Across Time and Space by Peyton Halliwell Chapter Fifteen: Light the Way II

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"Thank you Rose Tyler." Rose stopped and blinked in confusion but the Master grinned, stepping closer. "Thank you Rose. Because of you, your power I'm a Time Lord again."

"Get away from her Master." The Doctor's voice cut through the room and echoed in the halls, a cold fury underlying his words. Rose's eyes closed and she shivered at the warm wave of relief that over took her. The Master looked past Rose to see the Doctor stepping into the hall behind her. Moving next to Rose, the Doctor pushed her back behind him a bit repressing the urge to check that she was alright. Right now the Master had to hold his attention as the Master looked on with interest and the Doctor glared.
"Hello Doctor. I like it when you use my name." The Master greeted him with a smile. "You chose it." The Doctor commented, folding his arms.
"As you chose yours. The man who makes people better, so self righteous." He paused and rolled his shoulders. "What do you think of it Doctor? I can't wait to look into a mirror." The Doctor didn't reply, "Oh fine if you're going impolite let's talk about something more important shall we."

The Master raised his chin slightly and the Doctor reached for Rose's hand. "I've heard rumors since our last encounter on your TARDIS that are considered legends by the rest of the universe Doctor but I think you can fill in the blanks of way Gallifrey is gone"
"It was the only way." The Doctor answered firmly, "We tried, we tried everything but the lines couldn't hold and they reached Gallifrey"
"So you ended it." The Master commented, a small smile over taking his face. "The Council voted, President Romana decided that the Daleks should never gain control of our technology and they asked me"
"Of course they did." The Master hissed, "After all you've destroyed planets before Doctor, even the Dalek home world Skaro, you burned their world with a supernova. The Oncoming Storm." The Master laughed darkly. "Hail the Doctor, the great exterminator." Clapping his hands, the Master grinned at the situation as he watched the Doctor tense, holding his anger back. Pretending to pout, the Master folded his hands and sighed. "Oh and now we're the only ones Doctor, just us. Sworn archenemies, best enemies in fact as we used to call each other. What do we do now?"

The Master raised his hand, drumming his fingers on his chin as if in deep thought. "I know you Doctor, considering that I'm the only other Time Lord you don't want to hurt me." Eyes settling on Rose, the Master smiled in pleasure, "But another part of you desperately wants to hurt me because I hurt her Doctor." He nodded at Rose, "I hooked her up in a energy prison and electrocuted her over and over and over again." The Master sighed happily making Rose pull her arms around herself and slip further behind the Doctor and out of the Master's view. "You should have heard her scream Doctor."

Trailing off, the Master let the words hang in the air as he watched the tight expression on the Doctor's face. "You'd forgive me if I hurt you but her: your sweet little Rose Tyler that's another story." The Master shrugged, "I had more things in store of course. Had a whole list of delights for Rosebud but then all that power came out." Clapping his hands together once the Master cheered and pointed at Rose, "Forget the Eye of Harmony, that's what I'm talking about!" "Rose call Jack on your phone and go to him." The Doctor said firmly without looking away from the Master.
"Jack?" Rose asked weakly but the Doctor didn't answer her query.
"What about the planet Doctor?!" The Master cut in, "Surely if you're here you've got that fly boy fixing up a way to save them all while you rescue her."

The Doctor and Master stared each other down until the Master sighed. "Really can't we find something more interesting to talk about Doctor." He smirked, "Like how your little companion carries the power of the Time Vortex"
"Where did you go during the war?" The Doctor asked crossing his arms, the Master sighed.
"This broody form of your isn't very fun Doctor and I think my question was better." Sighing the Master shook his head, "The Time Lords offered to make me a Time Lord again with the Eye of Harmony if I helped in the war, they knew I'd be the perfect warrior for a Time War. I was there when the Dalek Emperor took control of the Cruciform," The Master paused his eyes glazed over in memories, "I saw it. I ran, I didn't care about the reward of a new regeneration cycle, I didn't care about anything; I just ran. I ran so far and took body after body to keep myself hidden because..." The Master shallowed and forced a smile to the Doctor, "I was so scared."

Raising his eyes back to the Doctor, the Master shook his head, "Now old friend I have a question for you." The Master raised his chin appraisingly the Doctor, "What did it feel like Doctor? Two almighty civilizations burning at your hands." The Master almost smiled as his eyes glinted enjoying the darkness seeping into the Doctor's eyes. "Tell me how did that feel"
"Stop it." The Doctor hissed causing Rose to grab his hand tightly, trying to let him know she was there. Rose stared at the Doctor, unwilling to look at the master who chuckled at the scene before him, a Time Lord being protected by a human.
"You must have been like God." The Doctor couldn't respond as his hands fell helplessly to his sides, sliding from Rose's grasp. Gazing at him from his side Rose couldn't help but be afraid for her Doctor. Seeing this the Master smirked at Rose and then stuck out his bottom lip, faking sympathy, "Oh poor little Rosebud, did you know?" The Master's smile began to return, "Did you know that he killed his own planet, his friends, his family? Did you know that Rosebud or did he keep something as huge as that from you, to protect you?"

Summoning up all her courage Rose straightened up, took the Doctor's hand again and nodded,
"Yes I did." The Master raised an eyebrow at her brave response. "I knew it for sure when I met the Dalek Emperor." Rose smirked back at the Master, feeling a bit braver, "You know the one you ran from." Tossing her hair Rose moved so she was right next to the Doctor. "I know what he is, who he is and what he's done Master and I don't doubt him. Never have and never will."

Martha ran over to Jack in the center of one of the city parks, handing him the large tube while several locals crowded around them. Grinning Jack gave Martha a wink as he poured more of the glistening powder into some other tubes. "What is that stuff Jack?" Looking at Martha Jack smirked,
"That friend of mine well he works in explosives." He laughed as Martha's eyes widened.
"What you think blowing up the city will solve the problem?!" The locals cooed behind them and drew back but Jack threw them a comforting smile before looking back at Martha.
"Not exactly Martha Jones." Jack compressed the simmering powder more firmly into the tube. "And as much as I hate obvious puns, as soon as that last sun goes down, it is going to be a real blast compliments of yours truly"
"Watch it Captain, don't give yourself too much credit now." Martha shot back only to have Jack give her a very interested look which made Martha draw back slightly.
"Well Miss Jones, I may have to prove you wrong after all there are a lot of people who would swear by me"
"Shows how much they know Captain." Jack grinned at her.
"Oh I do love the Doctor's taste." Jack sighed heavily, "If only we didn't have a planet to save Martha." Martha raised one of her eyebrows.
"You'd still have no chance Harkness"
"I like challenges." Jack replied, picking up another container of the powder.
"Ah so let me guess you're going after Rose and or the Doctor." Jack smirked and laughed as he assembled another explosive.
"I said I enjoy challenges, but I know the impossible when I see it"
"Yeah I can't see anything coming between those two." Martha leaned on the table Jack was working on. "So uh are they actually together." Jack looked up at her.
"Sadly I don't think so but wait til you hear them argue over something, it's like they've been married for years"
"Yeah first time I met the Doctor, he called Rose on my phone and I was sure that he was talking to his wife and mother-in-law." Jack chuckled adjusting a bit of the explosive.
"Jackie is a piece of work, stick around and you may just meet the one thing the Doctor fears." Jack grinned and picked up the latest of the explosive tubes. "Alright then Martha Jones, the last sun will go down in about ten minutes, let's light this city up!"

The harsh silence generated by Rose's words to the Master was shattered when they heard several loud explosions overhead. Flickering the lights in the tunnel started to dim as another explosion's sound waves reached them underground. Then suddenly the lights went out, causing the Doctor to firmly grab Rose's hand and pull out his sonic screwdriver for light. A moment later, Rose realized the Doctor's hand to shift the manual in her arms and dig out her own sonic screwdriver. Unable to see clearly what she was doing, the Doctor blinked in surprise when a red light appeared next to him and he could see Rose grinning as a sonic screwdriver in her hand released light. "Rose where did you get that?" Rose grinned, her tongue slipping out between her teeth. "I'll tell you later." The Doctor looked back down the tunnel and growled, seeing that the Master was gone.
"He's going back to his TARDIS, going to try and recharge it. Shouldn't be able to since I hope Jack is lighting things up for the locals." Rose nodded and then bit her lip.
"What about me?" The Doctor frowned at her, "I mean what about the energy I released, it's part of one TARDIS could it switch on his." Eye widening the Doctor nodded before he and Rose rushed down the hall.

Martha laughed happily as the fireworks exploded above her, providing enough light that the locals weren't panicking. She could hear the soft pleased coos around her as more and more of them gathered in the park. A ways from the crowd Jack was kneeling on the ground as he lit another of his improvised fireworks with a small. "Pyromaniac Harkness?" Martha yelled to him over the explosions.
"Hey this is saving these people." Jack defended, unable to keep the huge grin off his face. "And we did it all by ourselves. Score one for the companions." Chuckling Martha ran over to join Jack as he set off another one of the explosives.
"Call it what you want, it's still you playing around. Boys and their toys." Jack smirked and looked over his shoulder at Martha.
"I'll show you my real toys later if you want." Martha took a step back, holding up her hands.
"I'll pass on that thanks." "I can wait." Jack replied with a shrug, "I've got time to convince you to cut lose."

Grinning the Master breathed deeply as he dashed into his laboratory at the sight of his TARDIS, which was currently in the form of a grey cupboard. He jerked open the door on the right side and stepped inside, grinning as he felt the hum of his time machine. "Hello there, I've missed you." He jumped to the controls and sealed the door to the TARDIS and the outside lab. "Seems that little Rosebud of the Doctor's has more power than I thought. Excellent."

The Doctor and Rose had to stop when the heavy metal door dropped in front of them, using the sonic screwdriver the Doctor struggled to open the door but nothing happened. "Let me guess deadlock sealed?" Rose asked as the lights flickered around them and she flipped open her manual to the index. A smile spread over her face when she read the entry on deadlocks for her sonic screwdriver. Stepping in front of the surprised and interested Doctor, Rose adjusted her sonic screwdriver to setting 2E and ran it down the lock. The door swung open and the Doctor gave her a grin before rushing inside only to stop in front of the Master's TARDIS. "A cupboard"
"His TARDIS." Rose nodded slowly and circled it slowly before forcing a smile to the Doctor.
"Stick with the police box." She jumped back to the Doctor's side when the Master's voice was broadcast in the room.
"Bravo Doctor, you haven't lost your touch. According to my reading, the locals didn't release any energy so your fly boy and the other girl must have done their jobs. Your taste is improving although Miss Grant was pretty cute." The Master laughed as the Doctor tried to open the door. "I'll see you soon Doctor, take care of Rosebud." Rose took the Doctor's hand as the Master's TARDIS flashed and dematerialized and the Doctor sighed.

After a moment the Doctor looked down at Rose, noting the circles under her eyes and her unease on her feet. "I'm so sorry Rose." He cupped her cheek gently and Rose gave a half sob before leaning against him, finally letting the memories and pain of the last few hours out, giving up on being brave. Without saying a word, the Doctor gently wrapped his arms around her and let her cry into his chest as he felt the Master grow farther and farther away in the vastness of his mind. Pulling away slowly Rose shook her head and forced a laugh.
"Bet I look horrid, no wash off mascara my foot. I can practical feel it running down my face."

A few minutes later Jack and Martha say the Doctor and Rose join the large group in the park. Handing the controls to Martha, Jack rushed over to Rose kissing her softly before pulling her close to him. Rose returned the hug trying not to start crying while Martha looked on while lighting the fireworks. Looking up at the bright sky the Doctor smiled at her and nodded before looking at his watch. Spotting his action Martha called over, "Please tell a sun will come out soon, we're running low." Grinning at her the Doctor waved his hand and one of the smaller suns began to emerge from behind one of the planets moons, lighting the area that had been covered in darkness. Sighing in relief Martha put down the controls as the Trifictornians cheered and floated about as if dancing. Joining the group quickly, Martha frowned at the sight of Rose who saw the look. "Do I really look that bad?" Martha gave her fellow time traveler a smile and shook her head before hugging Rose herself.
"No Rose, all things considered you look amazing." Jack and the Doctor smiled as they watched the girls until Jack turned to the Doctor.
"How come you never show me affection like that"
"Self preservation Captain"
"That hurt Doctor." Jack laughed as he looked at them. "Back together at last!" Then he took Martha's hand and kissed it, "With a charming new addition."

The Doctor shook his head at his companions as they entered the TARDIS and Rose tossed her coat over the rail, a suit which Jack and Martha followed. "Jack will you help Martha find a room?" Jack grinned and Martha blinked,
"I thought I got one trip." The Doctor nodded,
"This trip didn't count I owe you something fun and safe." He paused before grinning, "I know, the Myscganian fireworks show of 5671"
"Hey we worked hard on that show outside." Jack protested and the Doctor nodded,
"True but you're hardly professionals." Martha laughed and cut Jack off as he opened his mouth to reply to the Doctor,
"Sounds good but are you sure it is safe to let him know where my room is"
"I'll be a prefect gentleman." Jack assured her with a charming smile, "At least until you beg me not to be." With that he grabbed the flushing Martha's arm and pulled her into the TARDIS halls. Rose covered her mouth to keep from laughing but couldn't hide the smile.

Rose's smile faded as she looked back at the Doctor, the normal forced manic grin had vanished replaced with a openly sorrowful and pained expression that darkened his eyes. Stepping forward Rose took his hand with hers only to be pulled into a tight hug that surprised her as the air was pushed out of her lungs. Breathing in deeply Rose shoved the pain in her bruised sides to the back of her mind as the Doctor held her tightly to reassure himself of her presence. Closing her eyes, Rose returned the embrace and softly whispered as she tried to keep from crying, "I'm here Doctor. I'm right here. We're in the TARDIS, we're home." Rose ran her hands over his back, trying to comfort him.
"This shouldn't have happened to you." His grip softened but only a small amount as he remembered her injured ribs but he still didn't look at her face. "The Master, Daleks, Racnoss, the Beast..." He trailed off and swallowed, "You just get hurt, it's selfish of me to have you stay. It's my fault you're trapped with me because of the Bad Wolf. I did this to you. And today against one of my own kind I couldn't even save you." Rose's eyes closed in emotional pain as his voice lost strength.

Pulling away from the Doctor, Rose breathed deeply to calm herself and looked right at him. "I'm staying right here Doctor." The Doctor opened his mouth to speak but Rose spoke again touching his lips with her finger to keep him silent, "I walked into this with my eyes wide open, I knew what I was getting into. I'm not staying here because of the Bad Wolf Doctor, I'm staying because this is where I want to be." Removing her finger and exhaling softly Rose softened her tone hoping he would understand what she was really trying to tell him without using the words she really wanted to say to him, "I made that choice a long time ago and I'm never gonna leave you."

For the next long moment there was only the sound of the TARDIS' gentle humming as the Doctor gaped at Rose unable to vocalize any of the thoughts running through his head. Finally he straightened up, releasing her arms, "Rose I..." The Doctor fell silent as his ability to speak seemed to vanished and shook his head slowly, sighing as Rose forced a smile to her face. "Besides you did save me today Doctor." Tossing her hair she dug into her pocket and pulled out her new sonic screwdriver, holding it up for him to see. "Gave me my own sonic screwdriver an' everything."

Returning from the room search Martha Jones shook her head in sheer amazement at the two people in front of her, this was rapidly proving to be more entertaining than the telly programs her sister-in-law liked to watch. Glancing at Jack Harkness she chuckled seeing a similar grin on his face, sensing her eyes he gave her a roguish wink that made Martha lower her face in embarrassment. Laughing Jack looked back at Rose and the Doctor to see him examining her new sonic screwdriver and comparing it to his own. "It's so sweet." Martha commented next to Jack drawing the attention of the Doctor and Rose who hadn't noticed they were back, "His and her's sonic screwdrivers." Grinning at the scowling Doctor, Jack put his arm around Martha's shoulders.
"Martha Jones I like you"
"You're not so bad yourself Captain Jack Harkness"
"Enough with the flirting." The Doctor muttered to them.
"Yeah like you and Rose never flirt." Jack shot back making the Doctor scowl even more.

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