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Chapter One: New Friends

"Hinata Hyuuga, what the fuck do you think you're playing at? Get off your ass and get studying, you have tests tomorrow and I haven't seen you even pick up a book! Where is my coffee I asked for it five minutes ago, did you get the mail in yet? Did you finish the ironing? Why haven't I got my coffee yet?" Hirashi Hyuuga yelled.

He was her father, a normally rational man when he was in a good mood; otherwise he was a cruel hateful man, with eyes ice cold like steel. He banged his hand on the table, the awful sound echoing around the room and causing the poor over worked girl to jump ten feet into the air. She was a jumpy little thing but with a father like hers, she just couldn't curb the habit.

Hinata was a pushed child, one of two, the older and the one that was always punished. How could one revise for important tests, get coffee, the mail and do the washing up as told, she even managed to forget the ironing as well. She still had a checklist her mother had left behind for her to complete and she hadn't even started on it.

"Y-Yes s-sir, o-one m-moment!" she whispered, her pale irises focusing on the washing bowl, she was ashamed of herself. She knew that the treatment she got wasn't normal but she was powerless to do anything to stop it. She wanted her parents to be proud of her, as they were her younger sister, she didn't want to hate Hanabi.

"Don't you sweet talk me girl! Stop that and do as I asked, your sister would have done all that and ran me a bath by the time it has taken you to wash a few dishes!" her father snorted, despite the "few plates" he was talking about was really mountains of plates from the party they had had the night before.

It was when her mother come home that the shit reallyhit the fan! Her mother come home flustered from a day of work, she dashed in saw the mountain of plates and utensils from the dinner and let loose on a tangent. She didn't expect to come home to a messy house after she had specially asked that it should be cleaned so that she wasn't stressed when she got home from her meeting.

Hinata was slapped for that, there was no need to add to that, describe it or plead against it. She was slapped, end of. When she finally scraped herself off the floor and went up to bed she allowed herself a tear or two. What happened to her wasn't abuse per se ... the law didn't say you couldn't chastise your children, her parents never used their fists or a belt or anything, they just slapped her. Hard yes and it stung but it was never for just being alive or anything, it was because she needed to be punished because she hadn't done what she had been told to do.

The thoughts crossed her mind once more, why the hell did she put up with it. There was a whole world out there, she had cousins and people that would take care of her if she needed it. Neji and Tia and other members, they wouldn't turn her away. Her parents were strict and unjust and they always threatened that they would kick her out, why shouldn't she just leave, maybe then they would see how much she did for them. For nothing too!

It took a while of planning, doing odd jobs at local shops, she got in trouble for being late a few times but she got the little money that she needed to get away. When she was sure everyone was asleep she didn't even bother to pack clothes, she didn't want to be reminded of a life that no one should be proud of. She took as much money as she could find and she left without a second thought.

She didn't worry for her sister, she knew that they would take of her, after all she was the favoured child. She got as far as she could into the night and then as she passed a park she hadn't seen before she stopped to catch her breath. She knew of a shelter she could stay at for the night and from there she could catch a ride to the city of Konoha, for that was where her aunty and her cousin lived and she knew they would help her if need be.

It was a major city in a Continent called Hidden, found in the South Pacific Ocean, it was a well known tourist place, a peaceful neutral place where almost anyone could seek a place to stay. Konoha was one of the best places in Hidden for the land was good there and the weather almost always sunny.

She wasn't stupid and she knew that until she was willing to go to her aunt and cousin she was going to see many a cruel thing and have to do morally wrong things but she wasn't going to be afraid. She was going to show that she wasn't weak and she could get through this!

Neji was lounging around when he heard the house phone go off, he never answered the phone, he didn't care much for hearing a family member jabber off in his ear, normally all they had to say was something cruel and hurtful. If anyone wanted him they wanted to talk to him they could call his cell number, otherwise they could jump off a cliff.

The seventeen year old hung around the phone. Just because he didn't want to answer it didn't mean he didn't want to know who and what was going on in the family that they felt they would contact them. His mother and himself were outcasts in the family it really sickened him how they had been cast out in a moment of need.

Ever since his father and his brother passed, the two had taken his mother's Maiden name Hyuga, from the branch family and they hadn't had much contact from the family members at all. Much to the hurt of his mother, he didn't really give a crap, they disowned the two, they would be the ones who were missing out.

His mother glared at him before pushing past to answer the phone, she gasped and dropped the phone, then she picked it up and spoke panicked and quickly into the phone before putting it down and running into the living room to shrug on her coat and grab her purse. Neji trailed in after her curiously,

"Stop moosing around Neji, Hinata has run away, it is so unlike her that your dearaunt has the whole family out looking for her. I'm going out to look for her now; you know how that bastard father of hers discards her sweet innocent nature. When you're out with your friends keep an eye out!" Tia rushed before grabbing her bag, kissing his brow and running out the room. Then she ran back it, "And for heavens sake Neji don't ignore her if you see her when out with your friends, who knows what she would have been through, she has been missing for a while now!" then she turned and ran out again.

The next thing he heard was the low rumble of his mother's convertible Porsche before he was doused in silence.

Neji blinked and tried to pull together everything that his mother had told him. She had that awful habit of speed talking someone before whirling out the room like a twister. He wouldn't be surprised if one day he was told he had lost half his brain cells from having to deal with it on a day to day basis.

On the other hand he didn't know what was on his cousin's mind, she was always the happy, shy, timid, I'll-kiss-your-ass kinda person. Sure he suspected something when he saw how strangely red her face was, it was almost swollen. He pointed it out and she panicked so much that he didn't think it was just any allergy.

Neji shrugged, he would deal with it later, he left the large manor like house and armed it after him. Walking down to the gates, he signalled to the gate sensor before meeting his friends on the other side of the gate.

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Tiara and Ino were waiting for him, the girls were arguing about the next fittest guy and the guys were having a cigarette break. They smiled at him and the group set off walking down the street.

Tenten and Neji were the oldest of the group; they were both seventeen whilst the others were sixteen. It was an interesting age to say the least. Sakura turned to Sasuke, the two of them were going out, they had been for quite the while.

"Where's Itachi?" she asked and he sighed and glared at her. The pinkette was really considerate but she always poked her nose in the one place he didn't want her to poke it. As far as he was concerned he didn't have an older brother. However she constantly asked about him.

"Where do you think? In his room blasting his music and giving me a goddamn headache!" he grumbled, "I don't see why Tia even tried to help the ungrateful asshole. Anyone who tried to help him just got flipped off through the window. They didn't even get to see his ungrateful face"

The group fell into an uncomfortable silence as they walked down the road, it just happened to be empty because it was the estate of a high salary to put it nicely. The group had marked it their territory seeing as they all had a house on the estate somewhere.

They stopped when they saw a girl wondering up the road, they hadn't seen someone their age come up the road in a while, all the houses were taken up so they knew she wasn't a newbie. Families warned any visitors to stay off the road so they guessed she was just a stupid groupie from another gang.

She looked a lot like Neji, should length hair, pale eyes. Neji noticed her straight away, he whispered his name and it carried in the wind. His girlfriend, a greenette sixteen year old by the name Tiara opened her big mouth.

She really had to work on that.

"Oi,Bitch, what the hell do you think you're doing here, you don't belong here" she shouted, cupping her hands around her mouth to make the sound carry further. The rest of the group looked shocked when the girl looked up. That really was Hinata and they all knew her except Tiara.

Neji didn't look happy but because he didn't make a move to stop her they didn't bother to say anything either. Neji led them to walk past her but Tiara wouldn't budge, she had started something and she wasn't going to back down just because the group wasn't going to support her.

"Hey bitch ;can't you understand what I'm saying to you? Get the hell out of our neighbourhood!" she yelled and Hinata looked up, her face burning red, she hadn't noticed her cousin, too taken by her sudden rage. She couldn't help but comment on this green bimbo's outfit; she might as well have gone out naked for the deal her clothes covered.

The others hadn't seen the normally timid girl so angry before and they had all met her prior to this.

"Hey slut! Why don't you go fuck somebody and leave me the hell alone!" she shouted back before walking past being sure to hit Tiara in the side as she past. The greeneete smirked and looked her up and down, not only did she smell weird she wasn't exactly 'dressed' either. At least Tiara, while her clothes weren't covering much, they were clothes.

"Rather be a slut than one night stand run away, what's up did you forget your clothes somewhere dear? No one would pay for you looking like that and smelling like yesterday's trash!" she grinned.

"Ouch!" Naruto muttered under his breath

"Crash and burn!" Sasuke agreed and Sakura punched him in the arm annoyed.

Tiara did have a point, the girl was wearing a knee length skirt that was ripped up one side and her top was see through because of the rain the night before. Hinata lost it; she was tired, hungry and hurting. She had been on her feet for two nights, the shelter had been full and despite her normal appearance there, they couldn't help her so she wondered the streets not comfortable to settle in the park or the street side.

"I'll show you one night stand run away you fucking TWAT!" she yelled lunging at her, after managing to punch her in the face Sasuke decided that was enough and he held her back, Hinata continued to howl in anger as she struggled against Sasuke.

She was ready to kill that wad of grass look alike.

Neji decided he should be making himself known; he walked over to his cousin and tilted her head up, "What are you doing here? Why did you run away? Why are you dressed like that?" he asked, her eyes filled with tears and she came back to her timid self.

She snatched herself from Sasuke's grip turned around, kicked him below the belt and threw her fists to the side when she thought Sasuke and Neji would try and stop her, she sprinted down the road and hoped no one she knew ever had to see her act like that again.

"Who was that Neji?" Tiara asked, "She could have been your twin," she stated as if only just noticing, everyone sweat dropped, trust Tiara to only start questioning her own motives after she had acted on them.

"No one important lets go" Neji replied stoically walking away from the scene. The group followed him and soon they forgot all about the girl they had seen running for her life and freedom. Sakura took one last look in the direction Hinata went before she placed her best fake smile and continued after them. She was really concerned and she hoped the girl knew what she was doing, it was really dangerous.

Hinata walked around aimlessly for a while until she found a house that looked both vacant and easy to enter. She had been living like that since she left; these people had more money than brains that they didn't secure their houses well.

They wouldn't miss anything if she had a bit of bread or water from their taps, she was sure that she scrubbed everything down and made it look like nothing had moved before she moved on in her journey. She had come to her senses and decided to ask for help but as soon as she saw Neji she couldn't do it and after that, she just wanted to keep running.

She smiled softly when she saw the kind of house she was after; she slipped through the open gates and thanked her lucky stars when the door was already open. The house was so pretty, full of culture and she loved it.

In a way it reminded her of her own house but she knew she couldn't go back there. The house was definitely belonging to someone that was a part of a clan, she didn't care that it could have been a trap. She went into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

At the sudden noise of it opening penetrating the silence she stopped to listen out in case there were people in the house. When there was no response she rummaged through to see if there was anything drinkable and edible.

Most weren't to her taste, sucked in by her search she didn't notice the dark shadow walk behind the fridge and when she closed it she screamed before moving to dart back knowing all too well now she was in deep shit.

"What are you doing in here? Stealing drinks?" asked the person, he couldn't have been more than eighteen but he looked rather scary with all the shadows in the room. She did notice he had nice hair, looked silky; almost like a waterfall of water looking black from the dark sky.

She didn't know how long his hair could have been as it was tucked into a black and red duster- that happened to look more of a cloak it swamped him so much - he was wearing and also the mesh shirt he was wearing underneath the cloak, the long black flared trousers and chains added a nice touch. She wasn't into bondage clothing but it suited his lean frame.

Hinata looked into his seemingly black eyes immobilized by the lack of emotion dancing in them. He stared back waiting for an answer until she blushed, coming back to earth. She looked away ignoring the boy's cocked eyebrow.

"I was thirsty." she replied after a few minutes of silence and the boy looked confused for a brief moment.

"This isn't the super market." when she didn't answer he took it as meaning she was finding a way to attack or escape. When she tried to kick him in the balls like she did Sasuke he easily dodged and pulled her arm painfully behind her back and forced her into a chair.

He pulled a random rope out of one of his deep pockets and tied her up before seemingly gliding towards the tap and drawing a glass of water for her. Even he wasn't blind to see she was starting to look a little dehydrated in the sudden day heat, the night had been stormy and now it was sunny, what was next?

"Drink." he commanded forcing the cup to her lips, she watched him suspiciously before she smiled slightly and noisily drank the water when she finished and looked up at him, he was looking at her strangely before he placed the cup in the sink and stood in front of her; both arms hidden by his cloak.

Before he could start to question her the door opened and Sasuke walked in with Sakura flicking the light switch. Hinata knew the day couldn't get worse when she tested her bonds and found that she really couldn't move. This kid must have been a boy scot or something get make a knot like that.

"Hinata? What are you doing here? Wait ... why are you tied to the chair?" Sakura gasped rushing to her side and struggled to undo the bonds around her body. Sasuke looked at his brother suspiciously and leaned against the wall.

"It's a miracle, the great Itachi is out of his room and interrogating my friend's cousin." he stated dryly, Itachi looked amused, his brother seemed to think he was so tough, it really just humoured him, really it did.

"Well I was coming down to sharpen my knife so I could take a note out of your book and slash my wrists but I found this." he replied rolling his eyes and stepping around his brother's looming form.

"Hinata what is the matter with you? Where have you been? What would Neji say? And your parents too!" she said and Hinata looked frightened, she didn't know what she was going to do if anyone else found out.

"You can't tell him or anyone else! I'll leave, I promise I'll leave and get out of your lives!" she said quietly but quickly and Sakura looked confused, she wasn't going to let the raven haired girl leave. Not in this lifetime.

"Well of course we are going to tell Neji honey." she said and Hinata looked down.

"He'll tell my parents and I'll have to run away again." she said and Sakura put her hand on Hinata's shoulder in pity, when the pale eyes girl yelped in pain Itachi's mind worked overtime and he pieced together what was wrong with her.

"Who is punishing you?" he asked silkily, he wasn't stupid enough to ask who was abusing her, she would probably spook or clam up tight.

Hinata blanched

"No one? What kind of question is that?" she squeaked out and Itachi rolled his eyes, he wasn't believing that shit. He held her down and pulled her top down, where Sakura's hand had been was a nasty bruise in the shape of a large slap. Like someone had wanted to punish her but not mar her face,

Sakura gasped

Sasuke whistled

Hinata blanched more

"Please I swear, that was an accident when I was around in a house a box fell on my shoulder, why would anyone punish me?" she asked, her breath quickening as she started hyperventilating. Itachi slapped his head in frustration and pulled a paper bag from inside his cloak, it was funny how many things he could fit in there.

Hinata would have questioned what else he had in his pant pockets and cloak if he had a reel of rope and a paper bag however she was too busy breathing in and out slowly, her eyes closed. They all watched her till her eyes opened and she seemed to be much more herself.

"Thank you, I won't cause any more trouble just let me leave. I don't want to go home and I don't want anyone to see me like this. That girl was right, I look like a tramp and a prostitute" Hinata admitted tearing up and Sakura patted her head to make sure she didn't touch another hidden bruise, hand mark thingy.

"Come on, you can come home to my place, I should have some clothes that fit you, you are a little smaller than me but that shouldn't be any problem." she smiled and Hinata looked away from the three glances.

"Sasuke don't just stand there, do you have a shirt or coat I can borrow to help her cover up then you can drive us to my house and we'll figure something out." the pinkette smiled her emerald eyes glittering. Sasuke groaned.

"Yeah whatever I'll find one" he grumbled and Hinata looked even more upset.

"Oh no I don't want to cause trouble it's okay if more people see me like this I don't mind" she whispered. Sakura thumped Sasuke while Itachi sighed and took off his floor length cloak.

"Here since my brother seemed to be an ass you can keep it, I have plenty of others, you should tell Tia about your parents." he commented handing the cloak to her before walking off. Sakura stared at the mesh shirt he was wearing.

He was pale as hell from never seeing sunlight but he was still sexy ... if she wasn't with Sasuke she would become an Itachi stalker. "Thank you!" Hinata whispered and Itachi didn't stop his walk away but he paused and nodded before he continued.

"Don't worry Hinata I'm sure that you will make plenty of new friends now that you're here. We won't let you go back and besides I think you have gained the interest of Itachi. He is Sasuke's older brother by two years and he normally hates everyone. Maybe you should stay and anyways if Neji can't help you out can stay with me. It's time for you to start a new chapter of your life" Sakura smiled reassuringly.

The pinkette looked to the back of the car only to see she was fast asleep cuddling the cloak wrapped around her. Sakura didn't see how it was fair, how someone so innocent had to go through so much pain. She really thought that Hinata could possibly be the one to heal Itachi.

"How long do you think it has been since she slept in a place she felt safe in? Who knows what she went through eh Sasuke" Sakura murmured softly and looking sideways at her boyfriend.

"That doesn't matter anymore, as you said she is starting a new chapter here. But jeez can she pack a punch!" he grumbled and Sakura giggled her eyes twinkling. Sasuke took his eyes off the road and winked at her, it made him happy to see her smiling and laughing.

The pinkette didn't see how she had gone through a lot too just by looking after everyone and keep them safe from harm with her kind and good nature. No matter the danger she was always there besides the person in need.

"Well now there is no need for her to worry she is safe and has new friends that care for her!"