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14. Silence


Ignoring the ravaged body of Charity, Sam moved quickly over to Dean. He had to work fast, Dean was probably already weak and if he lost too much blood then he was screwed. Sam took off his jacket and laid it over Dean and then he took off his shirt and ripped it into suitable pieces, fixing the largest piece over the new leg wound of Deans and tying it in place with the smaller pieces. Now all that was left was to hoist Dean up into his arms, and man that was hard considering how heavy Dean was, and take him back to the cabin to see to that wound.

The ride was short, but then again when you're worried sick about your brother who was bleeding all over the back seat, you do tend to drive faster, a lot faster. Sam was pleased there was no other traffic about or cops to pull him over because that would just be awkward. When he finally pulled up in front of the cabin, he didn't bother with keys; he just kicked the door open.

He fetched the simple equipment that they had lying around and pulled his makeshift dressing off Dean's leg. Taking a deep breath, he sterilised the metal and grimaced as he began the task of getting the bullet out. Eventually though, the bullet was out, the wound was cleaned and then dressed and Dean lay peacefully tucked under the covers of his bed.

When Dean woke up in the morning, he was confused and unable to focus at first, until he saw Sam and everything came flooding back. He was also very surprised that the memories of what had happened whilst he was the wolf also came back. He had the weirdest taste in his mouth, kind of like copper but not and he lifted his hand up to wipe his mouth. He wasn't quite prepared for the dry blood to start flaking off and felt momentarily sickened by it before gaining control of himself.

"Sam?" He croaked out and he heard his brother shift on the other bed, but there was no reply.

"Hey, Sam?" He tried again, throwing his covers off to reveal a still naked and slightly bruised body; he felt his face blush with embarrassment. He never realised his leg was injured or even bandaged until it was too late. If he had realised sooner, he wouldn't have put so much pressure on it when he tried to stand up and he wouldn't have screamed bloody murder when the pain shot up through him and sent him toppling towards the ground where his already sore limbs began to throb and burn even more.

Sam grunted and shot up, searching the room for the sign of disturbance, confusion hitting him until he heard the soft moans of his brother lying on the floor, "What you doing down there?"

"I fell over." Dean shifted on the floor, pulling his covers off his bed to cover himself up.

"What you fell over for?" Sam rubbed his eyes, still half asleep.

"Well, it's not like I did it on purpose! Personally I think it's 'cause someone shot me in the leg!"

"I kind of had no choice seen as you were planning on EATING me!" Sam stared hard at Dean but he couldn't help but notice the pathetic mess he was, sitting half covered and bruised and scratched in an awkward position on the floor, "Look, why don't you get a shower and I'll get us some breakfast."

Dean nodded, for the first time noticing just how filthy he was, a nice cool shower would do him good. Yet he didn't move. He didn't want to move in front of Sam because he knew that he'd only end up falling over again or would walk so awkwardly and in pain that it would cause Sam to feel sorry for him and even worse, guilty. Sam seemed to sense this, suddenly jumping out bed and grabbing his clothes.

"Right then, I'll be back in half with food and coffee."

He was half way out the door when Dean called to him, "Sam?"

"Yeah, Dean?"

"Do you think everything's gonna be alright now?"

"I dunno. I guess we'll have to see."

When Dean finally managed to pull himself into the cold streaming shower it was after several stumbles and a lot more pain, though the longer he was awake and the more he used the leg, the better it seemed to get. He rested his palms against the wall and let the water wash over him, making the scratches in his back and the gunshot wound sting like crazy. The left over blood trickled down his skin, along with the dried on mud, and got lost in the chaos of water that went down the plughole.

Lost in peaceful thoughts, Dean jumped when he heard a knocking at the bathroom door. He winced as the involuntary movement sent another wave of pain through his body.

"What?" He called out, shutting off the shower and climbing out.

"Breakfast is served."

Not unlike when they were younger, they sat at the table in their small room and ate the breakfast. Well, Sam ate, Dean picked and poked and prodded. He found it slightly difficult to swallow, he just couldn't get the memories of last night out of his head, the intense hunger he'd held had now completely gone and he just felt sick. He tore her throat out with his teeth and he'd been about to do the same thing to Sam.

"Dean…" Sam ventured, his eyes following Dean's fork as it moved a few pieces of food around the plates, "You wanna talk about it?"

"No." Dean put his fork down, "Not yet. Maybe not ever but no, definitely not at the moment."

And Sam didn't push, he was actually quite happy with that answer. It was the sort of answer that didn't push Sam away and didn't try to deny that there was something wrong, "You know we have to go to the vets later."

Dean looked up, "Huh?"

"Well, for starters, we need to get your clothes which in case you didn't notice were missing when you woke up and secondly, we can't be sure that you're not gonna turn."


It was ten o'clock, the sun was down and the moon was up. Sam leaned against the workbench and Dean leaned against the bars, he had his necklace around his neck once again and he drummed his fingers against the bars and hummed to himself, knowing very well that deep down inside, it was annoying his little brother. What got Sam's attention though was when he suddenly burst out laughing and Sam stared at him curiously, raising his eyebrow in a questioning manner.

"I'm sorry… it's just, I'm never going to be able to get that picture of you reaching for the keys out of my mind. It's permanently imprinted."

"You know, if you're that bored I could always get a ball and we could play fetch?" Sam teased, refusing to show his irritation, he rubbed his arm where the bars had scraped against it.

"I've already told you what I'd do if you even tried that."

"Yeah well, I'm not the one locked up right now."

"Oh but payback is a bitch and believe me, you would pay."

"Shut up, Jerk."


Their positions changed several times through the night and everything was silent. When the sun finally began to rise, Dean was fast asleep curled up on the floor of the cage and Sam just couldn't miss the opportunity to take his picture. The clicking of the phone woke Dean up and broke the silence but it soon settled again, in the form of acceptance that Dean would not be changing into a hairy beast again any time soon.

You couldn't say they road off into the sunset, because it wasn't really the sunset, it wasn't even the sunrise; they just drove in the opposite direction and out of Woodland Creek. Neither one wanted to admit just how close they came to losing yet another Winchester and as they drove, Sam in the drivers seat, Dean in shotgun, they shared a quick glance, one quick moment that echoed a thousand unsaid words such as 'I love you' and 'I'm sorry' and 'Thank you'. Sam smiled and looked out onto the road again, quietly saying in his mind, they were never the same eyes. Dean however winced as they went over another bump on the road and pain was sent through his leg, quietly saying in his mind, Goddammit, I am so gonna get him back one day for shooting me… again!