…" Link explained. Tetra interrupted him before he could finish.

"You didn't have to work?" Tetra asked even more anger than she was before. She stood up and walked over to her window. She looked out at the sea with her back to him. "You always work as long as you are on my ship; I made that clear to you on the first day you were here."

Link hadn't expected this attitude from Tetra; he thought that she would be happy to talk to him since he wasn't going to be here anymore. "What's gotten into you? I thought you would want to say good-bye to me."

Tetra turned to look at him. "Oh, well that's nice. Good-bye then." She said sarcastically.

"Tetra, come on, why are you acting like this?" Link asked.

"Why am I acting like this? How would you feel if your best friend wanted to leave and forget everything you've been through?"

"Tetra we knew this was going to happen. I don't belong on a pirate ship, I'm not pirate material."

"I can't believe that after finding Hyrule, after killing Ganon, you don't care and want to go home and pretend it was all a dream."

"You know that's not true!" Link exclaimed.

"Then tell me what is true." Tetra said.

"The truth is that I have a family on Outset, I want to be with them. But you wouldn't understand that because you don't have a family!" Link shouted. He stopped suddenly before he realized what he had said. He looked at Tetra, expecting her to explode with rage. But instead her expression went blank as she turned around to look out her window again.

"Get out." She ordered. Her voice wasn't very loud but Link could still hear it. He didn't move.

"Tetra, that's not what I meant…" Link tried to explain. Tetra didn't seem to hear him or she just ignored his comment.

"Get out!" She commanded this time yelling. Link didn't know what do, so he obeyed her. He turned around slowly and opened the door. Outside he saw a group of crew members that had gathered on the other side, trying to listen to their conversation. Link ignored them and closed the door behind him. He walked back to his room and lay on his bed, face down.

He lay there wondering how this day had become so wrong.


Link didn't know if he had fallen asleep or just lay there for a long time, when he reopened his eyes and looked out the window he saw the sky was dark and the moon had risen. It was around this time that the crew went below deck to drink and tell stories. This was good, that meant he could be alone up on deck.

He got off his bed and walked up the stairs leading to the deck. He opened the door and saw no one was out there. He walked to the side of the ship and looked down at the water. It always calmed him to look at the waves and spray of the ocean. It helped him think.

Link remembered once when Tetra and him were out here alone. They had talked about their lives, about Hyrule, about pretty much everything. They had stayed there talking all the way until the sun rose above the horizon. Tetra had given him the day off that day because she knew he was tired.

Remembering that caused the boy to wonder why Tetra flipped out a few hours before. He didn't think she was angry because he hadn't done any work, but he was confused all the same. They had talked before about Link eventually having to leave, both of them were gloomy about the subject, but never had either of them yelled at each other.

He was so confused. He wanted to make up with her. But she probably wouldn't open her door for him now.

Suddenly Link heard a noise behind him. He whirled around to see who had come up on deck. He saw Tetra standing there looking at him. She was about to go back the way she came when Link stopped her.

"Wait! Please, let's talk about this." Link pleaded. Surprisingly Tetra paused and looked back at him. She shut the door leading to below deck and leaned against the door with her arms crossed. She looked at him expectantly. Link slowly walked towards her. "Tetra you're my friend, I can't leave with us on a bad note." Tetra lowered her head. "What can I do to make you happy?"

Tetra thought about it there was only one thing that she wanted. It was him. She was trying to put on her normal hard shell so that she wouldn't be bothered with his departing but obviously it did little help. She didn't want him to go. She wanted him stay here with her so that she could tell him her feelings and possibly they could live happily together in each other's arms. But he had already made his decision, he was going and she wasn't going to get the chance to tell him. She didn't think he liked her that way anyway.

She looked up at him. "There's nothing. Tomorrow you're going home. I hope you find what you're looking for." She said flatly. She turned and opened the door again preparing to leave.

"But Tetra…" Link said trying to stop her.

"I hope you'll be happy." Then Tetra was gone. Link watched the door close. He felt his heart shatter, he couldn't move. He had missed his chance to tell her how he felt. He felt a single tear roll down his left cheek, but he didn't care. Regardless of what Tetra said he knew that as long as he didn't tell her he wouldn't be happy.