Part 2

The sun seemed to rise with abnormal haste. Link wondered if time was mocking him. He wanted to spend as much time on the pirate ship as he could, but at the same time he wanted to be back in his own bed, eating his grandmother's cooking, resting on the beach with his sister until the day came to an end. He felt pulled in two directions. One to stay with Tetra, and one to leave.

He didn't know if Tetra meant what she had said the night before. He thought it likely that there was something that he could do to make her feel happier, but knowing how stubborn she was, he was probably never going to find out.

Link walked up on deck when he had gotten dressed and saw Outset in the distance. He sighed. He had not gotten to tell Tetra his feelings and no one had seen her come out of her room. He guessed that that was going to be the way it was when he left. He wouldn't even be able to say good-bye to her.

Then Link thought of an idea. Without hesitation he rushed back downstairs, knocking into a few people along the way, and ran into his room. He searched through his packed bags until he found a piece of paper and a quill with ink. He sat down on the wooden floor and began to write.

If he couldn't speak to her in person, this would have to do.


Tetra heard the commotion rise up on deck. She guessed that they had reached Outset Island. She listened intently, trying to hear Link's voice. There were too many sounds going on at once it was, impossible to tell if he was one of the many who were talking. She knew that the crew was probably shouting all of their last minute farewells to him.

Suddenly she rose from her bed that she had not cared to get out of before, and looked out of the window facing Outset. She was just in time to see a small figure in green walk towards the village and into one of the houses. Then there was the sound of the gong and she knew they were back on their way.

He was gone.

She sat there for several minutes before moving. She couldn't exactly pick out what she was feeling. All she knew was that it didn't feel good. She felt angry at him for leaving, miserable that they couldn't be together, guilty for not telling him. . .

Wait…guilt? Tetra never felt guilty about anything! But she knew that she did. That was the worst feeling to feel, in her opinion.

But she couldn't sit in her room feeling culpable, she had to go up and tell the crew where to head next. That was always the best outlet for misery, ordering her men.

Tetra quickly got dressed and pulled her hair into a bun like always. She opened the door to head for the deck when her eyes caught a glimpse of something. On the floor just outside her door was a folded piece of paper. Her heart skipped a beat. Could it be? No…no! Why in the world would he leave a message behind?

She leaned down and picked up the paper. She withdrew back to her room and shut the door behind her. While walking over to her desk and taking a seat she opened the letter. Immediately she recognized Link's signature at the bottom and her heart seemed to stop. With shaking hands she placed the letter on the desk and read it.

Dear Tetra,

There are no words that seem to be adequate…but there are three things that I think you should know. I'm sorry I wasted so much time in telling you this, also sorry that these things have to be said in a letter, but it's better than nothing.

I'm sorry for having to leave. If I had it my way we wouldn't have to be separate. But I have a grandma and sister who need to be cared for. My grandma isn't as young and mobile as she used to be, and I want to be there for her when she finally passes on. Aryll will need care during the times that my grandma can't give it. I'm sorry if I didn't make my reasons clear to you before all of this.

I will miss you. You're my best friend and it breaks my heart to not be able to see you anymore. I will never forget what you've done, for me and for Hyrule.

I have wanted to say this for the longest time. I'm also the most sorry for not telling you sooner and sorry if you don't feel the same way. I have felt stronger feelings than friendship for you for a long time. I didn't have the courage to tell you. I know that this comes at probably the worst time to tell you, but I just wanted you to know, whatever happens.

Anyway Tetra, I hope that you're successful with every venture and that you find the happiness that you've been searching for. I will never forget you. I hope the same goes for you to me.

With all my heart,


Tetra had to reread the letter several times over to actually believe the words said what they did. He felt the same way about her as she felt for him. She couldn't believe it. She couldn't believe her luck…it was the best, along with the worst.

She did the first thing that she could think of. She jumped out of her chair, ran out of her room, climbed the stair up to the deck, and shouted a single order that could be heard throughout the entire ship.

"Turn this ship around!"

Half the expressions looking at her were that of puzzlement, the other half we're of surprise at the sudden outburst from the recently hermit-like captain. A single second of no movement snapped by and then there was a flurry of people running about, shouting things and taking care of the ships new destination.

A crew member ran up to her and asked, "Miss Tetra, why are we going back?"

"I forgot something…" Tetra whispered, almost inaudibly, as she walked to the side of the ship and watched as the island got bigger and bigger on the horizon.


"So where have you been?" Aryll asked Link as they sat down at the table. She looked at him with fascination as if he were one of the goddesses in the flesh.

"Yes, whatever happened to that girlfriend of yours?" Link's grandma asked innocently, stirring up the soup that she was making for all of them. Link laughed awkwardly at her question.

"Uh…we were never a couple, grandma. But, uh, she is with her crew now. Hopefully off doing was she wants." Link said with a solemn voice. Aryll noticed this and was about to ask him about it until the door to their house suddenly flew open and Orca was standing there breathing hard.

"Link," Orca panted, "The pirates…they've returned." Link looked at him with a grimace of confusion.

"What?" Link asked, not sure he heard the old man correctly. But Orca didn't answer; he just beckoned Link with his hand in a quickening manner. Link rose from his chair at the table and went outside. He immediately saw the giant pirate ship, once again docked on Outset Island's shores.

Without thinking he ran towards the dock. As he ran he saw a small figure coming off the ship and run down the dock in the opposite direction, towards him. He jumped onto the dock and stopped in his tracks. He recognized the person. It was Tetra. She had come back.

He stood there as she ran closer and closer, expecting her to stop in front of him. But instead, she jumped on top of him, pushing him down to the ground. He was pinned under her, and when he opened his eyes and looked at her he saw that her eyes were filled with a look he had never seen them have before. It was softness, affection, and desire.

Without a word between them, Tetra brought her lips crashing onto his. Link went numb with pleasure from feeling her kiss him. She felt the same way about him. He couldn't begin to describe how happy he was.

After several moments, but what didn't seem to be long enough, they broke apart. Tetra looked down at him with her trademark smirk. She winked at him.

"You're not going anywhere." She whispered to him. And they kissed again. And Link knew that he would never have to worry about their separation again.

The End